Grissom came to a stop outside of Sara's hospital room to hear the sound of hysterical laughter slipping from the room. The sound cascaded over his senses, warming his heart. Sara was laughing, really laughing. Pushing open the door, he stepped inside to find Lindsey sitting on the edge of Sara's bed, dangling her feet over the side, mimicking Sara's own movements.

Catherine sat back with her camera in hand, motioning with one hand towards the two giggling females. "C'mon you two, squish up a little more."

"Mom, people don't say squishy any more!" Lindsey groaned, leaning closer into Sara's shoulder to hide her embarrassment. "Tell her Sara."

"Hey don't involve me in this Lind's," Sara beamed, "I'm recovering remember?"

Lindsey smiled happily as she wrapped her arms around Sara's waist. "When are you going home?"

"Soon I hope," Sara sighed as she leaned down to place a soft kiss on the top of Lindsey's head. "It's not fair, Nick got to go home two weeks ago."

"Sara you can't expect everything to heal over night," Catherine told her, her voice taking on the motherly tone that she had adopted for both Sara and Lindsey lately. "Now come on you two, move closer so I can take this photo."

"I look a mess," Sara pouted, "why do you want a picture of me anyway?"

"I want it," Lindsey told her in a quiet voice as she looked up into Sara's brown eyes. "I love you so much Sara."

"Oh baby," Sara sighed tearfully, reaching down to encompass the little girl in her arms. "I love you too, and you know what?"

"What?" Lindsey asked in a whisper.

"No one has said those words to me in a very long time," Sara's voice lowered as she spoke, not wanting her emotions to ruin such a wonderful moment.

"Well, I do," Lindsey smiled, "you're my best friend."

"You're mine too," Sara whispered. Reaching up a hand, she wiped the beginnings of a tear away from her eye to reach over and hug the little girl tighter to her. Out of the corner of her eyes, she noticed Grissom standing in the doorway and felt her heart flutter inside her chest. "Hey," she beamed happily.

"Oh Gil, good you're here," Catherine smiled. "Now go and sit beside Sara so I can get you all in the frame."

"I.." he started, automatically backing out of the room until he saw the luring eyes of the woman he loved calling out to him. Admitting defeat, he came slowly into the room to sit down on the opposite side of Sara. Her warmth caused his body to relax into hers as they shuffled a little closer to each other. She surrounded his senses, drowning out everything but her and he soon found his arms reaching around her.

Sara lifted her eyes up to his, melting into his gaze. They lost themselves in each other, their eyes communicating in ways that mere words could not. Offering him a small smile, she leaned in closer, tipping her head to meet his lips as they grazed hers softly, enticing him closer with a gentle kiss of her own.

Beside Sara, Lindsey looked up to stifle a giggle, hiding it behind her hand. "Ewwwww," she muttered, "that's gross."

Catherine smiled at the scene before her and chose that moment to take a photo. The flash of the camera alerted them back into reality causing them to pull their lips apart abruptly. Sara leaned close to his chest, hiding her embarrassment into his shirt. Holding her tighter, he tried unsuccessfully to hide the smile that tugged at the corners of his lips. Leaning down, he kissed her hair to look up briefly, "What?" he asked guiltily, staring unimpressed at both Catherine and Lindsey who both couldn't contain the amusement from escaping.

Lifting her head from his chest, Sara smiled up at him lovingly, inviting him to kiss her again. Lindsey watched in fake horror as they closed the distance between them and climbed down from the bed to go and stand next to her mother. "Maybe we should go and get some lunch now?"

Patting Lindsey's shoulder, Catherine chuckled softly at her two friends. "You know that might be a good idea honey."

"Bye Sara," Lindsey called from the doorway, her warm smile growing wider when Sara sank even further into Grissom's chest, her arms moving up and over his shoulders to link behind his neck as they deepened their kiss.

"Uh, time to go," Catherine muttered, pushing her daughter out of the door to look back briefly before closing the door behind her.

"Do you think Sara will be okay mommy?" Lindsey asked quietly as she took hold of her mother's hand.

"Oh I think she's gonna be just fine honey," she smiled. "Everything is gonna be great from now on."

Inside Sara's room, they pulled apart gently, slowing their kisses into tiny pecks still unable to part completely. Reaching up around him, Sara pulled him into a powerful embrace, holding him to her body as if her life depended on him.

"I have some news," he whispered softly, kissing her cheek as he spoke. Slowly disentangling himself from her arms, he pulled back to smile down at her adoringly. "I spoke to your doctor on the way in."

"You did?" she asked with a smile. "And what does 'Doctor Dread' have in store for me today?"

"Well," he whispered, kissing her forehead before tracing his lips along her hairline. "He said if you have regular help, you can go home."

"What?" she gasped happily, lunging closer to wrap her arms around his neck, his words lifting her spirits higher than they had been since this whole experience began. "Oh I wanna get out of here."

"I know you do honey," he whispered, "that's why I want you to come stay with me until you're well enough to go back to work."

His words forced an inner fear back into her heart once more with his mention of work. Swallowing hard, she clung to him tightly as she forced the fear away.

