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"Yahiko, your being careless again! Think before you act!" Kaoru Kamiya yelled while dodging one of Yahiko's messy attempts to strike her. "It wouldn't be so hard if your busu face would stop distracting me." Yahiko yelled in response. What seemed faster than a speeding bullet, Kaoru's bokken landing smack dab in the middle of Yahiko's head, causing him to drop his bokken and send his hands straight for the throbbing bump on his head that was steadily growing. Kaoru stomped out of the dodjo, but not before telling Yahiko to do one-hundred strokes or he wouldn't have lunch. Yahiko swore under his breathe and got up and positoned himself to do his strokes.

Kaoru was welcomed by a soothing summer breeze. The humidity in the dojo was overwhelming especially when training. She let the wind caress every part of her body it could reach. She closed her eyes and enjoyed her moment of solitude. She didn't get much alone time anymore with the dojo filled with her unusual "family". There was Yahiko Myojin, apprentice of the Kamiya Kashine Ryu. Yahiko and Kaoru are usually at eachothers throats with insults but that didn't mean she didn't love him like her little brother, and at times, even her son. As much as Yahiko hated to admit it, he felt the same way. Then, there was Sanosuke Sagara, ex-gangster. Freeloader would be a good word to describe Sano. He would usually stop by the dojo for a free meal or board when he had no where else to bunk. Sure, he was careless, but he was the best older brother Kaoru could ask for, and she loved him for that. There was also the doctor, Megumi Takani. She could get on Kaoru's nerves faster and easier than Yahiko had ever accomplished too. Megumi was always flirting with a certain red-headed rurouni, and Kaoru couldn't stand it. But when Kaoru was in a fix, Megumi was always willing to lend her a helping hand, like and older sister would. Finally, there was Kenshin Himura, pretty much Kaoru's reason for living. He was once the legendary hitokiri Battosai, but Kaoru ignores this part of his past. She had fallen head-over-heels for Kenshin Himura, not battosai......

Right then and there, Kaoru's heart filled with warmth at the thought of the family, and love she had been denied for years. And then she thought of Kenshin.....he occupied a place in her heart that no one else would ever be able to fill. Everything about Kenshin seemed to make her heart pound faster and knees shake. Even the slightest touch between herself and Kenshin seemed to electrify her. As much as she loved him, she never dared to tell him. She didn't know if it was rejection, or the fear that she may spring up pain from his past that kept her from telling him her true feelings for him, but she also knew she couldn't keep them locked up forever.

A screeching noise was heard, signaling that the dojo gate was being opened. Kenshin walked down to the dojo carrying his purchase of tofu to prepare for lunch. Kaoru's heart began to flutter as she watched her ruouni walk steadily towards the dojo, the wind blowing through his firey hair and a sweet smile on his face that made Kaoru melt at the sight.

"Kenshin, if only you knew, than just maybe....." Kaoru's thought were interupted by Yahiko slamming the dojo door shut and walking up to Kaoru with his bokken over his shoulder.

"Busu, I'm done with the strokes, and in record time too!" Yahiko added. Kaoru was to busy watching her beloved Kenshin walk into the dojo towards the Kitchen. Yahiko noticed her sad expression on her face as she watched Kenshin. He knew she loved Kenshin, actually, it was obvious to everyone else but them two. As much as he enjoyed seeing his sensai suffer from his pranks and jokes, he knew the pain she suffered from longing of Kenshin was more deeper than anthing he could inflict upon her.

Yahiko's angered face soon curled up into a devilish grin. "Say busu, why don''t you just run to the kitchen and makeout with Kenshin, I'll go to the Akebeko and grab a bite to eat instead." Yahiko said waiting for Kaoru's reaction. Kaoru turned a bright red from embarrassment and than to a deeper red from anger.

"Yahiko, you little brat, your so dead!" Kaoru screamed grabbing her bokken and taking a few unsuccessfull swipes at Yahikos head

"You'll have to catch me first, busu!" Yahiko screamed and ran with Kaoru hot on his heels.


Kenshin was in the middle of cutting up the tofu when he glanced out the kitchen window to find Kaoru running after Yahiko, bokken in hand. He smiled and put down his knife to watch longer. Kaoru had successfully landed her bokken on Yahiko's head and Yahiko was wailing in pain while Kaoru smirked triumphantly and than gave him a lecture to why he should mind his own business. As Kenshin watched the scenerio, he couldn't help but chuckle at Kaoru's angered and red face. That was one thing Kenshin loved about kaoru, she could make him laugh. In the past, Kenshin thought he could never be happy again, nor did he think he deserved to be. But Kaoru opened a door for him, one he though was locked up in heavy chains. She held the key to his heart, and she was one who could take his pain and replace it with happiness. It's not that Kenshin didn't want to tell Kaoru how he felt about her, no that wan't the case. It was something deeper than that. He felt Kaoru didn't deserve someone like himself. Kaoru was so inncocent, unfased by the horror of the revalution. But that still didn't stop him from loving her, even if he wouldn't tell her.

