A King of Hearts
by Jess Angel

He had won. He had conquered and defeated.

The King of Hearts. He now felt worthy of the title.

Domon Kasshu. A king. A king of fights. A champion. Yes.

He frowned. But a king of… hearts? Literally? Him?

That was ridiculous, laughable, really.

Domon shook his head from such musings, dark hair shifting with the action. He really should stop thinking so much. He'd probably end up depressed or something.

But he couldn't help it. A sea gull echoed above him. The blue green depths seemed to call for thoughts, reflection. The aged wood of the pier creaked under his heavy boots.

Hearts made him think of puppies and stuffed bears. Domon Kasshu… King of puppies and stuffed bears?

Now that was wrong.

He wasn't thinking seriously. He started again.

Hearts. They were about feeling. Caring. Love. Romance.

George probably knew more about such things, Paris being the "City of Love" and whatnot. If anybody was to be called a king of hearts, he was sure a Frenchman would fit the bill.

He, on the other hand, was used to being about anger, sorrow and a lot of anger. They had boiled in his being for so long that he ended up scalding those he cared about unintentionally.

So he did care. But… did he care about being a literal king of hearts?

Domon crossed his arms as if to intimidate the question. He almost snorted at the thought. He also didn't care to become some Casanova like Chibodee. He had no desire to have girls swarming around him like flies. He never did care for that.

He felt a tug at his cape. The salty sea air was gone. It smelled like…


His eyes met hers. She gave him a small smile.

And he found his meaning.

He only wanted one. One woman. One heart.

He took her hand from the crimson cloth and brought her next to him. Thinking wasn't so bad after all. Domon's side molded into hers and she let him lean, her arm around his waist, his over her shoulders.

He had won. He had been conquered and defeated.

He was no real king of hearts.

But that didn't matter, because she was the queen of his.


"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men."
Colossians 3:23

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