Paradise Island? NOT!

            By Erebus Darkness (Formerly Kitty-Power)

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Ch3: First steps…

Wufei didn't know long he had been asleep under the tree. He woke then next day feeling very numb and sore around the stomach and abs. His hair was dried but tangled at the ends. The fire had died out.

Wufei groaned as he picked himself slowly off the sand and stretched his arms. His muscles throbbed painfully but abated immediately after.

            "Damn…" he muttered to himself wiping the sand of his pants and shirt.

            The sun stung his eyes and warmed his cold skin as he started walking on the beach. The salty sea breeze, nice and cool, helped him survive his walks. He constantly had to stop for rest but kept on going as much as his legs could support him. Once, when he stopped for a rest, he caught a glimpse of a small furry brown monkey watching him from a tree. Then, it screeched and ran away.

            He stopped once again when the sun hung low in the sky, and the hot part of the day was slowly drawing to a close. The cool sea zephyr had swept in again and relieved him. Wufei sighed, and groaned, then frowned. He wondered for a second how long it would be until he arrived to Raye again. The island was pretty big, with a small low mountain and a good amount of cliffs and jagged overhangs, creating small coves. The palm and coconut trees provided cool shades for him to rest under and coconuts for him to drink.

            Wufei looked out into the sea, his face vague and his eyes glazed with particularly nothing on his mind.

            While Raye, on the other hand, were having fits of anger from time to time. Since her plan didn't work out, she'd been dying for Wufei to come back. Her stomach growled louder as her anger grew hotter. By the second, her body weakened. The fire Wufei had made died out leaving an ugly pile of ashes in front of her.

            She hadn't moved from the spot Wufei had placed her, with nothing to do but stare at the sand. Raye was glad she was dry now but wished desperately for brush and a hair tie and also a big comfy bed. But all of that seemed so far away, everything.

She couldn't believe she was going to miss Serena and Darien's Wedding. They're probably having the Ceremony at this very moment, maybe not even knowing why Raye was not there to be one of the maids in honor.


            Wufei started his walk again and watched as the sky turned violent orange and the sun became a scarlet half circle on the horizon. He had walked for something like half an hour when he spotted a tiny figure sitting under a palm tree with their legs outstretched before them. It was the onna, Raye. He had never felt this happy to see someone.

Finally! He was back; his trip was over!

            He quickened his pace to a slow jog but slowed down after awhile when his muscles started aching. By then, Raye spotted him too. She waved her good arm. Wufei saw her smile anxiously as he got closer.

            "So…" she started when Wufei was sitting by her now, taking a good rest, "How was the island?"

            "What'd you think?" he mumbled, leaning against the trunk of the tree.

            "I don't know." She responded sourly, "I'm a bit too hungry to think."

            "Too bad your mouth works perfectly fine." He remarked. There was a brief silent, then:

            "Can't you be positive for one second?" barked Raye suddenly.

            "I didn't know I was being negative." He stated scornfully.

            "You are such pain!" Raye growled, flashing him her dangerous eyes. Wufei sat up now, his eye closed and his expression unreadable. Then he looked at Raye with galling ink eyes. Raye turned away, still looking angry.

            "We can't sit here forever." Wufei muttered suddenly.

            "Did you just figure that out?" snapped Raye irritatingly, "I've been sitting here all day thinking about everything I took for granted; the beds, cereal, chicken, even Spam…" She shuddered.

            "I wasn't talking about that!" he said acidly, "I was—"

            "I know what you were talking about." Interrupted Raye tartly, slamming her good hand on the sand, "Do you take me for an idiot?! I know what we need to do!"

            There was another taut pause while both sat steaming, their face vexed.

            "I can't believe it." Wufei broke the silence, "I'm arguing against someone like you. I'm getting soft…."

            Raye slowly turned to Wufei, her eyes narrowed evilly. She said in low, heated voice, "What do you mean, someone like me?"

            He glanced at her. "I meant an onna, a woman, a weak female who can do nothing but argue and fight."

            "We had this conversation already Chang!" Raye fumed, "I am not weak!"

            He didn't reply.

            Raye continued, "I am so glad that I hated your guts from the first day I saw you!"

            "I'm honored that you did, I didn't like you either."

            "Why'd you save me then?! You could've left me on the plane to drown!"

            "Do you want to drown? Is that it?"

            "I'd rather die then to be stuck with you!"

            "I can arrange that! I'd be happy to!"

            "ARRGH! If I wasn't crippled like this—"

            "The fact is that you are, so SHUT UP!" Raye silenced immediately. She stared at Wufei with a blank surprise expression.

            "We can't sit here arguing all day!" he continued heatedly, "We need food, shelter and some way of contacting someone!"

            Raye leaned against the tree, her lips pursed stubbornly and her good hand wrapped around her stomach.

            In a low voice, she said, "I know that."

            "Good. We have no problems then?"


            Wufei stood up.

            "Wait! Where're you going?" asked Raye, looking a little bit panicky.

            "Look for a shelter." He answered.

            "Hey genius, it's getting dark, you're not going to find anything."

