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*** And so our story takes place ten years since we last saw the RK gang. Yahiko has grown into a fine swordsman but he's still that sweet little kid at heart. Sano and Megumi have gotten married, but are still the same stubborn people they always were. Kaoru and Kenshin are still the same old love birds, but you all knew that! And Kenji is not so little any more, but he's fifteen and today is his birthday.***

"Uncle Yahiko, what do you think?" Kenji said, showing him the snowman he made. Yahiko clucthed his stomache laughing when he saw who the snowman resembled.

"It looks just like Sano!" Yahiko said, tapping at the brown twings sticking out of the snowman's head.

"That does not look a thing like me!" Sano said as he walked in through the dojo gate.

"Yes, it does Uncle Sano. Heck, if I didn't know any better, I'd day he was you twin!" Kenji laughed, Yahiko laughing just as hard.

"Well then the snowman is a heck of alot better looking than you!" Sano laughed, making Kenji lift his eyebrows and Yahiko jumped on his hair, biting at it.

"Kami Yahiko! Aren't you a little to old to be doing this?!" Sano said toppling over from Yahiko's weight. Kenji laughed at his two crazy Uncles.

"And what may I ask is so funny?" Yahiko said getting up off the ground an wiping snow from his face.

"UNCLE YAHIKO LOOK OUT!" Kenji screamed before he could explain himself. Yahiko turned around in time, just to find a hand full of snow being shoved in his face. Sano laughed at his own joke and Kenji tried very hard not to laugh, but it was just to funny.

"Oh, it's on now!" Yahiko yelled as he tackled Sano into the snow.

"Bring it on, little Yahiko!" Sano yelled, ticking Yahiko off.

"For Kami's sake, I'm not little!" Yahiko yelled as he shoved Sano's face into the ground. Before long, Yahiko and Sano realized they were being pelted with snowballs! They both looked at Kenji who was throwing them frantically. They both got up and tackled Kenji to the ground, snow flying here and there.

"You guys are all a bunch of children but...I wouldn't want it any other way." Kaoru said, looking on from the dojo portch.

"Jou-chan!" Sano said, throwing Yahiko and Kenji off of him and walking up to Kaoru. Yahiko and Kenji landed on top of the Sano-snowman and Kenji frowned to see that his hard work was ruined.

"Uh, sorry Squirt." Sano said, rubbing the back of his head.

"Sano, I haven't seen you in a month! Where have you been?" Kaoru asked him, hugging him.

"Visiting Megumi's family. I don't think they liked me very much. They kept calling me rooster head." Sano sighed, but smiled to see Kaoru giggling. "Where's that no good rurouni!?" Sano teased as he poked his head inside the dojo.

"He's out shopping. He as very secretive about what he was getting." Kaoru said, scratching her head in consenteration.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Happy Birthday squirt!" Sano said turning to look at Kenji who was mourning the death of his snowman. Kenji's face lit up at his uncle's remark. He sprinted towards Sano.

"Did ya bring me a present? Did ya? Did ya? Did ya?" Kenji said, his hands clasped together as he jumped up and down.

"Nope." Sano said, making Kenji frown again. Kenji slumped back to his snowman and Sano turned to wink at Kaoru. She giggled again.

Oh, it's lunch time! What do you say we go out to lunch? I would hate to cook for you on your birthday." Kaoru said, insulting her own cooking.

"Really?!" Kenji said, happy he gets to go out and happy that he doesn't have to eat his mother's cooking.

"Oh, but what about Kenshin?" Kaoru said.

"No worries Jou-chan, I'll tell him to meet you at the Akebeko when you get back. I've had a long trip and all I want to do is sleep!" Sano said yawning and turning into the dojo for sleep.

"Thank you Sano!" Kaoru yelled as she, Kenji, and Yahiko walked out of the dojo. Their feet sank into the snow as they walked along. Kaoru glanced over to Kenji who was looking at his feet. Kenji could feel her gaze upon him so he looked up and smiled at her, a smile just like Kenshin's.

"Hey, Kaoru look at this." Yahiko said, looking through a window. On the other side, lay a beautiful picture frame, hand carved out of fine would, and for a moment, a thought struck Yahiko. He looked at Kaoru who greatly admired the frame but frowned at the price. All three of them looked through the glass until a large figure was visible in the direction of the glass.

