Final Author's Note:

Well, that was it, and this is it.  The ending of "Inconvenient."  I started this story less than two months ago, and yet it seems like I've been writing it forever.  Can't really believe I'm done, even though I went to Staples today and printed out all 174 pages, 114,432 words.  *Am exceedingly amazed.*  I must thank everyone who reviewed for this – without you I'm not sure I would have keep updating, and updating, and updating.

   I say once again that I started this story simply because I hadn't set aside time to write in three years – and I wanted to get back into it.  You've all made this an experience that I'm pretty sure I won't forget.  Thank you all who read, and all who reviewed.

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You need to know that I am going to be doing some revamping of chapters.  Basically I am going to go through and compress two chapters into one.  This will still be the same story – I'm just making it 20ish chapters instead of 50.  I will be doing that sometime tomorrow.  I will also be deleting my responses to your reviews.  If you want them – print them off now.

When to expect something new from me:

I hope to get the first chapter of my new long-term fic out sometime between one and two weeks from now.  I might start a rather random fic entitled "Face Shots" that will be random ramblings inspired by "Inconvenient" and its sequel.  I probably won't update that one much.  I also might start a fic called "Patience" about my one character that everyone loves to hate – a purely humor piece.  But that one is going to take a bit more thought.

   What can you do while you're waiting?  Check out my favorite stories and favorite authors lists to check out some of my favorite PotC fanfic, including some written by fellow reviewers.  Tell 'em I sent you.

Author's Thanks:

I've gotten so many reviews for this story – more than the 440+ listed.  I'm no longer able to reply at the end of chapters, so please, e-mail me and I will e-mail you back.  Or review through ff.n, just make sure that there is an e-mail address available to me somewhere so I can reply.

Once again I thank you all, and watch out for my next fic(s) whenever it (they) should appear.  Thanks for a great writing experience.