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"A Saiyanjin Lullaby"

Chapter 29


Emotionally at breaking point in turmoil his temper built and Vegeta lost control and with it so did the back wash of power that was until this moment unseen. It exploded and erupted, pulsation flooding through his Sayain's veins.

In a blink of an eye the ground around the two warriors shattered. Sparks flew whipping as the raw power in them both grew as their very being powered up generating a powerful lance as they drilled sliced, cracking snapping the force field that began to give and finally it shattered like glass. The noise was deafening.

Kale found himself thrown across the room as two Super Saiyanjins breathed down his neck, snarling. But it was too late. Vegeta's fist was ready to collide with Kale's stunned face only to freeze to the sound of something, something so delicate something so fragile.

The tears of a new born…of his child, wascrying.

Goku froze where he stood with Kale's blade griped tightly in his hand from when he had snatched it before Kale could use it on them both. The two full blood Saiyanjins turned around very slowly as if time had stood still for then both. Time had come to a slow drawn dull tick as they both looked over their shoulders not sure what to expect.

There, lying on the make shift bed on the dry ground was Gohan. Tucked at his side and in his protective grasp wrapped in a red cloak was the tiniest of bundles. Vegeta, his hand inches from smashing the man's face in, held his breath.

Slowly Kale's shirt slipped from Vegeta's grasp as the prince stood up, mouth agape. Kale's eyes danced between the two Saiyanjin as they changed back from gold hair to black, back to the Saiyanjins he remembered. He was stunned and not sure what to make of all this new revelation of Saiyan power. He waited for whatever reaction might come his way next.

"Boy?" Very quietly as if he might scar the timidest of beings, Vegeta approached nervously, unable to breathe until he knew that his family was alright. "Koi?"

Kale snapped back to attention and turned to Vegeta. He frowned. Was this the boy's mate? The smaller warrior reminded him of someone important from his past, but whom? Shit! He thought. He looks like King Vegeta. This can't be the prince? Hell, out of all the places he had to crash land he had to pick this one? It can't be good that he had unintentionally taken his mate? Shit, he was in trouble. He swallowed hard.

Goku's frown deepened. He was ready to do some serious damage if something went wrong. His whole stance screamed- don't screw with me. Kale looked up at the earth Saiyan and smiled weakly at him in an attempt to lighten the mood. "Hi." He said weakly hoping for a positive response. He was disappointed. Goku's eyes narrowed on him before turning back to Vegeta as the prince made his way slowly to his mate, Goku's son.

Vegeta's eyes wide with anxiety as he studied Gohan's pale face. They took in the unnaturally colour as they shifted to the bundle in the boy's arms. Vegeta couldn't stop his heart doing a leap in his chest as the cloak moved slightly. The only sound that was present was the faint noise of a suckling smacking of lips and the tiniest of coos. That brought a slight smirk to perch on the corners of the prince's lips. He knelt quietly with his eyes on the bundle before him before quickly returning to look up at Gohan. Vegeta hand automatically reached out and moved the stands of hair that had fallen over his lover's face.

"Boy…" he breathed barely above a whisper. Carefully his thumb glided over Gohan's patched lips. Vegeta's eyes fixed on the love of his life as a silent tear dropped. "Koi"

Goku frowned. Kale watched on concerned as Vegeta moved closer leaning over his lover's face. "Koi?" Still no response and with it came a pull, a tightness in the chest, a rush of fear flooded over him.

"GOHAN!" He commanded as his panic reached to new heights.

Gohan eyelids flicked open, weakly, exhausted. He struggled to keep them open to stay awake. Everyone sighed, letting out a breath that they all unconsciously held through fear. Vegeta let out a nervous laugh so did Kale from behind them all.

"Whew!" Kale sighed with relief. Goku's expression hardened when he turned back to the man he guarded. His eyes narrowed. Kale winked up at him. "That was close, huh?" The earth Saiyan's expression faltered for a moment before hardening again and turning away ignoring the man that had refused them entrance.


Vegeta leaned further being careful of the bundle between them. "Here. I'm here and I'll be DAMNED if I let you out of my sight again!" A weak smile curled on Gohan's lips.

"Okay." To exhausted to say more.

Vegeta smirked as he leaned down and kissed the boy gently on the lips. "O-kay."

He searched his lover's sleepy eyes making sure he was alright, smiling and losing themselves in their reunion. Lowering himself Vegeta pressed his lips against his lover's, welcoming the tender flavour of their love. He pressed further gliding his tongue over his lover's lips pressing further for entry, enjoying the moment, the contact, when their moment was skilfully interrupted with the tiniest of protests.

Gohan's sleepy eyes, lost in his lover's dark pools, returned with a knowing smile. Vegeta's eyes sparkled with pride as he felt his chest being buffeted by tiny feet.

As both parents pulled away from the cleverly crafted protest, a rich chocolate brush tail snaked it way out of the cloak. A smile reached both parents lips. "I think we've been told." Gohan said weakly.