"Kaoru....." he thought as his mind drifted off to a place where there was no death, no blood, no screams of pain, where only he and Kaoru could live happily, and love eachother.

Just than Sano walked into the kitchen, roused by the scent of something delicious cooking. Sano stopped when he saw Kenshin dreamily looking out the window. He raised and eyebrow and walked over next to Kenshin and peered out the window to where Kenshin was staring. Sano smirked after realizing what Kesnhin was was staring at. He waved a hand infront of Kenshin's face, but he didn't blink or move, he just stood there deep in thought with that silly, sweet rurouni smile spread across his lips. Sano tried several more attemps to try and break Kenshin out of his thought, but Sano would have to try a little harder if he wanted to break Kenshin away from thoughts of Kaoru.

"Dang kenshin! Your like a log!" Sano screamed into his ear, but Kenshin was still unfased. Sano stood there, his fingers resting on his chin, and his eyes narrowed in deep thought. Sano's frown turned into a smirk, and although it was not entirely visible, little devil horns could be seen popping out of Sanos big spikey hair.

"Kenshin! Look! Kaoru's kissing another man!" Sano yelled into Kenshin's ear. Kenshin was brought back to reality and peered out the window in such a hurry he knocked over a dish in the process.

"Where Sano? Where is that no good ( You insert what ever nasty word you can think of) who'sputting his hands on my Kaoru, I'll kill him!" Kenshin screamed with his hand wrapped around his reverse blade sword and his now amber eyes looking out the window.

Sano was in shock from Kenshin's sudden outbusrt but couldn't help but laugh at his poor, dense friend.

"And may I ask what is so funny!"Kenshin asked Sano with a death glare.

"Don't worry Kenshin, Kaoru ain't kissing another guy, I had to find some way to bring you back from la-la land." Sano said still laughing. Kenshin released his sword and his eyes became a soft shade of violet once more. Kenshin let out a sigh of relief and avoided looking at Sano. Sano had an evil grin on his face. He walked closer to Kenshin and elbowed him in the gut.

"So you love Jou-chan eh?" Sano said to kenshin who was now blushing a brilliant red.

"Sessha never said that!" Kenshin replied in a hurry.

"You said that a little fast Kenshin" Sano said with his evil grin. "C'mon admit it, you know you do!" Sano yelled at him with his hands waving in the air.

" What I feel is my business, so you should not ask me questions like that, that you shouldn't" Kenshin said calmly, trying to concentrate on cutting the tofu, which he was cutting to big.

"Kenshin you are moving to slow!" Sano yelled back at him causing Kenshin to move over a couple of feet.


"Are you gonna sit around and wait for some other man to come take Jou-chan away from you!" Sano said now folding his arms. "She's still young, and she won't wait forever for you to make a move!"

"It's not as easy as it sounds to tell someone you love them, that it isn't." Kenshin said looking at Sano.

"What do you mean its not as easy as it sounds! Just go up to Jou-chan, say I love you, you hug and kiss and what ever else you plan on doing, than you ask her to marry you, you get hitched, 9 months later, I'll be a happy uncle!" Sano replied as if he had done it himself a hundred times.

"If it is so easy, than why are you and Megumi still not married." Kenshin asked like it was an innocent question.

"Were not talking about ME or Megumi are we?! No! We are talking about you, so stick to the subject!" Sano yelled at him, his face red like the tomato Kenshin was now cutting.

"All I'm saying Sano, is that it is easier said than done, that it is. I mean, how will I know if Kaoru-dono feels the same way about me." Kenshin said looking to his best friend for advice.

"It's is just a chance you will have to be willing to take!" Sano yelled. "Not that it ain't obvious enough that she loves you already." Sano whispered under his breathe. Sano looked at his friends face, it was so full of hurt and the longing for the love of a firey kendo teacher.

Sano sighed. "Listen Kenshin, call this a sixth sense but I know Karou loves you and that she is waiting for you. I don't want to see her hurt anymore, I care about her too you know, so go on."Sano said.

"I don't care when or how you do it, just do it soon!" Sano yelled regaining himself from his sappy speech to Kenshin.

Kenshin was thrown back from Sano's sudden outburst but regained himself quickly. "Thank you Sano, I think I just might tell her..." Kenshin told him.


