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*~* Chapter 1: You remind me.

Chi walked beside her owner, Hideki down the street. Her hand held onto a pink umbrella that Ms. Hibiya had given her. Hideki was whistling as he adjusted the bag of books on his arm.

"Chi?" He asked, looking down at his persocom. She had stopped and her eyes were wide, as she seemed to be shocked by something.

Following her unblinking gaze it fell on a young woman.

Her raven locks were in a drenched mess around her tanned face. She was dressed in an older High School Uniform. The shirt clung to her body and before he had a chance to chase out any perverted thoughts from his head, Chi had knelt beside her.

Her fingers slid over part of the girl's exposed belly, blood dripped from Chi's fingertips and a sad expression fell across the Chobit's face.

" Girl is hurt, Hideki!"

"WHAT?" Hideki exclaimed and joined Chi at her side.

It was true the girl, had blood on her face and on her torso, and multiple scratches on her arms and legs.

A bow was held tightly in her left hand, the quiver had fallen a few feet away, and the arrows had scattered across the mud upon impact.

Something else was in her other hand. Something that was glowing a slight purple color, it was tightly fisted in her hand and was clutched to her heart.

" Is she not working?" Chi asked, her eyes sad but curious.

" Uh.." He placed his fingertips on the girl's inner left wrist. There was a pulse but it was barely there.

" Shit! Plum!"

The little laptop scrambled out of her master's backpack.

"Yes Master?"

" Call the ambulance! Now!"

"Yes Sir!"


The girl's eyes slowly fluttered open to see a young man and a young girl by the bedside.

" Where am I?" She whispered.

" Tokyo Miss." Hideki answered.

" What is the date?" She asked, her dead eyes drifting over to the window, watching the rain slide over the glass.

" It's August 15th 2080 Miss."

The girl's gray eyes widened and she sat up before wincing and clutching her bandaged side.

" Miss you shouldn't move!" Hideki cried, placing his hands on her shoulders.

" Who are you?" She asked, not looking at him.

" I'm Hideki Motosuwa and this is my persocom, Chi."

Chi didn't answer but gazed at the injured female. She seemed to be in pain.

" I'm Kagome Higurashi.What's a persocom?"

" A humanoid computer.Kagome."

" Oh.Can I have some water?"

" Um.. Er. sure." Hideki stood up and started to walk toward the door. " Chi you watch over her while I'm gone alright?"

" Yes Hideki!" Chi chimed after his retreating back.

Kagome turned and looked at the girl, her eyes analyzing her features. Her hand ran over her input ear and she chuckled.

" A humanoid computer? Wow.we sure do get far in the future."

Chi gave her a quizzical look.


" Its nothing." Kagome took one of Chi's ivory locks and her eyes grew sad again as she gazed into her amber eyes.

" Do you hurt Kagome?" Chi asked hurriedly noticing the pained and sad expression on the woman's face.

" Yes."

" Here?" Chi asked, placing a gentle hand on the girl's torso wound.

Kagome shook her head.

" No Chi. I" She placed the computer's hand on her chest, where her heart was.

" Why?"

" You remind me of someone.. Someone I used to know."

" Who?"


Hideki rushed out the door.

" Plum. Call Minoru."

" Yes Sir!" The laptop cried and saluted him.

Her eyes turned gray and a beam of light ran across them.

" Minoru?"

" What's wrong Motosuwa? Is it Chi?"

" No! Chi's fine. But we found this girl bleeding by this old hole and she was hurt."

" Yes, continue."

" She didn't know what a persocom was."

"She might've came from a sheltered community. There are towns that banned persocoms in fear of breaking tradition."

Hideki shook his head.

" That's not it at all. She was wearing a very old school uniform from ages ago!"

"What did it look like? "

"It was a green skirt. And a white blouse with green cuffs and a red kerchief around the neck."

There was a brief silence on the other line.

" That sounds like a uniform from a Tokyo high school in 1997."