"We should be properly introduced before I put forward the rules." Vegeta smirked as his fingers carefully went to pull back the cloak. Gohan watched with a mix of love and amusement. Goku strained to see, shifting his head trying to get a better glimpse of his first grandchild. Kale sighed as he brought his knees up against his chest as he rested back against the wall. Closing his eyes, as he let his head leaning back casually waiting.

As the red cloak was carefully pulled away, Vegeta's eyes shone. His first glimpse was a mass of soft black silky hair with two twin locks draped over two pure deep chocolate pearls. They shone with air of mischievousness and intelligence about them framed with the finest of dark lashes as if an artist had brushed them on. The creamy puff cheek bones carried a charm of them own, but add that with its cute button nose and those soft defined lips that suckled on it tiniest fist, it was nothing more than pure innocence that shone from this bundle.

"Geta, I would like you to meet your …"



When Goku had materialised with everyone back at CC. Bulma wasted no time going to Gohan. Her orders flew quick and fast in all directions as she set to work checking on him and the baby. Both full bloods found no room for argument with her.

Under the watchful eye of Vegeta, Bulma was upstairs fussing over Gohan and the new born. She found them both to be malnourished, but otherwise in good heath. She commented on how much the newborn looked more like his papa, Gohan, but those tiny eyes reminded her too much of her ex, Vegeta trouble with a capital T.

They had a sharpness to them, an intelligence, but there was also a spark of amusement in those dark cholates drops, which was odd in itself. She couldn't recall Vegeta having a sense of humour. This could only lead to trouble of a different sort, one they have yet to experience. She couldn't compare the new born to her son, Trunks, or Goten. They were all so different from each other and she was sure this one would prove that fact alone. But they will just have to wait to find out just how different he will be. With a knowing thought, Bulma couldn't hold back the smirk. Vegeta will have his hands full with this bundle of joy.

After a lot of debating and flaring of tempers, Gohan got his wish. That was for Kale to be treated as a house gest at CC. But that didn't stop both full blooded Saiyanjin warriors watching him. Kale did his best to keep away from the prince, especially with the deadly growls that Vegeta threw his way. The prince's eyes would burn into him whenever they passed and Kale didn't want to end up having to fight him. He was sure he wouldn't come out on top like so many other fights he'd been in. All he wanted was to fix his ship and go.

This was something even the prince was all for and so Kale spent most of his time working on his ship under Goku's guarded supervision. From listening to Gohan, Bulma was quick to form a trust with the man. For Kale, this return made an important ally against the two warriors who were still pissed at him and not bothering to hide that fact from him.

With Bulma in tow, their trips to the forest would end up a learning experience for them both. With Kale's vast knowledge on different technologies and Bulma's genius mind, work on the ship was coming along nicely. Kale was lay back and his easy going personality was making him a favourite with the boys as well. Both Trunks and Goten were his shadow from day one, and if they couldn't be around the newest family member they were with him.

Gohan slept through the first night with Bulma was happily attending to the new born under the protective eye of Vegeta. It didn't take long before arguments sprouted as Vegeta continued to interrupt her with every little thing.

"What are you feeding him?"

"What's in that?"

"You're doing it all WRONG woman!"

"That's NO-WAY to hold Saiyan infant…"

That was IT! That was the LAST straw! Bulma handed him the crying infant and stormed back up the stairs growling. "He's all yours you great BIG berk… you arrogant pig head piece of…." and the list went on until the bedroom door could be heard slamming upstairs.

Astonished, and with a deep crested frown, Vegeta was left in the middle of the living room floor with a screaming baby.

After a few nights of sleep deprivation, Vegeta was woken up again at four in the morning on the livingroom couch where he had dozed off. He wasn't to sure what woke him, but the cub in his protective arms only had to stir just the tiniest amount and he would awaken.

He decided to go to bed. The thought of a comfortable mattress and lying beside his lover was enough reason to abandon the cold couch. When he was about to move he was surprised to see Gohan groggily walking down the steps in his old black sweatpants and his favourite torn grey hard rock band t-shirt looking quiet slim again. It was amazing how much weight he had already lost. He was not quiet he old self but getting there.

Vegeta smiled as he watched his lover try to manoeuvre around the furniture in the dark still half sleep. "Geta," came the groggy voice. "Is Karl with you?"

"Shh… the brat's asleep." Gohan smiled sleepily as his eyes adjusted to see Vegeta sitting back with their son wrapped in a blue bunny blanket. There was just the tuft of black hair pocking from the top. Vegeta's wrist that rested carefully, protectively over the infant had a tail coiled around it. "You should be in bed asleep yourself."

Gohan nodded as he yawned his agreement. His scraggly hair was a mass of black locks sticking out at all angles put some amusement in Vegeta's eyes. He watched the boy curl up beside him planning on going back to sleep. "Uh uh, no you don't."

"But, it too far to walk all the way back up there." Gohan mumbled under his breath already closing his eyes and nuzzling closer against the warmth of his lover. Vegeta sighed. Stuck with his lover and child he reached over the back of the couch. Gohan half smiled as felt the weight of Bulma's throw over being placed over him. Nice and warm, he nuzzled more and let sleep take him. Vegeta shook his head. He knew he had lost the argument as Gohan's head rested on his lap next to their son.