Kenshin was setting the table with the plates and bowls. Yahiko and Sano sat down already with their chop-sticks in hand and a napkin tucked into their shirts. They sat wide eyed as the food was being set on the table. Sano reached for a riceball but Kenshin wacked the back of his hand with a big strirring spoon. Sano began shaking his hand in the air to relieve the pain.

"Hey Kenshin, what was that for!" Sano yelled at him.

"We have to wait for Kaoru-dono, that we do." Kenshin said as waved his spoon in the air, daring Sano to go for the food again. Yahiko, who was recently drooling at the food turned to Kenshin with a frown.

"We always have to wait for busu, and she is always late. By the time she gets here our food will be frozen!" Yahiko yelled crossing his arms.

They sat there for at least five minutes ( an eternity according to Yahiko) when Kenshin couldn't stand the constant rumble of Sano's and Yahiko's stomache's so he allowed them to eat.

"I'll go see what is keeping Kaoru-dono so long." Kenshin said as he walked towards Kaoru's room. He knocked on the door. After no answer he called her name loudly.

"Kaoru-dono? Kaoru-dono are you in there?" Kenshin was beginning to worry. A sudden list of "what ifs" were running through his head. Then he felt kaoru's aura, but it wasn't in the dojo. He followed her aura. It got stronger as he got closer to her.

"Kaoru's aura is at peace, so she is not in any danger." Kenshin sighed with relief.

He walked behind the dojo towards a big cherry blossom tree. The blossoms were flying in the wind, circling the tree like it was magic. Some of the petals landed in the lake near the tree where they floated in their own little world. Kenshin was right next to the tree, and Kaoru's aura was stronger than ever.

"Kenshin?" Kaoru's voice could be heard but she could not be seen.

"Kaoru-dono! Where are you?" Kenshin said loudly, scanning his surroundings for her form.

"I'm up here" she called.

Kenshin looked up into the tree to see Kaoru resting comfortably between to branches. Her hair was let down and she was fiddling with the ribbon in her hand.

"What are you doing up there Kaoru-dono, lunch is ready, that it is!" Kenshin said, a smile creeping onto his face as he watched the petals of the tree dance around Kaoru and land in her dark-raven hair.

"I was just thinking and enjoying the view." she said in a voice that made Kenshin's heart skip a beat. "Would you like to join me?" She outstreched a hand to kenshin and he grabbed it without a second thought. He hoisted himself into the tree with the help of Kaoru. Kenshin reluctantly let go of her hand and position himself next to her. A cool breeze swept throught the tree. Kaoru's hair was blown up into Kenshins face caressing his features.

K"Her hair is so soft and it smells so good." Kenshin thought as her hair was placed in it's original position as the wind died away. Kaoru slinked a little closer to Kenshin, pretending to be cold from the last breeze. Kenshin welcomed the closeness of her body to his own.

The two sat there for a while when both of there stomaches began to growl." Darn! Why do humans have to eat anyway!" kaoru thought to herself as Kenshin parted from her to jump out of the tree. Kenshin turned around and outstreched his arms to help kaoru down. He placed his hands on her waist and she placed hers on his shoulders. He lowered her down from the tree and placed her an inch away from his body. They were so close. Kaoru's Saphire eyes were sprarkling in the sunlight. Kenshin still had her waist and Kaoru's arms lay on his own.

"Should I kiss her? What if she backs away? What if she never wants anything to do with me again!? What do I do!" Kenshin thought to himself still grasping kaoru.

"Is he gonna kiss me? I hope he kisses me! What if he doesn't like the way I kiss?! Oh kami!" Kaoru was frantically thinking as she stared into his violet eyes.

Suddenly a crash was heard from inside the dojo. Kenshin quickly let go of Kaoru's waist, grabbed her hand, and ran with Kaoru to the dojo. When they walked inside, Yahiko and Sano lay on the floor holding their bulging stomaches in satisfaction. A pile of dishes lay on the floor shattered. Apparently they had been piled to high to stay balanced. Sano was now cleaning his teeth with a tooth pick, and Yahiko was burping loudly.

"Man Kenshin, you sure know how to cook some good food!" Sano said in a low voice. He was to full to talk loud.

"Yah, kenshin *burp* no one cooks like you!" Yahiko finished as he began to lick his rice bowl.

Kenshin had a big sweat drop running down the back of his head and Kaoru was about to burst a vein. "Hey sorry we din't leave any for you two!" Sano said as he tried to get up.

