"What is it?" Admiral Deis sleepily said into the phone. "All we're in charge of are those useless ships on the Polaris border."

"Useless as they may be, sir, we've got a distress call from Captain Duuk; do you want me to tell you over the phone or do you want to come up here?"

"Uh, I'll be up to the command room in five minutes."

"Yes, sir!"

"Stupid overseer job!" Deis thought. "I'm an Admiral, for God's sake! And they stick me back on Earth to watch over PATROL SHIPS, on the Polaris border! THE GOD DAMNED POLARIS ARE NOT GOING TO ATTACK!"

The Admiral sighed as he made his way up from his bedroom in the Federation Military Command building to the communications center.

"Okay, let me see it." the Admiral commanded. He watched as logs and stats played across the screen, detailing the two hits on Duuk's Destroyer. "That's impossible, just getting hit out of nowhere. Is this a joke?"

"Not as far as I'm aware, sir."

"Then contact Duuk; I'd like to share the laugh with him." Deis watched curiously as the computer was queried for Duuk's comm frequency, and then as a hail was sent to his ship.

"No response, sir."

The Admiral laughed, and said, "That's real funny. Now get him on the communicator."

"Sill no response."

"This isn't funny anymore." he angrily said. "Broadcast a message to him that we're sending a Carrier over to check the position out, and that we'll be pissed if it was just a hoax."

"Sent, sir. Still no response."

"Damn. Send a Carrier over there, then."

"The closest Carrier is two days from the border; I'll send them over."

"Good." Admiral Deis was slightly worried as he went back down to his quarters to finish his night's sleep. "I hope for his sake that Duuk's not joking." he thought as sleep overcame him.