" 1997?! Wow!"

" Did you get her name?"

" Yeah. She says her name is Kagome Higurashi."

A longer silence prevailed.

" Bring her over when she's healed."

" Okay.Later Minoru."

" The line has been disconnected sir." Plum said before leaping in the bag again.

Hideki fetched the water as promised and went to Kagome's room. And he heard them speak to each other. He stood out the door, his ear pressed to the wood of the door.

" Who?" He recognized Chi's voice.

" Inuyasha." Kagome whispered.

Hideki stopped in his tracks.

That sounded familiar..


" This is Minoru's house. He's a genius when it some to persocom's." Hideki explained to Kagome. Who was in awe at the size of the house.

The gates opened at the trio went inside.


" Hey Yuzuki."

The persocom bowed.

" Hello Mr. Motosuwa. And this is?" She asked, gesturing to Kagome.

" Oh this is Kagome, Yuzuki."

She smiled and took Kagome's coat for her.

Kagome was the right size for Chi's clothes so she was wearing the sailor suit.

" Mr. Minoru will see you now."


Kagome stood before the young boy and smiled before giving him her hand.

"I'm Kagome Higurashi. You have a very nice house."

" Thank you. I'm Minoru."

The girl smiled and sat across from him.

He nodded toward Yuzuki and she returned the gesture.

" Chi, will you come outside and wait with me?"

" Yes!"

The two filed out of the room leaving the three humans alone.

" Kagome, Hideki told me that they found you by the old well where the Sunset shrine used to reside before it was demolished for an apartment complex."

He carefully watched her reaction as he said the words.

Her eyes widened, and she gasped.

" What?" She whispered weakly.

" It happened a little over ten years ago. The Higurashi family has long perished. But the well and a very old tree still remain as a tribute to them, a tribute to their premature deaths."

Kagome's eyes shadowed with grief and she dropped her eyes to the floor.

" Only their daughter survived. Her name was Kagome Higurashi. But they died over 83 years ago. She would barely be alive. And yet."

He gazed at her sternly.

" You bear the same name as she did."

Kagome was silent as the boy stood up.

" There was a legend about the well. No, The bone eater's well. The daughter could travel to the feudal era through it. But only with the Shards of the Shikon Jewel. The fabled jewel that made a demon stronger and could grant any wish. And was easily tainted, but grew more beautiful with malice. Correct?"

Kagome nodded, her hands slightly fisted at her sides.

" She was the reincarnation of the priestess that sealed an evil half demon to the Goshinboku for betraying her for the jewel. The Goshinboku that still stands today. But they say that when the reincarnation fell through the well, she unsealed the half demon. And broke the jewel. So the two teamed together by a cruel twist of fate to gather the hundreds of shards."

" He wasn't evil." Kagome whispered.

Minoru stopped before kneeling in front of her.

" Tell me Kagome."

She gazed at him her eyes wide, feeling a slight air of déjà vu.

" Are you her?"

Kagome sighed with relief and she smiled softly.

" Yes."

Minoru looked skeptic.

" Really?"

Kagome sighed and pulled the completed Shikon jewel out from underneath her shirt. It glittered with a mystic light.

Before he could say a word of disbelief, she lifted her shirt to show a thick scar, which spanned a good 8 inches across her torso.

" This is where is burst from my body when I first fell through the well."

She could trust them, she felt it. Never doubt the senses of a miko after all.

" Don't get mad at me. But I uh kind of eaves dropped on you earlier when you talked with Chi. Who's Inuyasha?" Hideko asked nervously, rubbing the back of his neck.

" He is the half demon that I released. And he had hair the color of Chi's and the same eye color. But his hair was shorted than hers. It only went slightly past his waist."

Her eyes grew sad again.

" What happened Kagome?" Minoru asked in a quieter tone.

" Promise to never tell a soul?" She asked earnestly.

The two boys nodded and she smiled.

" Here's how it all began."


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