"Honey what's wrong?" he whispered, "Don't you want to stay with me? I understand if you're more comfortable...."

Closing her eyes, she nodded her head silently against him, the tremble in her body reaching through to his skin. "I.." she started, her voice faltering, "What if it happens again? What if he sends another bomb, I don't think…."

"Hey, Robert James was sentenced to life imprisonment, he'll never send anything again, I promise you." Pulling her tighter, he held onto her shaking body, easing her fear with his love. "When the time comes, I'll be there with you okay?"

"But, what about Nicky?" she whispered, "He's so scared but he'll never admit it. What if we never get over this Griss? What if…?"

"Shh," he soothed, showering her face in reassuring kisses, "Nicky came to me a few days ago and told me the exact same thing as you just did. I won't make you come back to work until you're strong enough. Nick's coming by to see you as soon as we get home, he's ready to give it a try."

Pulling away from him, she held onto his hands as she bit her lip nervously. "What if it takes me a while? I don't think I could live with your disappointment in me. I…"

"Disappointment?" he asked in surprise. "How could you ever disappoint me?" Lifting their joined hands to his lips, he kissed her fingers gently, "I am so proud of you Sara. I'm proud to have you as a friend and I'm proud to have you as the woman I love."

"I.." she gasped, "Did you say love?"

"I believe I did," he grinned, reaching out to pull her into his arms again. "I love you Sara."

"Oh God," she gasped tearfully, sniffing back the emotion as her heart burst into flames. "I love you too." She felt him tighten his hold, keeping her close to him, unwilling to let go until her doctor came into the room to give her the good news.


"Here we are," Grissom smiled as he held open his door for her, holding out a hand to steady her when she took a tentative step through the threshold of his town house. Offering him a reassuring smile, she limped slowly into his living room unaware of the welcome committee waiting to greet her.

Taking a step inside, she was greeted by a very loud chorus of 'surprise', causing her to almost jump out of her skin. "Oh my," she beamed happily, her tears over flowing when Nicky rushed over towards her, hobbling as he did. Reaching out, he pulled her into his arms, holding her to his body as they rocked each other through tears of happiness and relief.

"God Sar," he sniffed, pulling her tighter, "it's over now, we're gonna be okay."

"I know," she whispered, clinging tightly to his body until he was ready to release her.

"Hey man," Warrick muttered as he stepped closer, "let the poor girl breathe. Don't make her pass out before I've had my turn!"

Sara giggled into Nick's shoulder and slowly pulled away from him. Moving a hand up to his face, she cupped his cheek reassuringly before releasing him to turn into Warricks waiting arms.

"Damn, I missed you girl," he told her, his arms tightening around her.

"I'm home now," she whispered, "I missed everyone so much."

"Sara," Greg grinned, hovering closely beside them, his arms twitching by his side. Looking up into Warrick's eyes, Sara offered him a huge smile before turning to Greg and pulling him into a hug.

"It's good to see you," she told him before releasing him, "love the new hair."

"Oh this?" he beamed, pointing to his new array of spiked up hair sticking in every different direction. "This is my 'welcome home Sara' hair!"

"I'm touched," she grinned, resisting the urge to reach out and ruffle the spiked strands. Turning to look down beside him, she saw a very impatient Lindsey trying to gain her attention. "Hey baby," she beamed, holding out her arms for the little girl to rush in to.

"I baked you a cake," she beamed excitedly, pulling onto Sara's hand to lure her over to the table.

"You did?" Sara gasped, feeling more tears sting her eyes when she saw Lindsey's sweet creation. "Oh Lind's," she sniffed, "it's beautiful, thank you." Reaching out, she pulled her back into her arms, holding her close until Catherine stepped up beside her.

"I'm so glad you're back," Catherine whispered through the strong build up of liquid emotion that lay so raw inside her eyes. Reaching out to her, the two women embraced tightly, holding Lindsey between them in a bond so tight that no one would ever be able to break them apart.

"It's good to be back," Sara whispered as she pulled back to smile around the room to all of her friends. "This is so…" her voice cracked as she spoke, her words dripping with emotion. "Sorry, I can't…"

Stepping closer, Grissom took hold of her shoulders and turned her around to face him, showing her with his touch and his presence that she had so many people who cherished and adored her here. Offering her a small smile, he pulled her into a reassuring embrace, holding her close to him while the others started talking to each other, giving both him and Sara a little privacy of their own.

"It'll be okay," he whispered softly, his warm breath grazing her ear. "They all love you."

"I know," she told him tearfully, "this is just so overwhelming. I haven't had this kind of thing before."

"Well you'll have to get used to it honey," he smiled as he pulled back to gaze down into her eyes. "This is our family."

Smiling up into his eyes, Sara felt the fear leave her heart to be replaced with the love that enveloped the entire room. Tipping her chin, she reached up towards him to collect a soft kiss, meeting his lips on the way down to hers. The kiss was brief but full of promise, one which she was determined to collect on later when they were alone. Stepping closer, she gave him one final hug, before reaching out to hold onto his hand, leading him over to the other side of the room where their family awaited them. The healing had begun and the time for sorrow was long gone now, forever…..

The End...

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