a Tommy Cartoon

from Maroon 50

Tommy, Lance and Diaz Wakes Up in Diaz's mansion

6:30 am

Tommy: Ah, a good day to wash the Stretch.

Diaz:Check if the windows are up!

Lance: And The hood and the trunk!

they start to wash; a enviroment protecting cop came

Cop: Move it to the grass and wash it! 1 more thing, do you guys need help washing that stretch?

Tommy: Sure, Don't bust da windows

the windows bust; making the water to go in and let the car reverse, slipped off the ledge and dunked into the sea

Cop: Uh....Somebody Picking it up?

Tommy: nah sob

Diaz: my back breaks for that, so passyawn

Lance: I don't wanna drown from making a complete overhaul, so no cough

Cop: not me either, but want to go to pizza hut?

Tommy, Diaz , Lance: Sure

Cop:Let's Go!

The End