Paradise Island? NOT!

By Kitty Power

Summary: Raye and Wufei, complete strangers get to sit next to each other in an airplane. It crashed, and it just so happen that they get stranded on a small deserted island somewhere unknown, together, barely getting along. So is it Paradise Island with cool coconut drinks? I say not…

Ch. 1 : The Storm

A/N: All right, I'm starting a new story, but I will update the others, I promise. This chapter is like so slow because planes are boring but the rest of the story will be much better, that's another promise. Read on! * _*

Raye Hino was in a hurry. And when she is, it isn't smart to annoy her of even talk to her. After nearly killing the Taxi driver, she got to the Airport just in time before her Airplane terminal closed.

In her seat by the oval window, Raye felt more calm and satisfied. For a second she thought she was going to miss the plane, and then she'd miss the Wedding Ceremony, which she couldn't afford to miss. The rest of the girls would kill her if she was late or didn't show up.

 The seat beside her was still empty. She half hoped that the seat went unfilled but she didn't get her wish. A moment later a pale young man, probably just a few year older, and definitely taller, took the seat. Raye took his arrival sourly, giving him an almost nasty look. She didn't know why she disliked him instantly, maybe it was the he looked at her. The man had shoulder length hair, sleek and black and tied into a ponytail tighter then she had ever tied her hair.

            He had furtive looking almond eyes and grunted silently as he sat down, looking disapproving.  Raye sighed and pursed her lips. She'd had admit he was rather good looking, but that didn't help the bad mood she was suddenly in.

            Half an hour later, the plane was moving smoothly in the sky. Slicing through the clouds like butter against the peaceful blue sky. The plane was quiet and mute. The man next to Raye was reading a book, an intimidating look still on his face. Raye entertained herself by watching the in-flight movie, Dragonheart. She found it very interesting and humorous. But there was something that was bothering her. She didn't know what. Ever since the plane took off, she had sense of impending doom looming over her head. It made her slightly anxious.

            When Dragonheart had finished and the screen went blank, she took off her earphones and yawned. The man next to her was still immersed in his book. He had hardly spoken a word, not that she expected him to of course.

            She sat for the next two hours, flexing her hands and looking out the small window, watching the evening turn into night. The sun had disappeared; the once-white clouds were now ominous black ones. It started to rain; she could hear the drops pounding maliciously on the window. Then there was thunder. Raye jumped up in fright. That ominous feeling awoke inside of her; it stirred and troubled her mind. Her heart started beating like hell; it wasn't a good feeling she was having.

            The man glanced at her, just slightly and looked back at his book. He seemed to be immune to the thunder.

            Another roll of thunder roared ferociously. The lights above them blinked and the airplane swayed slightly. The passenger awoke with anxiety, looking frightened. The man looked up, looking slightly worried also. He closed his book and looked around the flight attendants who seemed to be in a more panic then the passengers but was telling everyone to calm. Another bolt of lightning was heard.

            BOOM! Raye felt herself being thrust foreword violently. Her nose hit the chair in front, hard, very hard. She screamed as a wave of panic and screaming took over the passenger. Babies were crying, children were shrieking, adults were yelling and attendants were crying. The plane started shaking violently, Raye stood up, leaning on the chair for support, her nose was smeared with vivid red blood. Yellow oxygen masks were released from above.

            "Put them on!" she heard someone say, "The mask, we lost an engine!" She looked beside her; the young black haired man had the mask and telling people to put the mask on. Raye pulled the yellow mask to her mouth, careful not to hurt her nose.

            "TURBULENCE!" she heard an attendant shriek, "Everyone in his or her seats please!"

            The plane slewed to the left, the attendants standing up were knocked to the ground. Raye used her hand to push herself to the right; there was another shake to the left, a large suitcase came flying towards her being dodged by the man. She felt a searing pain as her arm gave away and her head smacked into the small oval window. Then she knew no more…


Wufei Change dodged again as the large suitcase fell to where his feet have been. The dark-haired girl sitting next to him sat unconscious with blood oozing from her forehead. Suddenly there was another impact, followed by a large plan sized splash. He heard a whooshing of water; the plane had crashed into water.

            "AAAH!" screamed one of the passengers, "WATER!" And so there was. Wufei saw dark blue water making their way into the plane from some unknown source. Life jackets were suddenly screamed for. He knew that only life jackets couldn't save them; they were already in water and in the middle of a thunderstorm. He took off his mask and decided to find a way out of the plane, wherever it was. He wished people would shut up; it was so loud he could hardly think.

            Wufei glanced at the girl next to him, evidently still out of it. She wasn't worth saving then anyone on this plane, he thought grumpily, ignoring a man wading by and screaming his head off and the water rising rapidly to his knees.

            But all in all…

            Wufei grabbed the girl's yellow mask of her bloodstained face and pulled her to him. He swung one arm over his shoulders and the other under his neck. Her head lolled absently on his shoulders and her long hair fell to his face. Brushing them out of the way, he started moving towards the plane door and attempted to open it. The water was up to his neck now, Wufei dived, with his arm around the girl's neck. He twisted the large white knob and the door swung open. He grabbed the girl and swam out of the door, using all his strength and skill. The water carried him all the up the surface which was far worse then in the plane.

Large droplets of rain were pouring, jabbing at Wufei's skin like knives. He held on the girl more tightly, and looked around, maybe for a suitcase he can hang on. The plane was gone but the fire remained that was slowly being diminished by rain. The waves were large and merciless, tossing and turning them harshly.

            Wufei saw at the corner of his eyes, a large white floating something. He made an effort to swim to it but a churned and pushed him back. He coughed and choked as water pushed it's way into his mouth. Then miraculously, a waved pushed him and the girl directly to the white floating thing, which turned out to be the plane door. He lunged for it and caught it, then pulled the girl, whom he was loyally holding onto, to it. He pushed her up onto the door and pulled himself up. He stationed one hand at the end of the door and another across it. They were saved…they had to be…


When Raye became conscious the next morning, the fist thing she felt was a terrible ache all over her body and intense pain at her nose. Apart from that, she was cold and drench with water. Her mouth stung with a horrible taste of salty water and blood and her skin was itching, something under her was very sandy. She opened her eyes, very slowly; the sun went at it right at away, making her close her eyes. Then she felt water, at her feet, cold, ice, water. Raye sat up and snapped her eyes open, ignoring the pain from her left hand.

There was nothing but an innocent blue sky and beautiful blue water. Incredulous, she looked around. She was on a white sand beach, and there were palm trees.

No…. she couldn't be…


Hehe, how was that? A little boring, Raye didn't say a word yet.

Here's a little preview of chapter 2:

Raye stared incredulously at Wufei, looking utterly annoyed at the same time.

"So you're just going to leave me here?" she asked.

"Well I can't carry you around all the time can I?" Wufei snapped.

"Ooh!" Raye growled, "You can leave you're island exploring later! Why don't you try to make a fire?"

"I really regret saving you." Wufei said angrily. Raye's angry face changed dramatically. She frowned.

"You saved me?" she asked quietly.



            "Don't ask."

            There was little awkward silent as Wufei started walking away and Raye staring the sand.

            "I'll make a fire for you." Wufei grunted, not looking back.