They turned around to see a man hovering over them, his eyes on Kaoru. Kenji and Yahiko glared at him, their hands on their bokkens ready to strike at any given moment.

"Can I help you sir?" Kaoru asked, pushing up against the glass window as the mans face grew nearer.

"Depends on what you offer." The man replied bringing his hand up to her face. Before Kenji and Yahiko could react Kaoru had already flung her leg up and flipped over him as the man came tummbling to the ground.

"Way to go mom!" Kenji said, admiring his mother's tactics. Apparently, the man wasn't down for the count as he flung his leg to the side, tripping Kaoru into the fresh snow. The man got up and was about to pounce Kaoru when he recieved a wack on the head with Kenji's bokken and was kicked straight off of Kaoru by Yahiko. The man flung at least 10 feet away before falling flat on the snow. Kaoru got up and walked over to the man. He turned his head and glared at her. Kaoru grabbed Kenji's bokken and wacked him over the head, making him fall uncouncious.

"What is up with all these strange guys who come out of no where in this fanfic!" Kaoru yelled at the authoress.

"I'm sorry, that's the last one! Really!" Lady himura yells. "Back to the story, heh heh."

"That's showing him Kaoru." Yahiko said, shooting her a smile.

"Thanks you two. That guy didn't know what hit him!" Kaoru said, hugging her two sons.

"Ahh, not in public Kaoru!" Yahiko said, pulling away. And so they walked to the akebeko, being forced by the growl of their stomaches.


Kenshin walked to the dojo, a smile on his face and a kick in his step. He sensed Sano was in the dojo, but he couldn't feel Kaoru's or Kenji's aura. Kenshin, being the worry wart that he is, ran into the dojo, only to find Sano snoring flat on the floor.

"Sanosuke, wake up!" Kenshin said, shaking Sano. Sano just turned on his side and snored louder.

"SANO! WAKE UP!" Kenshin yelled.

"No, no no, mom, I don't want to go to school. Let me sleep five more minutes....." Sano mumbled in his sleep. Kenshin slapped his palm to his forehead.

"Think sessha think! How does one wake Sano up?" Kenshin thought to himself. "Hey Sano, look over there, it's a sack of money!" Kenshin said. Nothing. "It's a geisha and she's calling your name!" Kenshin said. Nothing. "Look Sano! FOOD!" Sano got up so quickly he smacked his head against Kenshin's head causing him to fly back.


"Where's the food Kenshin!? You said food!" Sano complained.

"That's not important right now! Where is Kaoru and Kenji and Yahiko!" Kenshin yelled.

"Oh, uh, they went out to eat because you were taking so long. Speaking of which, where were you?" Sano yawned.

"Out." Kenshin replied. Sano looked at him. Kenshin never had been so secretive. He was hiding something and Sano wasn't going to let him leave without getting the truth.

"Kenshin, your lying to me. Now where were you?" Sano asked, crossing his arms.

"Where sessha was is none of your bussiness Sano, that it is not." Kenshin said cooly, a smile spreading across his face.

"Your hiding something, it's all in your smile." Sano said.

"I'm not saying a word!" Kenshin told him.

"Kenshin! Yout cheating on Jou-chan aren't you?! How could you do this to her!? I'm telling!" Sano joked, hoping the rurouni would take him seriosly and tell him what he was up to.

"AHH! Sano! You should know me better than that! You know I love Kaoru and no other! What kind of a man do you think I am? I would..."

"Relax Kenshin, I was just messing with ya. Now really, you can tell me, I'll keep a secret." Sano said, as Kenshin gave in.

"Well, I don't know if you know this but, today, other then being Kenji's birthday, was also the day I told Kaoru I loved her." Kenshin said.

"And what does that have to do with where you were?" Sano asked, interested.

"I was out getting this." Kenshin said as he pulled out a golden necklace with a heart on the bottom with three stones lined on the side. There were small flowers engraved on the front of the heart."

"Wow, That's one fine piece of jewelery you got there." Sano told Kenshin as he examined the necklace.

"It was made by on of the fineest jewelers in Tokyo. Look on the back." Kenshin said. Sano turned it over to find an insrciprtion on the back.

