Take her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch.

I stepped onto the ship.
My retirement.
Watching the passenges' flip.
My heart filled fill excitement.

"Take her to sea, Mr. Murdoch." I said.
Letting my pride go to my head.

I spoke with Ismay.
My experience, I disobey.
"More speed." I announced.
No ripples bounced.

Calm as a pond.
Of my ship I was fond.

I went off to bed.
The ship shook.
I hit my head.

I ran to my men.
My heart it almost stopped beating then.

An Iceberg, starboard side, had hit.
The metal did split.
Mr. Andrews gave me and hour two at the most.
I must have looked as though I'd seen a ghost.

I watched in terror as the bow, she sank.
I felt like I had been hit by a tank.

People came to me for advice.
Men, women children they fled.
All I could do was my own sacrifice.
"My God." was all that was said.

I stood at the wheel. awaiting my death.
The water came in.
I took my last breath.