            The worst thing to Wufei was, she was right. Truthfully, he just wanted an excuse to wander away from her, he had stupidly said, 'Look for a shelter.' How idiotic he might've sounded. He growled at himself, cursing in his mind.

            "Fine." He muttered, looking slightly defeated and angry that he just had been made a fool of. He sat down again. The sky was turning blue.


            The next day Wufei woke up, feeling drowsy and tired. To his surprise, Raye was already up, leaning against the tree, her lips in an angry pout.

            Wufei sat up and glanced around. His stomach growled slightly.

            "Hungry are you?" said Raye with a clenched tone, "Good then. You could get me some food too." Wufei stared at her and suddenly felt a pang of guilt. Well, not exactly guilt, mostly pity and tad bit of impatience. If he thought about it, Raye had nothing to eat or drink for the last 2 days. He, at least, had some coconuts.

            So, he got her coconuts. Raye stuffed 4 coconuts greedily, not leaving a drop of juice of a piece of meat uneaten. She smiled good-naturedly and let out a sigh. Wufei had a couple, but frankly, he was getting sick of it. He yearned for some meat, fish or something, but meat. Something with real, good substance.

 While Raye was on her 5th coconut he had cracked for her, Wufei made up his mind to make some weapons for fishing. When he told Raye, she didn't act too happily.

"NO!" she protested, "We can leave the hunting for later! We need a shelter!"

"We need real food." Argued Wufei, "We can't survive on coconuts!"


"When you can walk you can make the decision," cut in Wufei sharply, "Stay here."

"Oh, its like I can go anywhere huh?"

Wufei ignored her. He got up and walked away.

"I won't be long."

He did take long, at least 2 hours, which to Raye, felt like forever. When he came back he carried 3 sharp pointed spear-like branches and a slender white jagged rock. He had his jacket on his left shoulder.

"Nice…"Raye remarked icily. But she was looking at the spears with a slight interest and thought, eyebrows furrowed in consideration.

"Can I have one of the spears?" she asked, looking up at him. Wufei glanced at her, looking a little surprise.

"For what?" he inquired with a slight suspicion.

"So I can walk." She answered, "What'd you think?"

"Walk?" he slowly raised one eyebrow, "With a spear?"

"Used as a cane, moron."

He stared at her for a while, then slowly handed her one of his shorter spears. Raye seized it anxiously. She stuck the pointed the end in the sand and slowly, very slowly, started raising off the sand, gripping on the shaft of the spear and leaning on it for support. A minute later, she was up, her face red and slightly contorted with effort. Her left sprang foot dangled on the sand at a 90-degree angle.

Wufei looked unwillingly impressed. He dropped his jacket to the ground, and his eyebrows rose slightly.

Raye looked at Wufei triumphantly with a haughty grin on her face.

"See?" she said, "I can make some of the decision now, can't I? I can walk."

"With support." Added Wufei.

"Doesn't matter."

"Well, then go build yourself a shelter." Wufei muttered, wiping a bit of the grin off of Raye's face. He turned away, and then stopped suddenly, as if he just remembered something and turned to her.

"Stay here." He ordered. He disappeared for the next 10 minutes, and when he returned, he had another stick in his hands, not a spear, a little fatter with a larger rounded top.

"Is that for me?" Raye asked, quirking her brows just so slightly.

"I want my spear back." He explained simply, holding out the cane for her.


Wufei stepped forward impatiently. Using his shoulders to support Raye, he retrieved his spear and quickly replaced it with the new cane. Raye slipped and let out a painful yelp as she fell on her sprang foot. Shocked, Wufei jumped back and pulled Raye's right arm up onto the cane for support.

"Can you be a little more careful?" Raye snapped; her face was deep scarlet. She was throwing all her weight on the wooden stick. It was slowly sinking into the sand.

"Shut up." Wufei muttered, "At least I wouldn't have to carry you around anymore."

"Thank heavens."

"As I said. You can make your shelter. I'm going fishing."

Raye glared at Wufei with the most hatred she could possibly muster. She grinded her teeth ferociously, then, looked away with an angry pout, defeated.


Wufei marched away without another glance at her; the wind blew across him, sending his long black hair loosely in the breeze and his black shirt to show his lean physique.

 "Fishing…" Raye mumbled stubbornly, "Oh fine…"

            Looking about her, Raye took a step with her left foot, sent the cane forward and slowly dragged her right. It took her a couple of steps to get used to this nauseating way of walking, but at least it was much better then sitting around all day, bossed around by Wufei. When Raye looked up, Wufei was out of sight, but his footprints remained large and clear.

            "Here I come, Chang."

            A/N: Here she comes. *giggles* Well, there you have it. Of course, teaser. This part is likely to be changed:

            The footprints stopped just when the sand lessened into a small ledge that was a few feet off the clear blue water. Raye saw 2 of the spears lying just off the edge. She staggered over slowly, and sat down beside it, carefully placing her legs in the cool clear water.

            Suddenly, she called out, "CHANG! Caught a fish yet?"  A couple of yards away from her, something sprang out of the water, splashing water her way. Wufei Chang appeared, with his spear and speared fish flopping in his hand, and he was shirtless.

Raye could see his….

            A/N: Oh, yeah…