"I suppose, I'll sleep here then."

The next few days were long and tiresome for Gohan with visitors coming and going. Just before lunch, Gohan's friends dropped in to check on him. Sharpener sat down on the arm of the couch playing the PS2 with Trunks and Goten on the floor in front of the TV. He interacted with the conversations around him, but it was difficult to hold conversations when you were being hammered by two kids.

Ryan and Trevor sat on the couch opposite watching their girls, Videl and Eraser, busy fussing over the baby. Wrapping paper from baby presents were scattered everywhere around Gohan's feet as he opened and checked out the presents from his friends for Karl.

Karl was being his cute self, winning their hearts in Eraser arms. Videl turned to Gohan and suddenly said out of nowhere. "You know in the beginning I use to think we would end up together and have kids some day." Gohan was surprised by her confessions. "Oooh pleeeease, who could resit you? Just look in the mirror for heaven sakes!"

"Hey. I don't know if I want to hear you talking like that, babe. I might just get jealous and I'll have to take it out on Gohan here." Ryan said trying to hold back the amusement. They all knew that Gohan was recovering from the birth and could easily whip him good.

They all laughed.

"Hey man, this is the first I've heard of it so don't take it out on me." Gohan said with his hands waving in the air pretending to be scared. "I don't think I could take you on." Gohan said with amusement in his eyes. Ryan grinned liked an idiot and puffed up his chest with hearing this welcoming comment.

Trevor shook his head and didn't both commenting as he stood up and went over to Eraser who was entertaining Karl by bouncing him on her knee. "Can I…um." He nervously motioned with his chin at the baby. Eraser's smile broadened. She turned to Gohan who nodded his consent. He was mildly amused and secretly pleased to see how his big macho football friend would be holding his child.

Nervously, Trevor lifted Karl up and turned him to face him and putting the baby at arms length unsure how you were supposed to hold one of these things. "He won't bite you." Eraser said.

He laughed nervously. Karl's large eyes were fixed on him. His brush tail out of no where, snaked its way over Trevor's thumb and around his hand. Trevor looked at it amazed.

"What are you going to do with the tail?" Videl asked over Sharpener's loud curses. The blond jolted forward with another curse as he tried to keep his car on the road as Trunks car rammed into it.

"Whoohoo this is fun." Trunks chimed enjoying himself with Goten grinning next to him as they tried to ram Sharpener's car off the road.

"Bloody he…"

"Hey! Not in front of the baby!" Trevor growled glaring at his blond friend.

Gohan laugh before turning to Videl. "Well Vegeta is adamant that Karl is to keep his tail, but I'm not to sure. With all the things that went wrong with me it's still undecided."

Trevor was getting more comfortable with Karl by the minute and moved to sit back down beside Ryan who reached out and shook the infant hand. The baby cheeks rose and a smile seemed to reach his eyes. Both boys looked at each other and laughed lightly.

"So who's going to be his god-parents? I think it should be all of us since we all had to put up with you bitching for all those months." Videl said as they all laughed. Gohan frowned.

"Hey! I wasn't that bad…"

"Oh, yes YOU were! Raise hands those who think that Gohan should be put on the pill?" Videl asked with her hand up. In flash all hands raised, even Sharpener not missing a beat with his game. The two chibis on the floor also raised their hands without taking their eyes away from the TV screen. Ryan burst out laughing as did everyone else. Gohan glared at them all while holding back his own amusement.

"Hey! That's not funny….Alright, alright I get it. I was less than …"

"You were a total bastard!"

"Fine, I was bastard….maybe." They all laughed. Trevor and Ryan cheered. "BUT! You don't have to worry because there is NO-WAY on earth! I'm ever going through that again!" Gohan stated sitting back and moving some of the baby clothes and things off his lap. He twisted his face remembering. "It hurt like crazy." He pouted.

"Aww… poor little baby." Videl cooed pinching his cheek. Gohan swatted her hand away only to get more laughs from the others.

Then without warning she dived for his shirt. "Show us?"

"Show you what?" He frowned as wrestled her hand away from trying to lift up his shirt.

"What do you think? The scar of course, where is it? You said he cut you with his massive knife for heaven sakes that got to be brutal." She managed to lift up his shirt as Gohan was forced back on the couch. "Where is it…down here…" She laughed as she tried to unbutton Gohan's jeans.

"Hey!" Gohan said grabbing her wrist stoping her from achieving her gaol. Ryan laughed.

"Gee Ry, your girl, sure is frisky." Trevor chuckled at the death glare Videl threw back at him.

"You've noticed, huh?" Ryan chuckled.

Trevor turned to wide eye Karl. "Your mummy is soooo super sexxxxxy and everyone wants to get into his…"

"Will you QUIT it!" Gohan snapped as he turned from Trevor to the over assertive Videl. "What is with you?" He half giggled as she found a ticklish spot.