"AND WHAT ARE WE SUPOSE TO EAT! KENSHIN WORKED HARD TO MAKE THAT FOOD AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY HIM! YOUR DEAD!" Kaoru yelled as she ran to get her bokken. Sano and Yahiko were deperatley trying to help themselves off the floor but due to their oversized stomaches, they struggled. Kaoru appeared at the doorway, bokken in hand, and a temper to go with it.

"Ahhhhhhhh she's gone mad Sano!" Yahiko squeaked, hiding behind him.

"I suggest we run, Yahiko, that would be a good idea right about now!" Sano screamed as they ran for the door.

"Your not getting away that easy! Get back here you free loaders!" Kaoru screamed as she ran after them. They were not as fast as usual due to the fact that they were getting cramps from over eating. They had to cover their heads with their hands to keep from getting more bumps. Kaoru watched them run past the dojo gate to kami knows where. She cooled herself down before entering the dojo. Kenshin had just finished picking up the broken dishes when she walked into the kitchen, still flustered from Sano's and Yahiko's bad manners.

"She is so cute when she is flustered." Kenshin thought as he bowed his head to hide the smile on his face. She walked up to Kesnhin and stood infront of him.

"I'm sorry Kenshin, it's my fault you didn't have anything to eat! Would you like me to run down to the Akebeko and pick up something for you to eat?" she asked earnestly, afraid that Kenshin might be mad at her.

"It's okay kaoru-dono, that it is. Why don't me and you go to the Akebeko and enjoy a meal there together." Kenshin said placing a a hand on Kaoru's shoulder smiling his great big ruouni smile. Kaoru's face lit up.

"He wants to go to the Akebeko together, just the two of us!" Kaoru thought to herself. Then her eye fell upon the pile of dishes and her smile turned into a frown. Kenshin noticed the dishes as well.

"Kaoru-dono, why don't we go to the Akebeko now, and when we come back we can do the dishes together as well." Kenshin stated turning her body away from the dishes.

"Hai kenshin, that would be nice." She said as she and Kenshin walked out of the dojo, passed the gate, and onto the path leading to town. The sun was now setting and the sky was filled in an array of colors. Both Kenshin and Kaoru stopped at the nearest hill to watch the sun set.

"It's beautiful, isn't it Kenshin." she said as she gazed at the colors in the sky and at the sun, that was slowly waning on the horizon.

"Hai, Kaoru-dono, that it is." Kenshin took this valuable time to direct his attention to Kaoru. Her eyes shined in the beautiful colors of the sky. The warm sun caressed every feature on her radiant face. Kenshin's mouth dropped for a minute but then regained his position when Kaoru turned to him.

"Kenshin, we shoud get going before it gets too dark." Kaoru said as she grabbed Kenshin's hand and lead him back to their original path. Kaoru never let go of Kenshin's hand and he had no problem with that. Their hands fit perfectly in eachothers, like they were made too. Kenshin positioned his hand so that their fingers were intertwined with eachothers and Kaoru blushed. They entered the busy street of people running around, trying to get home before it got dark outside. The lamp outside of the Akebeko shown bright on the darkening street. Kenshin opened the door for Kaoru, watching her as she brushed past him and than closed the door behind them.

"Hello Kaoru and Kenshin!" Tsubame greeted them happily. "It's so good to see you guys, you haven't been around for a while. Where is Yahiko?" Her face blushed as Kenshin and Kaoru looked at her with faces that said "Oh Tsubame, you really like Yahiko and you wish he was here so you can stare at him."

"He is not here Tsubame, he went with Sano somewhere." Kaoru said to her, a vein begining to throb from remembering why they were there in the first place.

"Okay then, what brings you two here?" She asked innocently, notcicing it was just them two.

"Sano and Yahiko ate all our food so we came here to grab a bite." Kaoru said to Tsubame who began to chuckle at the thought of Yahiko stuffing his face in food.

"Enough said, let me show you to your table." Tsubame said walking to the table in the far corner of the Akebeko. It was a cozy little corner, with a window above their table and a candle on the window sill and in the middle of the table.

"This will do just fine Tsubame-dono, that it will." Kenshin said as he watched Kaoru sit down before he sat across from her.

"Anyway, what can I get you to eat." Tsubame asked.

"We will have the special today, and some tea as well please." Kenshin said turning towards Kaoru who smiled in approval.

"All right then, I will bring it over as soon as it is ready." Tsubame said walking away giggling.

"She is a sweet girl, Yahiko is very lucky." Kaoru said with a smirk on her face.

"Hai, I wonder when they will be getting married?" Kenshin said jokingly. Kaoru giggled at the thought of Yahiko wearing a traditional wedding gi that's to big for him. Kaoru looked out the window to find a cresent moon high in the sky. Kenshin looked at the moon too for a moment or two then turned his attention to a napkin on the table.

