Chapter 1: The Nightmare Becomes My Reality

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"Aaaaahh! Not another one. What blood?" Kurama said as he touched his bloody chest.

At school.

"Umm. Mitsune I need to talk to you for a moment. I hope you won't mind." Kurama said as he closed his locker.

"Sure Kurama, what is it?" Mitsune asked.

Mitsune was a girl with black and brown hair. She had beautiful dark green eyes. She wore the school uniform like the rest of the girls and was about Kurama's height.

"Well, last night I was dreaming." Kurama explained.

"Oh, wow. A dream. Who cares?" Mitsune asked as she closed her locker.

The two began walking out of the school building.

"Well you see the dream had me in it and, another person who looked just like me. Except that he had black hair and a black ancient mark on his left cheek." Kurama continued.

"Really? Go on." Mitsune said in an exciting voice.

"So he said be careful what you dream about. And before he left he through a dagger at my chest. And before I knew it I had already woken up." Kurama explained.

"Wow what a nightmare. But everyone has nightmares.sometimes." Mitsune said in a displeased way.

"No I'm no finished. So I woke up and I touched my chest. And it was covered in blood. It was a whole mess. So I couldn't sleep last night. I was worried about what might happen if I did." Kurama said.

"That's very weird. Maybe you just cut yourself while sleep walking?" Mitsune suggested.

"A cut? No it wasn't a cut. It was more than that. It was used with a dagger." Kurama said.

"How would you know that?" Mitsune asked.

"Because it was in my chest. Look." Kurama said as he unbuttoned his shirt.

She saw band-aids rapped around his chest. The red blood marks were easy to see.

"(Gasps) My god Kurama. What are you going to do? Not sleep for the rest of your life?" Mitsune asked in worry.

"See that's when you come in. You'll have to watch me in bed. And while I'm sleeping you can go inside my mind. That way you can tell me when to wake up." Kurama suggested.

"Me sleep with you? I'll stand beside you maybe but not sleep with you." Mitsune said.

"It doesn't matter. As long as your there then, there's nothing to worry about." Kurama said as he held her hand.

"Alright but, you need to tell Yusuke and the others about this. They need to know so they can be aware." Mitsune said.

"Yes, of course." Kurama said.

"Of course what Kurama?" Botan asked.

"Kurama's dream became a reality. Some guy that looks like him stabbed him in his dream and when he woke up he saw a dagger in his chest." Mitsune explained.

"Oh how horrible. Are you alright?" Botan asked in worry.

"Yes I am, thanks for asking." Kurama said.

"Well this has to be another case. I'll tell Koenma about this. He'll probably know what to do." Botan said as she took got on her broomstick. (Or whatever it is).

Yusuke's place.

"Mom shut up! Having a drunk mother isn't what I had in mind." Yusuke said as he walked up the stairs.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. Yusuke walked back down the stairs and opened the door.

"So missed another day of school?" Mitsune asked as she walked inside the house.

"Hey you just can't come in like that! Oh hey Kurama what's up?" Yusuke asked.

"Can we go up in your room and talk about this? And call Hiei, Kuwabara, and Keiko. This is urgent." Kurama said as he walked up stairs.

"Alright." Yusuke said as he followed him to his room.

An hour later.

Yusuke, Hiei, Kuwabara, Keiko, Kurama, and Mitsune are sitting down in Yusuke's room. Hiei's sitting on Yusuke's bed, Mitsune sitting on his chair, Kurama, Kuwabara, and Keiko are sitting on the floor and, Yusuke is sitting on the window sill. Kurama stands up and tells them about the dream he had.

"Well that's pretty weird. How do your dreams become real?" Kuwabara asked.

"No one knows Kazuma. That's why were trying to figure it out dummy." Mitsune said.

"Your just as bad as Hiei you know that?" Kuwabara yelled.

"Hn." Mitsune mumbled while ignoring him.

"Well who ever stabbed you must have really hated you. But that's weird how can you stab yourself in a dream and, wake up to find that you really did?" Hiei wondered.

"I don't know but we better watch out tonight. It could also be after us." Yusuke said.

"Whatever. If it comes after me then I'll slice it up and drink it's blood." Hiei said with an evil grin.

"Don't under estimate him." Kurama said.

"Kurama's right you guys. Who knows you just might be killed." Keiko said.

"And if you die then know one can help you." Mitsune said.

"Hello?" Botan said with a smile.

"Hey Botan." Mitsune said with surprise.

"I'm back. Well Koenma said that it could be the dream demon. I'm not sure about his name though. But he can disguise himself as any character. He'll copy your moves anything. But he only appears in dreams that are nice. You can ask Koenma about the name." Botan said in a serious manner.

"Dream demon huh? Well I'll be watching out for him. He could be as strong as me and no my demon form." Mitsune said.

"That's a good idea. I guess we'll all have to watch out for each other. Isn't that right Yusuke?" Botan asked.

"Yeah. We need to snatch him in our dreams." Yusuke said.

"Well I'm going home. My mom is probably wondering where I am. I'll see you guys later. And be careful Kurama." Mitsune warned as she walked out the door.

"That's a new one. She's actually worried about someone? Kurama you must be special." Hiei exaggerated.

"Nonsense Hiei." Kurama said with an ignoring smile on his face.

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