"Ryan hasn't been giving her enough!" Sharpener chuckled before getting a painful kick in the ankle from Ryan. "Ouch man, I was only kidding."

"Not amused!" Ryan growled knowing how true it was.

Gohan sat back up still holding on both of Videl's wrists. "There is nothing to see. I can promise you there's not even a scar." He grinned at the suckling expressing on the dark haired girl's face.

"Yeah right." Videl said. "Show us?"

Gohan roiled his eyes. "I'm telling the truth."

"And how's that possible?"

"A magic bean." Gohan winked.

"Ah uh, fine you're no fun." Videl said not believing him.

"And you're just a pervert." Gohan laughed with the other agreeing.

They talked for the best part of the day. They talked about everything that had happened. They all felt uncomfortable about talking about what they saw at the accident. They were all trying to deal with it all in their own way, but they knew they had each other for support.


It didn't take long for news to spread around to all of the Z team. They were inundated with phone calls of congratulations and visitors knocking on their door. Vegeta was watching like a hawk as his son was passed around. Piccolo stood at a respectable distance from the infant with the death glare he was receiving from the prince. He didn't think it would be appropriate, or wise, to go near the cub just yet, well not with Vegeta staring at him like that. Gohan was sending his own death glare from across the room towards his partner. It was a very enjoyable party. Though, Yumacha, for some unknown reason unable to be there in person, but sent his regards to Gohan.

Vegeta relayed the message.


A few weeks passed and there was not much sleep for both parents. Vegeta was coping, but Gohan was exhausted with all the broken sleep. Vegeta knew he was suffering from nightmares. In the morning when asked, Gohan always say he couldn't remember them. Vegeta felt that Gohan didn't want to upset him anymore than he already was. The truth was he felt resentful with everything that had happened to his lover while he was locked in the GR with Goku.

All this time Bulma was dealing with Detective Rogers and his investigation in person. The Benson's case had come to a close with Matt's brother, Kurt Benson, breaking down and confessing to everything with the grief of losing his younger brother. He blamed it all on their no-good father. Seeing no fault in his own actions or with the path of crime he'd chosen.

Vegeta stood over the bed with his hands folded wearing jeans and button down blue shirt watching his sleeping partner. He'd being standing there for who knows how long just thinking. His love for his family swelled deep inside of him. His eyes roamed at the peaceful view of his lover and young son.

Gohan was lying on his side with a protective arm over Karl who was cradled up close to him. An overwhelming emotion swept over him. It ached when he'd thought he could have lost him so easily.

He knew if anything did happen to his love life would have become unbearable. Unable to live without having his sweet love in his arms; unable to feel his warmth beside him as they slept. The gentle brush of those soft tantalizing lips that always drove him wild when ever the boy kissed him. He couldn't get enough of his sweet love, and now lying before him was his young son, their boy.

A child made from the greatest passion of all … love.

Though, as Vegeta eyes returned to his son, he felt a great many things, a strong pride, love and an over powering sense of need to protect the infant. There was also a wonder. Even now he could feel something incredible about this child a strong aura that surrounded him. His ki was strong for someone so young. A smirk spread across his lips as his son large round eyes look up at him.

Bulma had fussed and dressed him in a soft lemon jumpsuit with the tiniest of white trim around the collar and cuffs. The silkiness and fullness of the infant's mass of black locks that swept out at all angles, untamed, was becoming to his tiny cute face. The twin locks that insisted on falling just above each eye; those dark chocolate drops that were so full of curiosity even now watching his father.

Vegeta could only find one fault and that was with constant annoying movement and slurping sound as Karl sucked contentedly on his colourful dummy. Something Bulma had insisted on giving him after Karl had sucked on his tiny tail the first day, promptly coughing up a tiny hairball much too the horror of Gohan. Vegeta passed it off as a natural occurrence for a Saiyan baby.

Bulma had wasted no time buying the annoying device. She called it a pacifier, but what ever it was, it had to GO! Even now as Vegeta eyes locked onto the small plastic oval gadget he was itching to pull it from his son's mouth.

Unblinking the newly born sucked on it with a strong hold as if knowing refusing to give up on his newly found plaything.

Vegeta shifted his weight and lay on his side beside his son with his arm supporting his weight. Reaching he held his son's hand and studied the tiny fingers. His dark eyes soaked up the new born. A warm glow spread over him, one of pride.

"Brat you and I both know you gotta give it up at some point, and when you do I'll be ready." The sucking stopped for a brief second as if the infant was contemplating what Vegeta had said. A victory smirk curled on Vegeta's lips only to have it wiped from his face as the sucking motion continued.

"I'm your father …" The new born's eyes widened as he focused on his father above him leaning closer. Its thick brush tail uncoiled from Gohan's wrist that protectively kept him close as he slept. An amused smirk spread over Vegeta as he watched his son's tail curl around his wrist.

"I'll teach you things. You will be a great warrior some day. But with it comes great power and that will lead to responsibility, and I will show you how to harness this great power that lay within you."

