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Disclaimer: I own nada. Zip. Zilch. Negator. Just the story and everyone's children, INCLUDING Kikyo since she just holds the same name and acts different from her namesake. Inuyasha-Gumi go to the almighty Rumiko Takahashi and the Chobits characters go to the wonderful women at CLAMP.

~ What's in a name? ~

Kagome shifted underneath the covers, placing a maternal hand over her belly. She smiled warmly at her unborn child, it was going to be soon. Her eyes drifted over to the rain slowly tapping along the windowpanes and glass. Blinking, she looked down again and she bit her lip, before pushing Inuyasha.

Right off of the bed.

" OI! What're you doi-"

Kagome placed a finger on her lips to silence him as she pointed toward her stomach.

Inuyasha looked guilty for a moment before crawling back on the bed and placing a hand over his mate's.

" She's moving." He whispered and Kagome smiled happily.

" You can go back to sleep now." She replied sweetly, making Inuyasha roll his eyes as he kissed her forehead.

~*~ A few months afterward…~*~

"ITAI!" Kagome cried, wincing as she saw her vision flash pink. Her breathing became more labored as another bout of pain coursed through her nervous system. She shut her eyes tightly, her hands fisting the sheets as she cringed and cried out in pain again. Not noticing that her entire body flashed pink when the contractions came.

Inuyasha shot up, his ears twitching as he quickly looked over at Kagome. His eyes widened as she glowed again.



Inuyasha cursed as he looked up from his hole in the bed. Before latching onto the phone and dialing.

" Kaede…Kagome's gonna-"


" Yeah…get over here as soon as you can. I want to be alive in time to see the pup you know."


" Kagome…" He leapt behind her and clutched her to his chest, wincing every time her body glowed with a purifying light.

She just HAD to give birth on a full moon…

The miko whimpered and dug her nails into his arms as her water broke. She cried out again and nearly blew Inuyasha clear off of her. With a growl, the hanyou crushed his lips to hers, making her quiet down.

If Kaede was any slower…

And suddenly, Inuyasha found himself on the floor and Kaede slowly pushing Kagome down onto the bed, placing a scroll on her lips, wrists and ankles to keep her from writhing.

Spreading her legs apart and placing a cool cloth on the woman's head, Kaede smiled warmly. Kagome looked over at her gratefully before screaming, the spell silencing her.

And so the labor commenced…

~ 12 cups of coffee, six sits, and four HENTAI slaps later…~

" Inuyasha…" A weary Kaede called out, looking out from the bedroom door over at the wide-awake hanyou.

" It's over now."

Inuyasha sighed gratefully and slowly made his way in. Last time he tried about 3 hours ago, she'd sat him to kingdom come, saying it was his fault she was in such pain.

She had purified the spell scroll on her mouth hours before that…

" Kag-Chan?" He whispered, slowly sitting next to the weary girl. She merely smiled in return before showing the face of the tiny bundle in her arms.

" It's a little girl…"

She had wide violet eyes and a tiny mop of black hair on her head.

" I don't get how'd she'd have so much hair and her eyes open yet though…" Kagome whispered, looking up at Inuyasha.

" Her demon blood." Inuyasha replied, running a hand through his mate's hair.

" But she looks human…"

" Yes…but after this she'll turn hanyou on a full moon."

" Oh…"

The baby's wide eyes looked over at her mother and sparkled in silent recognition. Then slowly slid to her father and the glitter remained. The baby gurgled something before turning and cuddling into her mother's bosom.

" She needs a name." Inuyasha murmured, smiling slightly as Kagome rubbed one of his ears.

" I have an idea of what to name her."

Inuyasha nodded.

" Kikyo."

Inuyasha's eyes glowed in surprise as he blinked.

" What?"

" I want to name her Kikyo."

Inuyasha was stuck between hurt and confusion. Didn't Kagome hate Kikyo? Or…

" If it wasn't for Kikyo…regardless of the past. We never would have met. Then or now. If it wasn't for her burning the jewel with her. I never would have met you, have you now and Chii and Freya would still be one as persocoms. And Freya would still be lonely. Without her, I never would have met you. Or anyone else. It if wasn't for her. None of this would have been possible."

Inuyasha nodded in slow understanding.

" So naming our first baby after her…can be our thanks. Or do you want another name?"

Inuyasha shook his head, over come by the emotion that was apparent in his amber eyes.

" It's perfect." He murmured, kissing both Kagome and his daughter on the forehead.

~ 6 months later~

Kagome and Inuyasha were curled up underneath a thick blanket. Kagome's ebony locks splayed over her shoulders and apparent on the bare chest of the boy behind her.

A tiny crib lie on the other side of the room, a little form underneath some pink blankets which she shoved off. More comfortable underneath the over shirt of her father's fire rat haori.

A glimmering image stood beside it, her brown eyes soft with pride as her ghostly hand shimmered over the babe's head. The baby cooed and turned toward the warmth it felt from the apparition. Her long raven tresses blew in the wind and toyed with the cloth of her white blouse and red hakama pants. She bent over and placed a chaste kiss on the girl's forehead. Before slipping the haori well over the babe's form.

" Goodnight, my namesake." The woman whispered before shimmering away.

Inuyasha cracked one eye open and murmured into the night air.

" Goodnight, Kikyo."


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