Kenshin couldn't think of anything to say. When the whole Kenshin-gumi went out he always had something to talk to Kaoru about, and when he didn't one of the others did. But he didn't know what to say when he was alone with Kaoru. He was afraid he would fumble his words or sound dumb. Kaoru looked at his face and saw it looked confused. She then tried to strike up a conversation.

"Hey Kenshin, did you know there is a fesitival coming up?" Kaoru said in a sweet voice. Kenshin looked up to meet her eyes.

"Really Kaoru-dono? When is it?" Kenshin asked, suddenly feeling very interested.

"Its gonna be held on the next full moon, which I belive is going to be three days from now!" she said delightedly.

"Why do they hold this festival?" Kenshin asked, his curiosity getting the best of him.

"Originally this festival was held for the lovers of the dead and living. It was like a gathering place for people who were in love to enjoy themselve in the festivities. It was also held for the people who have lost a love and come to honor them. It was also said that people longing for true love would always be able to find there soul mate there."

She stopped for a minute to ponder why else the festival is held. Kenshin leaned over the table to get a little closer, not wanting to miss a word she was saying.

"Anyway" she began, " The festival is still held for those purposes, but now everyone is welcome to enjoy the festival. It is held off the eastern coast of Japan, and I have been saving up all the money I can to get us there! Doesn't it sound like fun Kenshin!" she ended with her eyes shining brightly at the thought of her and Kenshin in a love-filled enviorment.

"Of course, you don't have to be in love with some one to enjoy yourself. My father took me when I was very young..." She paused at the mentioning of her father, closed her eyes, but then began again. "It was beautiful, and I've wanted to go back ever since, but I never made enough money until now! But I made enough so that everyone can go!" she said in pure delight.

"Kaoru-dono, it would be nothing less then an honor to accompany you to this festival." Kenshin said with a smile so wide it could of spread off his face.

"This is the perfect place to tell Kaoru-dono how I feel about her, how much I truly love her!" Kenshin thought happily, his already wide smile, getting wider.

"Here you go you two, the special of the day!" Tsubame said, placing their food infront of them. She turned to go but Kaoru tugged on her apron.

"Before you go, I want to ask you if you would like to accompany us and the others to the Moonlight Festival in three days." Tsubame's face lit up and her smile was almost as wide as Kenshin's.

"Yahiko will be there!" Kaoru teased Tsubame causing her to blush.

"I would love to come!" Tsubame said giving Kaoru a big hug. Tsubame then skipped back to the other tables to take orders.

The two of them ate and drank their tea in silence, taking a glance at eachother every few minutes. After finishing Kenshin left the money and tip for Tsubame and they both headed out the door into the dark of the night.

"Thank you Kenshin for a wonderful evening." Kaoru said grabbing Kenshin's arm carefully, and leaning her hand aginst his shoulder. Kenshin made no objection to her closeness, but much rather embraced it.

"Kaoru-dono, it was my pleasure to have dinner with you." he looked down into Kaoru's beautiful pools of Saphire and smiled.

All of a sudden, someone grabbed Kaoru by the arm and pulled her roughly. She was no longer in Kenshin's grip but in the arms of a drunk man.

"Hey look what we got here *hicup* a beautiful girl!" The drunk man said as he brought his hand up to Kaoru's face and began to move it left and right to examine her pretty features. Two other men walked out from behind him, just as drunk as he was. Kenshin was furious now! He had his sword unsheathed, pointing directly at the man who had Kaoru clutched in a what seemed like a death grip.

"Ken-shin!" Kaoru tried to say, but it was like her lungs were being crushed by this intoxicated man's arms. She kicked and struggled in the man's arms trying to break free.

"Let her go now!" kenshin yelled as he walked closer, the grip on his sword becoming tighter.

"I don't think so pretty boy *hicup* I'm not done with her." By now Kenshin's eyes were a radiant amber and his teeth were clentched.

"You let her go right now!" Kenshin said through clenched teeth, trying to keep his anger under control.

"No way little man, she is with me now!" He laughed out loud.

He loosened his grip on Kaoru and she fell to the floor gasping for air. Her Kimono came loose, and was revealing some of her chest. The man went to touch her when she bit his hand and attempted to run towrds Kenshin. He grabbed her arm and pulled her in a tight grip again. Kenshin was no longer standing in the dark, empty street, but battosai stood in his place with anger like Kaoru had never seen before. With out a moments hesitation, he dashed forward with speed and anger like no other.


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