"Kaoru, I Love you and always will. Kenshin" Sano read out loud and Kenshin smiled with pride.

"You think she'll like it?" Kenshin asked hopefully.

"She'll love it Kenshin, but how the heck can you remember the day you told Jou-chan you loved her? I mean, I can't even remember mine and Megumi's wedding day let alone that!" Sano said and Kenshin chuckled.

"Because I look at that day as one of the happiest days of my life. Not only did I find out Kaoru loved me back, but I felt that then, I was truly being accepted for the man I have become, and not for who I was." Kenshin said, and Sano understood.


"Thank You Tae-dono! That was some good eating!" Kenji yelled back as he ran outside, leaving Kaoru behind to pay the bill. Kaoru walked out only to realize she was missing someone.

"Yahiko? Aren't you coming?" Kaoru called into the Akebeko.

"Uh, I think I'm going to stay here with Tsubame, she needs a man to help her lift some heavy crates and such. You know how it is." Yahiko said, rubbing the back of his head.

"But what about..."

"Don't worry, I'll be there. I never let you down before have I?" Yahiko said, and Kaoru gave in.

"Have a good time Yahiko, and keep your hands to yourself!" Kaoru teased, leaving Yahiko blushing furiously.

Kenji was quite glad to see he would be spending some time with his mother. Kaoru wasn't like most mother's. She was pretty much the only woman in Tokyo who could handle a bokken and couldn't cook. Kenji looked at her as sweet and tough as nails. I mean, how many kids get to sparr with their mother everyday? Not many. So as you can see, Kenji loves his mother very much.

Kenji noticed his mother walk off route, but he asked no questions, he just followed. They had been walking for a while.He enjoyed the scenary and the serenity the snow and sun seemed to make. Kenji's curiosity got the best of him before long.

"Uh, mom, where are we going?" Kenji asked, running up to her side. Kaoru turned her head towards his and smiled. Kenji smiled back and felt that his mother knew what she was doing.

Kenji as surprised to see that Kaoru had lead him to a cave, iced over and sparkling like diamonds.

"What is this place?" Kenji asked, examining the entrance of the cave.

"Here, I'll show you." Kaoru told him as she grabbed his hand and lead him inside. The cave sparkled with ice and water. They balanced them selves on the icy wall so they wouldn't fall on the slippery floor.

Kenji noticed a bright light at the end of the tunnel, and squinted.

"Just a little further now." Kaoru told him. They squinted as they entered the gigantic room of the cave. Above them, large icicles hung down, dripping icy cold drops of water. The room was round and the floor was pure ice, expect for the snow that lay on the sides

"Wow." Was all Kenji could muster.

"Follow me." Kaoru told Kenji as she dragged him onto the iced floor. Kenji began to lose his balance, but was cought by Kaoru.

"Your just like yoru father was when I first brought him here." Kaoru giggled.

"You brought dad here?" Kenji laughed, picturing his infamous father falling flat on his face.

"Yes, I remember it like it was yesterday......."

********Dream sequesnce***********************************************************************

"Kaoru-dono, where are you taking me?" Kenshin asked curiously.

"I'm taking you through the tunnel where a band of crooks are waiting to jump you and take me away form here." Kaoru told him.

"ORO! Kaoru-dono, I..."

"Kenshin I was just kidding! Would I ever do that to you?!" Kaoru said, angrily at him.

"No, of course not Kaoru-dono." Kenshin said, throwing on his Rurouni smile and making Kaoru giggled at his irresistable smile. Kaoru took Kenshin's hand, making him blush. She pulled him into that magnificent room in the cave. Kenshin took one step into the room, and before he realized he was standing on ice, he fell to the ground dragging Kaoru with him.

"ORO?" Kenshin said, his eyes swirling.

"Kenshin you baka!" Kaoru yelled at him playfully, but turned bright red when she realized she was laying ontop of him. She tried frantically to get up, but the ice made it very hard to do so. As soon as she got to fer feet, she helped Kenshin up, looking down at the ice so Kenshin couldn't see how red her face was.

"What is this place?" Kenshin asked.

"It's a place I discovered when I was a young girl. To be honest, I thought is was magical when I was little." Kaoru told him.

"Why is that?" Kenshin asked.

