,uThe story of Lily and James. How James proposed and the big wedding!!/u

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'Sirius, I think its time I told you,' James told Sirius slowly.

'What is it prongs, I knew that hot girl liked me!' Sirius said to James excitedly as he poured himself some Iced Pumpkin Tea.

'No, it's not that. Tonight I will be proposing to Lily,' James said happily.

'YOU'RE WHAT!' Sirius screeched as he spat out his pumpkin tea.

James jumped up off his seat.

'What do you mean, don't you like Lily!' James yelled back at Sirius.

'Prongs, I didn't mean it like that. What I meant was you will no longer be single. You'll be a married man, no more pranks' Sirius said not quite meeting James' eyes.

'Sirius, we will always be best friends. You know that,' James told Sirius quietly.

'Where are you meeting Lily?' Sirius asked James.

'I will be taking Lily to the best and most expensive muggle restaurant in all of London,' James informed Sirius.

'Err. Prongs did you get her a ring?' Sirius asked.

'Of course I did Sirius, Oh I forgot to show you.' James put his hand inside his robes' pockets. He took out a handsome box. He opened it.

Sirius gaped at James in shock. ' Pr-on-gs, How could you afford that?'

'Padfoot! You know Lily is worth it!,'


'Lily you look beautiful!,' James said absolutely amazed. Lily's red hair was loosely curled around her shoulders. She was wearing a long green dress which matched her beautiful, green almond shaped eyes. 'Here I brought you these,' James handed Lily hot pink lilies.

'James! These are gorgeous. Thankyou,' Lily thanked James happily. 'This is a nice muggle restaurant, the table is good too,' Lily giggled.

'Um Lily. I would like to talk to you, well you ask you something,' James said looking at his shoes.

'What is it James,' Lily asked James looking concerned.

'Well Lily, we have known each other for quite a long time,' James said looking into Lily's green almond shaped eyes.

Lily nodded at James.

James continued. 'Our years at Hogwarts, were always a thrill. I knew I had to have you as soon as I lay my eyes on you when I saw you on the train in our first year.'

Lily blushed the same colour as her loosely curled red hair.

'So I think it is time for me to ask you,' James bent down on one knee. 'Will you Lily Evans, Marry me?' James took the handsome box out of his pocket and opened it.

Lily's eyes filled with tears. 'That is the most beautiful thing someone has ever said to me James,' Lilly nodded her head and smiled. ' Of course I will marry you,'


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