Vegeta pressed his finger to the tiny chest. At that moment the dummy momentary stopped again as if the new born was in awe over his father's words. Wide eyed, and totally focused and growing in size with each sentence. "First you need to know what I say is law …"

He was abruptly interrupted as his son cheeks rose and a giggled escaped. A single brow rose trying to hide his amusement Vegeta asked. "You dare to laugh at a Saiyan prince?" More giggles.

"You should go on TV, you're very entertaining." They both turned to see Gohan's sleepy eyes open with a look of amusement.

Vegeta frowned and pointed to the infant and pretended to be annoyed. "He's laughing at me."

Gohan snorted as he lazily rolled onto his back and stretched. "I wouldn't worry he's probable got wind." He yawned before a chuckle escaped as he glanced over at Vegeta's unamused glare.

"Awww, poor Geta. Look, he can't understand you anyway. Leave the speech for another time." Gohan teased .Vegeta scowled.

"Not true. Saiyan babies are very advanced. He understands me. He chose to scoff me."

"Well, I wouldn't worry about it." Gohan said rolling onto his side again. He leaned down and kissed his son on his forehead. "We have plenty of time to teach him how to mock you." He glanced up with a mischievous smirk.

Vegeta's eyes narrowed. He quickly advanced on Gohan's lips. They pulled away as carefully as they could with Karl between them wide-eyed. Gohan laughed. "Hehe… ALRIGHT! …hehe I'm sorry I give…I couldn't help it."

"You're in a good mood." Vegeta stated enjoying the sound of boy's laugher, something that had been missed for so long. He pushed himself up and bent over to gently pick up their son and return him to his crib beside the bed. Vegeta carefully pried Karl's tail from his wrist. "He has a strong grip. That's a good sign. He'll make fine warrior."

Gohan watched attentively from the comfort of their bed propped up on one elbow, lying on his side. The calm he felt being reunited with his partner was overwhelming. He noticed after everything he was very clinging to his partner. He needed Vegeta's presence to be by his side at all times. He needed his love.

He watched contently as Vegeta lowered their son down. "It not always about muscle Geta. There's his education to think of…"

"This sounds like one of your mother's speeches…" Vegeta stoped in mid sentence. He regretted the words as soon as they left his mouth. He turned in time to see Gohan expression fault. "I didn't mean…" He quickly advanced over the mattress forcing Gohan to roll on his back beneath him. "Koi. I shouldn't have …"

Gohan dark eyes swept with emotion he whispered. "It's cool. I'm fine."

"No. It's not fine." Vegeta whispered. His eyes fixed on his lover's. Gohan nodded in appreciation for his concern. He raised his lips and brushed them lightly, gently pressing them against the prince's own. When he pulled away and opened his eyes he saw Vegeta's eyes transfixed on his slightly parted lips. The room around them was frozen in time. Eyes lingered. Moment's seconds Gohan found himself captured. His lips locked in a bruising passion a burning flame set alight by the prince.

A deep throaty groan gave way for a much more needed cry, a desire. Gohan pulled away filling his burning lungs with air that they were screaming out for. Eyes blazed, on fire. Hearts pounded with each breath they took. Vegeta's eyes were burning, fixed; set a light with a deep primal desired he craved for… lust.

As Gohan's eyes drifted from Vegeta's welcoming moist swollen lips to his burning eyes that were ablaze with passion, a need. In seconds Gohan found his lips captured once more in a fiery passion, unyielding.

He was giddy and gasping for each breath as the prince took him to a new level. His whole body was set on fire with each touch the prince worked on him.

Vegeta moved quickly pinning Gohan beneath him, lying so his full weight was sprawled over the top of him, pressing hungrily, devouring the boy's mouth with his own. Small whimpering sounds escaped Gohan as the wave of heat threatened to engulf him, set alight by the prince's hands as they possessively worked their magic over him. Vegeta greedily licking nipping at his now moist full lips as the prince made his way down Gohan's jaw sucking, licking biting committing to memory his salty taste, a zest which drove him wild. Vegeta could easily devour the boy when he was like this; so submissive so open to his needs. He pressed, ground himself against his lover. His mind washed with one burning desire. His only thought was of taking the boy right here right now. The need to claim building deep inside of him like a fountain, a spring, the need to take control, take command, to show dominance grew deep within him. The very core of him was screaming for him to establish his claim once more. It was beyond physical, it was overpowering and an emotionally controlling thirst to take what was his to take.

To take the boy.

The long nights apart had taken their toll on the Saiyanjin. Breathing hard, his chest rising and falling with each pounding of his heart, Vegeta pulled away, eyes blazing, set alight. Seeing the same yearning in Gohan's eyes, the same burning the same hunger that he was sure was visible in his own. The earnest that the prince saw was enough to drive him wild.

He cupped the boy's face almost painfully soaking up the love that shone from those dark orbs. The trust that he saw there was enough. He quickly covered the boy's mouth with his own once more. The sudden and almost bruising contact forced a small whimper that quickly turned into longing ache as it escape from Gohan.

Music to the prince's ears.

