The boys raced upstairs to find a moping Sirius again. The quietly tip toed over to Sirius' bed, where he had his whole body stuck under the sheets, and jumped on him.

"OW-EEY!!!" chuckled Sirius. This was the first time he laughed since Ms. Goldie's death. "If you got me another toy, I don't want it."

"Who said its for you?! Me and, er, Peter just bought this for Remus! Not you! Here Remus!" James shoved the dog into Remus' hand. He was confused but then caught on to what James was doing.

"Er, yeah, thanks guys! I REALLY like my gift, its so cute and fluffy and soft!" Remus had said the three magic words. Cute, fluffy and soft.

Sirius stirred from under his sheets. He was interested. "What is it?"

"Come out from under there and we'll show you," persuaded Peter. Sirius pulled the sheets from over his head and looked at his friends, then at the dog in Remus' hands. He gasped and glared at Remus.

"Don't you LOVE it Sirius? I sure do!" Remus said gleefully.

"Yes-I-love-it," Sirius said and he really meant it. He hadn't seen anything so pretty since Ms. Goldie. "Can I, I mean, would you, I mean, I WANT IT!!!!!"

James, Remus and Peter burst out laughing and gave it to him. Sirius hugged his friends then his new toy.

"A name...he needs a name! How about Wobblefett?" suggested Peter.

"No. Wolfie!" added Remus.

"We need a name thats ferocious! Something that suggests extreme bravery and loyalty!"

"Mr. Pookie!" Sirius exclaimed. His friends stared at him.

"Mr. Pookie?" James asked.

"That's his name! Don't wear it out!" Sirius smiled a gigantic smile and hugged the toy again. "He's still missing something." Sirius thought and thought about what was missing.

It suddenly hit him. A piece of enchanted Play-Doh hit Sirius in the forehead at the exact moment he was about to cast his spell. There was a blinding yellow light and then when it was gone, what was left made Sirius burst into tears.

"He'!" Sirius looked down through watery eyes at what he had created. His spell added a bright pink purple bowtie to Mr. Pookie's neck. Sirius looked at his friends and smiled and they smiled back. Finally, things were back to the way they were before.

"This calls for a Marauder's Dance!"