Rating: MA

Warning: Homosexual relationships, coarse language, violence, censored scenes, drug and alcohol usage and a heap of other stuff …alternate reality, out of character.

Pairings: Vegeta /Gohan Son

Beta: Vegeta-sire

Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ.

"A Saiyanjin Lullaby"


This is the sequel to… Triangle of Kisses.

It's not your normal story so if you don't like Yaoi and male pregnancy it's not for you. Since this is an AU and the characters are OOC in this story so that gives me free range on the plot. There are plenty of stories out there that cater for other tastes and have fewer mistakes.

This is a Vg/Gh love story. Gohan finds himself pregnant with Vegeta's child. They have been living together for few years, ever since Gohan was kicked out of home and Vegeta took him as his mate.

His mother, Chichi, is dead and Goten lives between CC and his brother's, Gohan, and his mate's home in the thick of the forest. Gohan is a teenager and still goes to high school. I don't want to say too much about what will happen but this story will take us up to the birth and maybe some time after that.

Mirai Trunks and Mirai Gohan might show up sometime in this story? It will have romance, angst, drama and some light comedy. Rated R for swearing and alcoholic use and anything else I decide to think up. All the sex senses will be cut out but the innuendoes will still be there.

The chapters will be posted when I find time, hopefully not too long. I have other stories and I don't want to neglect them. I'm not the best of writers but I'm trying, so if you can handle all of this… then I will gladly welcome you.


A/N: Just a taste test…

"Shit what are you going to do?" Sharpener asks

"I can't have Geta go to jail, it wouldn't agree with him."