The prince held nothing back as he took control. The desire that swelled, eating at him commanded more of the boy's hot naked flesh. Hands made quick work of pulling the thick doona away that separated him from his only goal.

Burning, on fire Gohan raised his head back giving the prince access to his neck, access to the prince's signature… Eyes rolled as lids closed a deep primal moan of pleasure left his lips as soon as he felt Vegeta soft wet lips brush press against the small scar. The smoked haze that consumed his very being set him alight, rendering him powerless to the prince's will. Breathless, nothing else mattered, only his lover's hands as they ran over ever inch of him, worshipping him, desiring him until he could feel the tight pull of no return. He couldn't wait any more. He needed his lover to know. Breathless whimpering pleading…


In the same heart beat the spell was broken with the healthy lungs of a crying infant.

Chest rising falling with each pounding of his racing heart. Gohan could have cried. Right there, right then. The lust he felt was burning like a flame inside him. He ached. He closed his eyes swallowing hard. His body shuddered with the willpower it was taking to gain some form of control.

Vegeta's forehead dropped on to Gohan's shoulder frustrated. A deep menacing growl left the prince's throat; one that would have spread fear through the toughest foe. His eyes slammed shut and his fist clenched grasping at the sheet on either sides of the boy threatening to rip them apart. His body trembled with need.



"SorrrrrryBUT that BRAT has us timed!" Vegeta hissed as he climbed unwillingly off his partner who was still trying to catch his breath. The prince headed over to the master behind each of their fail attempts to reunite.

"It's not his fault."

"Course it is." Vegeta grumbled under his breath.

"Say what?"

"I said I'll get him." Leaning over the crib Vegeta caught the commanding look in the chocolate orbs staring back at him with a single tear. Karl's bottom lip wavered. It protruding out a little and his tiny mouth clammed tight preparing to voice his objection to being left alone. Vegeta raised a questionable brow at the infant.

The battle of will had begun.

Ignoring his newest son's show of disapproval Vegeta lifted him from the tangled blankets and took him over to Gohan who had rolled over to his side as Vegeta sat down beside him.

"Come here little man…" Gohan smiled feeling that tight bond between him and his son. "I still can't believe he's finally here. He's handsome don't you think?" Gohan said smiling as he glided his finger over his son's soft puffy creamy cheek. Karl's eyes stayed fixed on him.

Vegeta had something he could have added to the list of things his son was, but he chose wisely to keep his mouth shut. Instead went to safe ground. "I'm going downstairs. Do you need anything?"

"No. I'm fine. If Karl will let me I'm going to take a shower then I'll meet you down there." Gohan said with his eyes focusing on his son.

Vegeta sighed. "Give me the brat. I'll go and find the woman. She can never get enough of him."

"That will be great, thanks." Gohan said peeling himself away from the tangle of sheets. He leaned over and pecked Vegeta on the cheek before heading towards the shower.

Vegeta couldn't take his eyes of his lover's delicious form. It was only when the door closed behind Gohan did he turn to his son and narrowed eyes. "You think you've got us wrapped around your tail don't you?" Karl cheeks rose as if in amusement. Vegeta's eyes narrowed even more. "I wouldn't get too comfortable with that thought, brat." He got up with his young son in his arms and headed down the hall on the search for his overbearing ex.

Karl's large eyes watched his father's facial expression soften when he glanced down at him before quickly looking away and returning to his normal masked expression. Karl wrapped his tiny brush tail tightly around his father's strong wrist.

Inwardly, Vegeta smiled.

He was surprised to find everyone in the living room. Goku was talking to Kale as Bulma handing them each a steaming mug of hot coffee. When they saw Karl in Vegeta's arms, the two boys jumped up from where they sat next to their new friend.

"Can I hold him dad?" Trunks asked.

Goten pulled a face. "Why can't I hold him first?"

"Because you didn't ask first." Trunks stated with arms out to take his half brother.


"What's going on here? And why are you here?" Vegeta commanded as Karl slipped from his arms into Trunks' who was busy coiling Karl's tail around his own wrist. Bulma came over to fuss.

"Trunks sit down. I don't want you to drop him."

"He only bounces again." Goten said. In a flash, all the adult's eyes were on him. Not a sound could be heard. Trunks glared daggers at his young friend. "Err…I'm…um only guessing." Goten gulped. Trunks rolled his eyes.

Bulma frowned then turned her attention to Vegeta whose eyes shifted back to Goku and Kale both sitting up at the dinning table. "Kale's ship is fixed and he's leaving."



"Pfff!" Vegeta rolled his eyes as he folded his arms with all the aggressiveness only the Saiyanjin prince could show. He didn't like this guy for lots of reasons, but the main one being preventing him from being there for the birth of his son.

Kale sighed and looked down at the hot mug in his hands. "Vegeta, I already told you I'm sorry. I didn't know. I just thought he was on his own. It's just I've never heard of a Kyariaa being allowed away from his mate before…I mean you would have to be out of your freakin' mi…" Kale stopped dead the tension in the room quickly became noticeable. He quickly glanced up to be met with Vegeta's eyes fixed on him, dangerous.