"Come, I'll show you." Kaoru said as she walkd towards the back of the room. Kenshin followed as steadily as he could. Kaoru began to dig through the snow when she found what she had been looking for. She pulled up a mirror,left there by people who had visited the cave there before her. She walked out onto the ice again, when she lost her balanced. Kenshin cought her in his arms, her face cuddling into his chest and his arms wrapped around her. She began to blush even more then she had earlier.

Kenshin blushed as well, but was reluctant to let go of Kaoru. She was so warm and loving, how he could hold her forever.

Kaoru positoned herself infront of a whole in the cave wall. She lifted the mirrow up causing that single ray of light to reflect off the mirror. In no less then a second, the room was lit up with rays of light and an eluminous rainbow color reflected off each side of the cave wall. Kenshin's eyes widened at how beautiful the colors were. He walked, non to gracefully, up to Kaoru.

"What do you think Kenshin?" Kaoru asked him.

"It's magical Kaoru-dono, almost as amazing as you."

****** "Mom."********* "Earth to mom" *************** "Hello in there!****** MOM!********

"Wuh?" Kaoru said, as she just realized she was day dreaming of times since passed.

"Thining about dad?" Kenji said, nudging his mother's side.

"You have been hanging around Sano and Yahiko to much." Kaoru said, play-punching her son. "Now look at this." Kaoru said, as she retrieved the same mirror she had those many years ago. She handed it to Kenji, who looked at her in confusion.

"Hold it up to the light over there." Kaoru told him. Kenji did so, and the room was bright with those same magnificent colors.

"Wow." Kenshin said, and kaoru smiled, for that was the same reacton Kenshin had given her. This is amazing mom, thanks." Kenji said as he put one arm around her and held the mirror with his other hand.


"What do you think Sano?" Kenshin asked, admiring his work.

"Can I eat it now?" Sano asked, drool escaping his lips.

"No Sano, you have to wait till later. It's for Kenji, not you!" Kenshin said, walking Sano's advancing hand with his stirring spoon.


Kenji and Kaoru walked along the hills, covered in a thick blanket of snow. Kenji looked at the other hill and found a couple of kids, around his age, sliding down the hills on sleds. He admired how they looked like they practically flew down the hill.

Before Kenji could realize what happened, he was sliding down the hill, his mother infront of him. Apparenlty, Kaoru had found a wooden board, grabbed her son, and flung him on the back of the board as the flew off the hill.

"Hold on Kenji, I've never done this before." Kaoru told him, as Kenji's grip tightned on her kimono.

"Mom, look out!" Kenji yelled as they began advancing towards a newly made snowman. Kaoru swirved to the side.

"Wow MOM! That was amazing!" Kenji told her, laughing.

"Your mom still has a few tricks up her sleeve." Kaoru laughed, but har eyes grew wide when she realized they were coming near a jump.

"Oh Kami."

They flew off the jump, flying high into the air. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" they both screamed as they landed on the snow, still zooming down the hills. They recieved a round of applause from the on lookers and Kaoru held her hand to her pumping heart.

"Mom! That was so cool! Do it again!" Kenji yelled from behind her.


"Hey mom, I can see the dojo from here!" Kenji pointed ahead. Yahiko stood at the gate opening it to get in when he heard Kaoru scream "GET OUT OF THE WAY!"

Yahiko looked back just in time to jump out of the way before colliding with the so called sled. Kaoru twisted the the sled to its side, causing them to come to a halt, but covering Sano with a fresh sheet of Snow as he walked out of the dojo, Kenshin right behind him.

"Better you then me." Kenshin laughed.

"Just to let you know, I'm giving you a dirty look." Sano said, his face covered in snow.

"That was fun! Let's do it again real soon." Kenji said as he got off the board.

"What ever you say Kenji." Kaoru laughed.

"What have you two been up too?" Kenshin asked, amused with their grand entrance.

"Oh you know, doing stuff..." Kaoru said, winking at Kenji. She placed a kiss on Kenshin's cheek before running into the dojo. Kenshin walked in after her, leaving Sano to chase Kenji for making fun of him because of all the snow piled on his head.

"Kenshin, it's perfect! Make sure Kenji doesn't see it!" Kaoru told him excitedly. "Oh, and we have to make sure Yahiko and Sano stay away too." Kaoru asid seriously, rolling her eyes.

