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A woman walked down the street, dressed in a navy dress suit, with matching high-healed shoes. The woman's chocolate hair swayed as she walked torward the gentle breeze, on the cool city night.

Nearly everything was closed at this hour. Dark brown eyes stared straight ahead, her hands clutching her purse.

There was little to no sound, save the gentle clicking of her heels on the cement sidewalk. The street lights cast the only light in the normally busy city.

"Damn you Jacob... damn you..."

She frusturatedly swiped some hair from her face, scowling at the sidewalk ahead.

"Making me walk home..... Damn you...."

She walked quickly on, eyes surveying the sidewalk. Fear was filling her insides. She knew better than to be walking around New York at this late hour.

But it wasn't her fault. Her fiance, Jacob, had not come to pick her up at work that night, due to hanging out with his friends, drinking, playing cards, and talking about football. Which she had always thought was absolutely barbaric.

"You'll be fine." he had told her, "Listen, no one will even be awake to bother you. And it's not that far away anyway..."

Her thoughts of his phone call earlier that night were swept away when the sound of a man's vocie interrupted.

"Hey there, sweet thing. What are you doing out so late?" asked a young man wearing mostly black. She couldn't see his face very well, but she could tell that he had dirty blonde hair.

"...." the woman was too afraid to speak, so just kept walking. But her heart started pounding even faster when the man started walking after her.

She instinctively quickened her pace. Her shoes clicked louder and quicker on the ground, and she clutched her purse tighter.

"Hey, I asked you a question..." the man said. He also quickened his pace, and finally reached her, putting a hand on her shoulder and pulling her back, and just before she could scream, he had a hand over her mouth.

"Now now, don't want you making any noise." the man said with a cold laugh and pulled a knife from his belt and put it to the woman's neck, bringing her slowly backwards into a dark alley.

Frightened tears rolled down her cheeks as she let out a small helpless wimper from under his hand.

Once they were far back in the alleyway, so no one could see them, he pushed her to the ground, forcing himself ontop of her.

He put the blade to her neck again.

"I want you to do exactly as I say, or else it's your throat. Got it?" the man asked.

She looked down at where he was holding the knife and nodded her head ever so slightly.

The man laughed coldly."Good."

The man unzipped his jeans, revealing himself, and the woman made sure to look anywhere but there, now staring at the brick wall of the alley.

He started to slide down her skirt, and she gave a slight whimper.

The man stopped and looked back, as if he had heard something.

The woman took this moment to start to scramble away. He instandly turned back to her, but she was already on her feet again.

The man scowled and zipped up his pants, getting to his feet just as she started running away.

"HELP! ANYONE, HELP!!!" she screamed out as she ran, wishing subconsiously that she wasn't wearing heals.

She kept running, fearing for her life and screaming at the top of her lungs for help.

The man chased after her, and caught up soon enough. "You stupid BITCH!" he yelled, and pushed her to the ground.

She fell on her stomach, and her arms were scraped on the hard cement. She tried to get back up, but the man was kneeling, his legs to her sides, just over her stomach. He flipped her hard, so her head hit the cement and made her vision start to blur.

The man was apparently very angry, because he took his knife and slashed her across her cheek.

"You are a very, very, stubborn bitch, you know that?" he asked, cupping her cheek in his hand and painfully spreading the blood spilling from her cheek with his thumb. "Very stubborn indeed. And you know what that means? That means that you'll tell exactly what happened here if I let you go. So I'm not just going to rape you. No, no." the man chuckled seemingly insanely, "I'm going to rape you and murder you..."

The woman screamed, and he made a smaller slit in her cheek. "SHUT UP!"

She screamed at the pain, and he took her head by the hair, and smashed it back into the cement.

Multiple tears rolled down her cheeks, both from pain and fear.

He was about to do it once more, but with the last bit of strength in her, she screamed the name of the only she thought could help her.

She screamed the name of the only one she could love and hate at the same time.


The man dropped her head, not hard, slightly surprised by her screaming a name.

The woman passed out and lay there helplessly.

The man chuckled. "Well, that solves that."

But just then, a gloved hand grabbed the man's shoulder and threw him back, the man flying at least five feet, knocking him out.

A figure clad in black, with whitish blonde hair, one blue eye and one brown eye dropped to his knees beside the woman and whispered her name softly.


The vocie was cool, with an almost audible sense of worry.

There was blood pouring from her cheek, and scratches all over her.

The figure picked her up in his arms, and turned to the man, walked over and kicked his side, before dissapearing into the night.


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