Bulma approached the table after keeping eye on the two young boys on the floor. She frowned at Kale who in returned shrugged his shoulders. He threw her a look that said. Well, it's TRUE! She sighed. Impossible she thought.

Kale frowned slightly. What else could he say or do? He had no idea how to say sorry to the Saiyanjin prince. "Look Vegeta, what's done is done, get over it!" Bulma slapped her hand to her forehead frustrated. It was nothing to the challenging glare Vegeta had shot at him. "At least you have Gohan in one piece and you have a healthy son."

Vegeta's eyes drilled into the man. He's pride was being challenged and he hated that. Something that never sat well with him, but he couldn't deny that Kale had a good argument. He had his love and their son and he knew his mate had befriended this stranger. So much so that after a one side argument that threatened to see Vegeta sleep on the couch for months they had named their son Karl. Gohan wanted to name their child after Kale's twin brother Karl who was killed under Frieza's regime in appreciation for Kale's part in keeping their infant alive.

Kale was taken back with Gohan's show of appreciation. It was humbling that they would do something like that. His mother would have been so proud to have known that one of the King's grandsons was named after one of her twins. She would have laughed at the irony of the Kings grandsons should be of mix blood after she was made to keep her own children hidden from the Saiyanjin authorities.

Both Vegeta and Kale were interrupted in their silent battle that threatened to escalate into something more life threatening with Gohan's entrance. He was dressed in jeans and t-shirt. He felt good to be back in his old wardrobe. He could sense something was not right. "Hi guys, anything wrong?"

He glanced at the two boys sitting down on the floor with Karl in Trunks lap and Goten was teasing Karl with the end of his own tail. He frowned some he turned back to the adults and moved over to his mate wrapping his arm around Vegeta's waist and leaning into him seeking his warmth. This was not uncommon since the boy's ordeal. He had become more openly affectionate now.

Vegeta's expression didn't change but his love pored through their bond. Kale smiled to reassure the young Kyariaa. He had taken to the boy. "Nothing, I was just explaining that now my ship is all fixed and ready to go I'll be on my way…"

"But…" Gohan pulled away from Vegeta looking like he wanted to argue. He had grown accustomed to Kale being around. Their friendship had grown over the weeks, but he also realised there was nothing really hold him here. It wasn't Kale's home. He was a traveller not a home maker. Not unlike his father he thought. "uh…when?"

"Well, I was thinking about tonight."

"So SOON?"

"I think it would be best if I go at night. Less likely to be seen by the humans then."

Gohan couldn't ague. Though, it wouldn't be the first time the humans have missed something big happening around them. "Will we get to see you again?"

Kale's eyes turned back to the table in thought. The room was quiet waiting for him to reply. He nodded. "Yes, yes I'm sure of it. "He smiled and pointed over to the boys that were now staring up at him with Karl in their arms. "I gotta see how this little guy turns out don't I?" He smirked.

A relieved smile curled onto Gohan's face. Silently, Goku watched his eldest son. He saw the look, the fear of losing someone that he cares for. He could only imagine what it had been like when he had refused to come home. He glanced up to see Bulma looking at him in the same light, probably thinking the same, but she was also wondering if she would also be saying goodbye to someone she cares about. Goku gave her a reassuring half smile. But, as much as he would like to make that promise, he just couldn't. He would be lying to the both of them and others. But he did know he was going to try his hardest. He saw how much he was needed and how much others cared about him. It would be selfish if he just up and disappeared again.

They all gathered around the massive spacecraft with Kale doing the rounds saying goodbye. It was a heartache moment. He had made friends when he least expected it. When he came to Gohan, who was holding Karl, he stopped. He lifted up the infant's tiny fist and shook it one last time with a solemn expression. He could feel the bond there between him and the infant ever so faint. His eyes turned to Gohan with his own sombre expression. Kale smiled half heartily.

"You take care now, and of this little one that carries my brother's name. Karl would have been blown away if had known that the prince of Saiyans youngest son was named after him. You don't know what this means to…" Kale stopped pulling his emotions in. His eyes penetrated into the boy's soul. Gohan could feel it. It was strong. It was like Kale was sending part of himself, some unspoken word that was very important to them both.

Friendship…brotherly love.

With a sad smile, Gohan nodded that he understood. With those unspoken words Kale was promising him that he would never leave him, not really. He'll always be there whether it is in mind or sprit, but with each heart beat he'll be remembered. Every time they called their son name it will be part of him. Gohan was thankful.

He had to endure many partings over the years but he was now just understanding that they never really go, not really. Not when you can picture them in your minds eye or when you could still remember the warmth of their laughter.

He turned to his father who had Goten in one arm and the other arm over Bulma's shoulder comforting her as she dabbed her moist eyes. If his father up and walked away tomorrow the one thing he had learned these past few months was that it would only be a physical departure. But in his heart of hearts he knew he would always be part of him, never leaving him because love is something deep than just a physical or emotional conception. It grows beyond that. It's something spiritual, magical.