Kenshin nodded in a approval. He looked at her and Kaoru melted. HE still had that same look in his eyes, in his smile, everytime he looked at her.

"Kenshin, what do you say you take Kenji out for the rest for the day while we set up things here." Kaoru said. Kenshin thought about it for a second. Sure! Why not? What better way to spend the day than with your son.

"Ok Kaoru, we'll be back right on time for you know what." Kenshin said. He kissed her good bye and ran outside.

"Kenji, we're leaving, that we are." Kenshin said as he ran passed his son to the gate. Kenji began to fun after him.

"Dad, where are we doing exactly?" Kenji asked as he reached his father.

"We are going to spend the day together." Kenshin said.

"Really? All right!" Kenji said, excited at the proposition.

"So what do you want to do Kenji?" Kenshin asked.

"I dunno, what do you wanna do?"

"I don't know. What would you like to do?"

"I dunno, what do you want to do?"

Both of them stopped and looked at eachtoher and cracked up laughing.

"How about we take a walk through the woods. I hear it's nice when it snows." Kenji said, looking towards the woods. Kenshin glanced up , a flash of sorrow filling his heart for a brief moment, but disappearing just as fast as it came.

"Um, sure Kenji why not." Kenshin said. Kenji ran a head of him into the woods, Kenshin walking as steadily as he possibly could.

"C'mon dad, ya slow poke! Speed up!" Kenji yelled. Kenshin put on a smile for his son, but felt uneasy about going into the woods. The feelings he had kept locked away for fifteen years began to break free in his heart. The woods. The snow. It was to much to handle all at once.

"Kenji, I think we should go right now." Kenshin said turning around quickly and begining to run.

"Dad? What's wrong? DAD!" Kenji yelled running after him. They sped through the woods, trying to find a way out. It seemed like they were running in circles. Kenshin didn't stop for a moment. He had to get out of there, he couldn't let his son see him like this, not when he knows so little about who Kenshin Himura was once upon a time.

"Dad! Would you just wait a second! Tell me what's wrong." Kenji yelled, trying so hard to get his father's attention. Kenshin stopped dead in his tracks when the bang of a gun was heard and Kenshin's eyes grew wide as he watched a deer stumble into his view. She walked and walked until she could no longer, and she fell to the snowy ground. Blood oozed out onto the white snow, staining it with the rich crimson color. Kenji stopped next to his dad, panting and looking at the sight before him.

A small fawn walked out of the near by bush and came to sit next to his mother. The helpless creature nudged at his mother, but she was gone. Kenshin's eyes were fixed upon the crimson.

"No, this is not real, I must be dreaming, It's not real..." Kenshin said as she fell back onto the snow, falling surrender to grief and guilt and his son watched on helplessly.

"DAD! NO!!!" Was the last thing Kenshin heard before hitting the ground.


"Where am I?" Kenshin said, looking around. It was all familiar. "No it can't be." Kenshin gasped. He looked down to the snowy ground. Blood. The snow fell rapidly around him, where he himself had taken the life of someone so dear to him.

"Why am I here?! How can her blood still be here?! It's not possible!" Kenshin said, as he fell to his knees, clenching his fists into the snow.

"What's done is done. You can't change the past."

"Who said that?!" Kenshin said looking around, searching for the source of the voice.

"Why do you sit there, grieving over your past when you have so much for the furure."

"Show yourself now!" Kenshin yelled.

"You don't even recognize who you once were?"

Kenshin looked up, squinting from the constant flow of snow flakes in his vision. "Who...who are you?"

"I am you."

The advancing figure became more and more visible as he walked closer. Kenshin found himself gazing at himself. The young battosai's eyes shone amber, he wore a navy blue gi and white hamakas. And at this side lay his katana, a weapon long since forgotten.

Kenshin felt his scar throbbing and looked down to see blood dripping to the snowy ground. He brought his hand to his cheek only to find more blood.

"You know what you did. But you could not see that it was meant to be. There was a reason she jumped infront of your sword, and you still can't figure out why."

"How can there be a reason?! I killed her with my own sword! The sword you hold at your side!" Kenshin yelled.

"I did it to save you."

