.:*:. Love between Bullets.:*:.

Part 1.

Genre: Drama

A/N: I'm Obsess with Lakorns turns out that it doesn't turn out the way I want it to be Like conflicts of the story, the ending..., and other emotional parts. So I have decided to start my own! I guess sometimes it may not turn out the way I have expected or reader's expectation , but i gave it my best.

Casts: Sornram Theppitak and Vichuda Pindum, Master Kong and Toro Master of drug dealing succesful leading Rich men, Sidekicks/Bodyguards, Jetrin leader of the c.i.a Spy agents. PakJira Kong's Lady.

Background Story: A girl Who is heartless cold hearted that knows nothing , but to kill kill kill...Raised By Master Kong for 18 Years.Will there be someone that'll find his way to her heart and warm it up and change everything? A leader In a gang that use to work close to Master Kong is Now accepted in the C.i.A to help out getting Rid of Kong and Toro.... Will It Be Easy?

Our story Begins.....


"If you Do not Kill Toro for me I will force you an Injection! You chose... Kill him the easy way or be craving for injections all LIfe!" Master Kong Picked Up a Cigar and glared for an Answer. "Toro Is second Leading Success In drug dealing he has BODYGUARDS all around him! Do you think it's THAT EASY to kill him?" Vichuda Proclaimed. Kong stood up and grabbed Vichuda's neck squeezing it and pulled her to face him closer " I RAISED YOU FOR OVER 18 YEARS! If i hadn't gotten you in you would have become a Stupid Kid asking for change in the streets or become a dirty WHORE!" He Pushed her to the ground. Vichuda landed on the ground with a Big THUD. She helped herself up pulling out her gun on her left thigh from the gun holding strap. "Yes master I'll Kill Toro right away..." Walking Off...

Mean While... At the C.i.a Spy Agent Hide-Out that have been searching for Kong and Toro's Drug hide out for over a week. Sornram Came In and Placed His guns On the table... to load them. "Maybe We should capture one of Kong's lady so that we can spot his movement" He suggested. Jetrin leader of the agent Went Over to the Computer..."His Lady Means nothing to Him The person Who we Need to capture is VIchuda Pindum" Scrolling down to let Sornram see her identity. " She is raised by Kong for 18 years and he uses her to work for Him" Jetrin Stopped scrolling... Sornram Looked at the girl in the computer... Cold eyes tells how cold hearted she is... "Do you mean she sends illegal drugs to purchasers for him?" He asked. "No he uses her to kill drug dealers who are stealing his customers from him" Jetrin Answered.

"Here's Our Plan" Jetrin said and made everyone sit. "We will Have To get connected and hear what Vichuda Is saying on the Phone." He looked at the two girls at the meeting table " you and you... be waitress at the restaurant that Kong makes his dealers meet" Then he pointed to three other guys " You three be Club Party mens and spot her every movement there at the club and bars" Then He sat Down and made a look at sornram... " You!" He stared at Sornram and made a quick thought. "You get to know her as much as possible and make her fall for you.. Atleast alittle" Sornram made a Shocked look and he froze." ME!? you think I can actually make a girl like Me!?!" Jetrin Laughed " Sure of course... Why Not? You have once been a leader of your gang you must have experiences..."

Sornram Made an Ugly face... "Besides..." Jetrin said and stood up again.. " You use to work close to Kong... You Know well where them people goes"

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.:*:. By JommyCK.:*:.