A/N: Takes place in 1st year, when they're all still young and immature, although I don't ever think they ever became mature as they got older. Anyway...

It was the Sunday morning that starts the Easter holidays and Sirius was getting up early to feed his fish. He unscrewed the top of the fish food bottle and started talking to his fish,

"Good morning Ms. Goldie! How are you today pumpkin?" Sirius tapped on Ms. Goldie's fishbowl glass frantically and then yelped, "MS. GOLDIE?! WHERE ARE YOU?!"

Suddenly, the small goldfish appeared from its small, plastic purple castle with sparkly green glitter and floated to the top of the water. Her eyes were all cloudy and she was...

"STOP SLEEPING MS. GOLDIE! Its time to EAT! Get up!" Sirius poked his wand in the water and whirled it around. Ms. Goldie just whirled around and around in the water.

"James! James! Remus, Peter! Help! Quick! Fetch Madam Pomfrey! I think Ms. Goldie is sick!"

The 3 boys sprang from their beds and over to Sirius, who was circling the fishbowl, tears falling from his eyes.

"Sorry Sirius..." Remus said quietly.

"Why are you sorry Reemy?" Sirius sobbed.

"Well, yo- your fish is gone, forever," Remus told him.

"No! She's not gone! Maybe she learned a new trick like playing dead!" exclaimed Sirius.

"Sirius, she's gone and moved on to better place. Let's have a moment of silence," said James silently.

Sirius sniffed and took a deep breath and said in his most mournful voice,"You were the best goldfish I ever had."

"He was your only goldfish Sirius," said James.

"Shh, don't interrupt me! Anyways, since I was so rudely interrupted, back to Ms. Goldie. We're never going to take those long walks on the park. I'll miss those bubbly eyes of yours. Merlin how I wish to see those ravishing fins of yours waving at me as you swam in circles near the plastic castle and rubber-"

At that very moment, Peter's stomach grumbled.

"Sorry Sirius. Do you want my G.I. Joe in replacement?" asked Peter cautiously.

"No Peter. I do not want your chewed up G.I. Joe with a missing arm and toe," said Sirius, irritably.

Sirius then went back to his speech,"As you swam in circles near the plastic castle and rubber seaweed I put in the bowl for you."

After 15 minutes of silence, Remus then suggested after lunch that they should have a formal funeral.

"So does that mean we get to stir-fry her?" asked Peter excitedly.

"How would you like if your best friend ate your other best friend?!" responded Sirius in outrage.

"Oh sorry," said Peter.

"Sirius, I heard that fishies go to Fishy Heaven if they go down the toilet," informed James.

His eyes were wide open and exclaimed "Really?!"

"Yes, really!"

"Really, really?!"

"Yes, really really!"



"Then flushing it is!" said Sirius in a sing-song voice. "I'll do whatever it takes to make sure Ms. Goldie is happy forever!"


After lunch, the four friends went to their dormitory, and changed into their best black robes. They then gathered into the bathroom and hovered over the toilet. Sirius was holding Ms. Goldie's bowl carefully. He then gracefully turned it over and drained all the water out into the toilet, but Ms. Goldie got stuck on the side of her fishbowl, so Sirius had to smack the glass to get her off it. She then plopped into the toilet water.

"We're all gathered here today to say good-bye to a very special fish to all of us, Ms. Goldie. Do any of you have any words to say to Ms. Goldie?" asked Remus. Sirius was crying uncontrollably on James' shoulder but got off of him to speak. He blew his nose into a tissue and began to speak,

"Ms. Goldie was like a sister to me. I loved her. I remember when I overfed her, and I had to take her to St. Mungo's ER. She was one inch away from death and I saved her.. And another great time we had together, was when I was 8, and she was 3 and I took her to a muggle theme park. She went on all the upside-down rides with me. She was my best friend. I needed her, and she needed me. May Merlin and the Fishy Lords take her to heaven."

All the boys were now shedding tears and blowing their noses. James and Peter then spoke together.

"Ms. Goldie was the best fish you could ever want. She blew bubbles up for you, she was there to listen to your problems, and she even squirted Snape with water once!" James said.

"Yeah, and she'll listen to you talk without ever interrupting. She was a very good fish. Yes, good fish," added Peter.

"Its time," Remus said. All four of them threw flower pedals into the toilet and bowed their heads.

Sirius stepped to the side of the toilet and pressed the lever. SWOOSH!

Suddenly a bright light shined through the window and straight onto the toilet seat. Then, loud sound angelic voices rang out, "Hallelujah!" from no where.

"Where did that come from?" Peter squeaked. The noises scared him.

"I think its a signal from Bob that he made it to Fishy Heaven!" said Sirius.

"You mean God?" corrected Remus.

"That's what I said Reemy. I have a stuffy nose if you didn't realize!" snapped Sirius. "I'm so sad now that's she's gone! I'll never see see her again! I'll never come out of this room again! Good-bye world!" Sirius ran out of the bathroom and straight to his bed. He accidently missed the bed and landed on the floor. He clumsily got up again and dove into his bed. He covered head and pretended to sleep, but his friends all knew he was crying beneath those sheets.