Kenshin turned aorund to be faced with her. Tomoe. But she was dead? Wasn't she?

"How can you stand before me without disgust. I killed you, like so many others Tomoe. How can you even stand to be here with me?" Kenshin said, not even caring if she was real or not.

"Because I want to free you of the burden you have carried for so long. Each day you think about what pain and suffering you have brought people and and how many lives had been sacrificed for the revalution. Do you ever think about what joy and happiness you have brought? Do you ever think about how happy you make the people closest to you? Like your wife and son?" Tomoe said, kneeling down towards Kenshin.

"I set you free a long time ago from yourself. From the hate filled battosai you one were. But now, your wife, Kaoru, was able to do the same. Don't you see Kenshin? I was meant to die, I died happy. I died so you could have a chance at a happier life that you would never have if you hadn't changed who you were. I don't want you to forget about me. But I don't want you to feel you were the reason I died. When you see the snow, look back to your son making his snowman. When you see blood, don't feel discourgaed, for your not the one who opened the wound. When you see your wife, when she smiles, when she says I love you, don't take it for granted. She loves you more than life itself, of this I am sure. Just embrace life. We'll meet again someday." Tomoe said.

Kenshin understood. For the first time in his life, he understood. Tomoe died. Died for him. Died so his soul could be saved. Died for Kaoru and Kenji. Died so he'd have a purspose to life. Died, because she loved him.

"Go back now. Go back to your life. And remember what I said." Tomoe said as she and battosai faded into the falling snowflakes.

"Thank you Tomoe. For everything." Kenshin said, as he allowed himself to cry. The snow began to fall in soft snowflakes. So calm and peaceful. Kenshin closed his eyes,and tried to embrace the serenity of it all.

"Kenshin." A voice called from behind him. He turned around and Kaoru stood there, the snow falling around her, her saphire eyes deep and filled with her uconditional love for him. She kneeled beside him, in the same fashion Tomoe had a few minutes ago.

She touched his bleeding scar, and as if magic, it stopped bleeding. Kenshin was amazed.

"Don't take her for granted Kenshin. Love her with everything you are."

"Kaoru. I love you."

"Kenshin. I Love you too." Kaoru cried as she burried her face into his chest.

"Kaoru why are you crying? Please don't cry." Kenshin said, but no use.

"She cries for you Kenshin. For your saftey and for your happiness."

"For me. For my happiness?....... Thank you Kaoru."

"Thank me? What have I done." Kaoru asked.

"You set me free."

******** "Don't take her for granted Kenshin. Love her with everything you are." **************

"Kenshin, wake up! Please Kenshin wake up! Don't leave me! I need you!" Kaoru cried onto Kenshin's still body.

"Dad! Wake up. You just have to. Wake...up." Kenji said trying to hold in his forceful tears. Kenji burried his face into his hands and Kaoru leaned her head to Kenshin's chest, closed her eyes, and cried. The snow began to fall, lightly upon the sadened family. A strange wind passed over them, and Kaoru cried harder.

Kenshin's eyes sprung open, unnoticed by Kaoru and Kenji. He could see Kaoru's long raven hair, but her face was hidden. He turned his head to look at Kenji, his face hidden and sad for the supposed passing of his father.

"Please don't cry koishii. I don't like it when you cry." Kenshin said. Kaoru flung her head up and saphire met violet. Kenji's eyes grew wide with relief. Kaoru and Kenji both jumped on Kenshin, hugging him dearly.

"Anata, you had me so worried. I thought I lost you." Kaoru cried.

"Dad, don't you ever do that again! EVER!" Kenji yelled.

"Are you alright Kenshin?" Kaoru asked him.

"I have a feeling everything is going to be alright from now on, that I do. UH, Kaoru. How did you find me? Did you go get her Kenji?" Kenshin asked.

"No, I didn't. How DID you find us mom?" Kenji asked.

"Well it was kind of strange really. One minute I as at home, waiting for you to return when I heard someone calling. Call me crazy but I heard a women's voice. She was telling me to run to you. That you needed me. So I followed the voice and it lead me here, to you. Kenshin, you must have a guardian angel." Kaoru told him.

"Hai, that I do. And she watches over all of us, that she does." Kenshin said, as Kaoru and Kenji helped him up.