That night was forever burned into his memory. It was upsetting but it showed him a new way of looking at life. He had his own son now and his mate. He had a family. He understood that what he had was very important…and that he wouldn't give it up for the world. He wasn't a child anymore; he had grown up. His was a young man.

The next evening, when he was tucking his son into his crib, he looked down at the dark chocolate eyes that were staring up at him and trying to fight off the sleep that washed over him. Filled with love, he smiled. He turned startled when he caught sight of Vegeta just standing there. Gohan couldn't help but feel a chill with the devilish expression that presided on his lover's face. Before he could speak a single word Vegeta unfolded a large piece of paper and lifted it up in front of his eyes. Gohan's eyes widened feeling his cheek begin to burn as he read the first line. "I…I…" He stumbled with the words getting stuck in this throat. His wide eyes returned to his older lover's. He shook his head no.

This only caused Vegeta's eyes to shine. The amused smirk grew brighter as his lover blushed. "Don't worry…. I'll take good CARE of you." Vegeta purred. Gohan gulped as he continued. "BUT a bet is a bet." He couldn't contain his laughter any longer with the delight of watching his partner back away from him nervously only to back himself into a corner. Gohan mind was racing looking for a way out. He quickly glanced over to their son and pointed. "But Karl…"

"Don't worry. I've got us a babysitter for how ever long it will take….days if need be." He eyes narrowed with evil smirk curling on the corner of his lips.

Gohan gulped. "Days?"


His eyes nervously shifted towards the piece of paper as Vegeta folded it up and slipped it back into his pocket with an affectionate little pat. Gohan's eyes returned to his lover's lust filled eyes. Ooh…hell! He thought as he quickly regretted making any deals with the prince in the first place. It was fun when he thought he would win, but now….it was different. As nervous as he was Gohan couldn't help but wonder if it was remotely possible to even GET into some of the positions that were on the list. He didn't think so, but by the looks of his lover he was about to find out.

He looked up confused as Vegeta gave a sharp whistle. Gohan looked up over Vegeta's shoulder only to be taken back as someone he hadn't seen in long time entered the room.

"Yamacha?" Buffed even more, Gohan turned to Vegeta's masked expression then back to the older man standing there who was looking paler than he had ever seen him before.

Avoiding eye contact, Yamacha glanced down at his shoes looking like a little lost boy, so afraid. "Sorry Gohan, but he said he'd beat the shi…" He glanced over to the crib refraining from saying what was on his lips. He shrugged his shoulders defeated. "It better this way." He said helplessly.

Gohan eyes lit up and he quickly turned to his lover. "Is this over the KISS?" He couldn't believe this. Had Vegeta seen it? How did he know?

"You don't think I didn't know about THAT did you? Hmm, you underestimate me koi." Vegeta eyes narrowed for second, hardening; a flash of jealousy Gohan thought, though it was quickly replaced with a look of authority. "Now, quit YOUR talking. I have reservations AND I'd prefer NOT to be late!" With a devilish grin at the boy's loss of words he added. "So much to doooo… in soooo little TIME." He laughed taking in Gohan's frightened expression. He reached out and tugged him close to him. Quickly slipping his arm around him keeping the young man close to his side, he led him past the equally nervous Yamacha. Gohan tried to plead with his eyes as he past him.

Yamacha shrugged his shoulders never meeting his eyes. "Sorry." He whispered.

Gohan was equally surprised to find both Bulma and his father Goku standing in the hall looking down cast. A deep shade of red crossed his cheeks to think they might have read Vegeta's intentions. As a last resort he called. "Bulma?"

She shrugged her shoulders.

"I'm sorry honey, but he won the bet." With a sigh she added. " And I was so looking forward to seeing Vegeta in that pink tutu and the tiara I bought him." She sighed again disappointed. Goku squished her shoulders in sympathy.

In slight panic squeal as he was led pass them both. "Dad?" Then he mouthed the words 'help ME!'

Goku smiled. "See you when you get back son. Have fun!" Goku winked forcing Gohan to go bright shade of red.

"Err…okay…" He said in a small voice. He couldn't believe they would let his mate do this to him. With a look of disbelief glued to his face a slightly panicked Gohan was led down the hall in strong hold by the prince. He could only hope he had the strength. As they stepped into the livingroom and headed towards the front door that would take them to the waiting car that was parked in view, Gohan quickly turned to his enthusiastic partner who had just reached down and lifted up an oddly shaped bag - a very BIG oddly shaped bag. Gohan's eyes doubled in size. He looked back at Vegeta as he was swiftly turned and led down the front steps of CC. "Do we…um really need to have the HOT wax, and leathers straps?" He asked hopefully as he was being coerced down the steps.

Vegeta just grinned and, with a strong grip, led him towards his car for a speedy exit.

"I've always loved the feel of leather." Vegeta said as he held the door for his petrified lover. "Especially coated in chocolate syrup and honey coated…" as Vegeta continued. Gohan last thoughts were. 'I'm going to be eaten alive.'

"…that's after I cuff you to the bell bar of course."


The End.

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