"I'm fine. Really. Lets go home." Kenshin told them. And so they walked together through the snow. A peaceful breeze passed over them. "Be happy kenshin. Take care." and the wind disappeared just as quickly as it came.


"Hurry everyone! Here they come! HIDE!" Sano said as he peered out the window to see Kenshin, Kaoru, and Kenji walking towards to the dojo. Kenshin turned to Kaoru and she winked at him and Kenshin nodded. The dojo was dark, and the desending sun didn't make it any easier to see inside.

"You know, this has been one heck of a birthday, I will never for get it." Kenji said as he slid open the door.


Kenji's mouth dropped open as he stared at his friends and family, his cake, his presents! He stepped inside only to be greeted with hugs and hand shakes. Yahiko lit the candles on the cake and Sano, Kenshin, Kaoru, Megumi, Tsubame, Dr. Gensai, Ayame, and Suzume stood around the cake, singing to him. (A/N: By the way, I'd like to wish Amy, Sheer bliss, and Black Pegasus a happy birthday in this month of Novemeber! Happy birthday!! You guys are awesome!)

"Make a wish Kenji." Kaoru told him. Kenji closed his eyes and thought long and hard about what he wanted most. He took a deep breathe and blew out the candles all at once.

"Now can we eat the cake?" Sano asked, eyeing the cake.

"Yes now we can have cake." Megumi told him. Sano didn't wait his time with a knife nor a plate. He grabbed a hand full from the corner of the cake and began to eat.

"Your such a pig! Why did I marry you?" Megumi told him, shaking her head.

"Cause you couldn't resist my charm." Sano replied with a mouth full of cake.

"Charm....right....." Megumi said as she inched further away from him.

"This...cake *swallow, bite* is...really...good...Kenshin." Yahiko said, his mouth full of cake as well.

"Thanks dad. No one bakes like you." Kenji told him, induldging in his cake.

Not one slice of cake was left, Sano and Yahiko made sure of that. Kenshin noticed Kenji peering over too the presents every two seconds so Kenshin decided that Kenji could open them now. Kenji sprinted to his little pile of presents.

"That ones from me and Megumi." Sano said as Kenji opened the box. He pulled out a pair of bronze knuckles, perfect for fighting with.

"Next time your in a brawl, and ya have no bokken, use those! They pack a wallop!" Sano told him, and Megumi shook her head.

"WOW! Thanks Uncle Sano, Aunt Megumi!" Kenji said, as he tried them on and took a practice swing with them.

"That gift is from me." Yahiko said. Kenji opened the small box. He pulled out a piece of paper that read "I.O.U."

Kenji looked at Yahiko with a disappointed face. "What! I had no money!" Yahiko told him.

"Some Uncle you are!" Kenji said, sending Yahiko on a gift trip.

"What do you want from me?!" Yahiko told him, feeling bad for his lack of effort.

"How about that nice mahogony bokken you bought yourself when we went to the market a month ago." Kenji said, smirking.

"My bokken!? No way!" Yahiko yelled at him. Kenji put on his sad face and pretended to sob. Kaoru and Kenshin smiled at his little act. Yahiko bought it.

"AHHH, fine! It's yours." Yahiko said crossing hs arms.

"Thanks Uncle Yahiko!" Kenji said.

"Wait!" Yahiko yelled.

"What?!" Sano yelled, due to the fact that Yahiko had yelled in his ear.

"I do have somthing I can give you! Well I was saving it for later, but now is as good a time as any!" Yahiko said as he ran out of the room. He came back in carrying a package.

Kenji tore open the package, revealing the picture frame from the market. Inside, it held a picture of Kenshin, Kaoru, Kenji, and Yahiko.

"I know it's not much, but I hope it means something at least." Yahiko said.

"Uncle yahiko, it's a perfect present." Kenji said as he brushed his fingers against the finley carved designs of the frame. "But I still want your bokken." Yahiko fell over anime style and everyone else laughed.

Kenji recieved money rom Dr. Gensai, Ayame, and Suzume. He looked down to the floor, to see nothing left. He looked over to his parents, but decided to say nothing. Presents weren't important any way to him. Sure, he liked messing with Yahiko's head, and its nice to recieve something, but Kenji learned that value of family is worth more then that of a gift.

"Wait one minute Kenji." Kenshin told him as he and Kaoru left the room. Kenji waited patiently, as Kaoru and kenshin walked back into the room. Kaoru held a bundle in her arms, and Kenshin held his reverse blade sword.

"Happy birthday Kenji." Kaoru said as she handed him the bundle. Kenji's mouth dropped open at the genuine samurai dark green gi, with white hamakas.

"I don't know what to say. Thank you mom. It's more then what I could of asked for." Kenji said as he hugged his mother.

"Kenji, what I have to say is important, so listen son." Kenshin said. Not only did Kenji give Kenshin his undivided attention, everyone else in the room did.

"Today is your fifthteenth birthday. I decided that you are old enough and wise enough to be given a responsibily such as this. The reverse blade sword is a weapon of protection, and only used for that purpose. This sword has saved many lives before, and now, more then ever, I realize it's importance. I know it's not much, but I want you to have this. Protect people, and grow up to be a fine man Kenji." Kenshin said as he handed him his sword.

Kenji reached for the sword, slowly placing his hand on the handle, gripping it tightly. Kenshin released the sword and Kenji's hand lowered from its weight. Kenji gripped the sword with his other hand and looked at it in aww.

"I prosmise to protect the innocent and defend the weak, and most of all take care of my family with this sword. Thank you dad. It means a lot." Kenji said as he placed the sword at his side.

"He gets a cool sword for his birthday and all I get is clothes! It's not fair!" Yahiko whispered into Kaoru's ear.

"Yahiko, your hopeless. It's Kenji's place to be given the reverse blade sword, and besides, it looks better on him anyway." Kaoru teased.

Kaoru walked inot the kithcen preparing to clean the dishes when she felt some thing fall around her kneck. She gasped when she looked down to see a gold heart hanging from her neck. She turned to find Kenshin's beautiful eyes staring at hers.

"Kenshin I.." Kaoru began.

"Open the locket koishii." Kenshin told her. She pulled apart the two pieces and there was two pictures. One of her and Kenshin, and one of Kenji.

"Kenshin, it's beautiful! What's this?" Kaoru said as she turned over the locket and read the inscription.

"Do you like it?" Kenshin asked hooefully.

Kenshin you baka, I love it! Thank you so much! I'll cherish it always." Kaoru told him, and so they kissed infront of a pile of dirty dishes and infront of a group of onlookers peering through a crack in the kitchen door.


The night faded into early dawn and the party went along with it. Dr. Gensai took his grandchildren home early and Megumi headed home for sleep for she had to get up for work tomorrow.

The Kenshin-gumi sat on the portch, watching the snow flakes fall in the early morning. Sano leaned aginst the dojo wall, his trade mark fish-bone visible between his teeth. Yahiko sat down next to Sano leaning on the same wall.

Kenji, Kenshin, and Kaoru sat on the portch step. Kenshin placed his arm around Kaoru who shivered from the cold. Kenji just smiled. He loved his parents, he was sure nothing would change that. He wanted to make them proud, and prove that he can be a fine samurai, one who protects people, like his father. He wanted to know so much about them. What they were like when they were chidren, what there past was like. Where he came from. What were his mother and father were like at his age and what were they doing? How did his father master the Hiten Mistarugi style, and why his mother became assistant master of the Kamiya Kashhine style of swordmanship?

"You'll know soon enough Kenji, everything in time." Kenshin told him, reading his mind. His father was truley amazing.

Kenji got up and walked out into the snow. He looked up, allowing the cold snowflakes to melt upon his face.

"Someday I'll know. I'll know all about them. I'll make them proud, that I will. It's what I wished for." Kenji thought, and smiled at the thought that he as speaking like his father.

"Dad. Mom. How did you come to be together? You just seem very different. Just curious." Kenji asked, curious on how his parents hooked up.

Kaoru was about to answer when Sano but in. "It all begins with two obvious lovers, one letter, a crazy psycho named Musashi, and endless possibilities!" Sano said.

"Musashi?" Who's that?" Kenji asked.

"Sit down Kenji. It's a long story." Kenshin said, as Kenji sat in between Kenshin and Kaoru.

"It all begins with a sweet Rurouni."

"And a beautiful Kendo teacher."

THE END ::Applause::

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