"Second Chance"
Written By
Mark Moore

Author's note: The following story is a work of fiction based on the "Vampire Hunter D" anime film from 1985. All characters in the story are not of my own creation. They are owned by Hideyuki Kikuchi. The following story is copyrighted © 2000, 2001, 2003 by Mark Moore.

I had originally written this story with heavy Christian overtones. It had a long version and a short version. The long version contained nothing more than a full-length Easter Vigil Mass. I wrote the first draft of the long version from Friday, January 21, 2000, 1:30 PM to Sunday, April 15, 2001, 6:59 PM. I finished the first draft of the short version at 7:47 PM. I then saved a plain text short version (with the inclusion of the song at the end) and posted it in 12 installments (3 at a time) to the Vampire Hunter D mailing list at Yahoo! Groups. I would now like to thank Cathy Krusberg and Elizabeth Switzer for reading the story and offering their comments and suggestions. Thank you! =)

I started working on the second draft on Thursday, May 31, 2001, at 3:23 PM. I got rid of the Christianity and changed some other stuff. For the history of the world after World War III, I used Kevin Leahy's summary of the history of the world according to the first Vampire Hunter D novel (). I completed the second draft on Thursday, October 4, 2001, at 9:57 PM. While I was working on it, I sent it a bit at a time to Charlotte MacFarlane, who had responded to my request on the fanfictionnetwriters group for someone to read it. She read the story and sent me her comments and suggestions. I started working on the final draft on Friday, October 12, 2001, at 12:56 PM. I took most of her suggestions into account when revising the story (the rest I'm saving for the sequel). Thank you, Charlotte!

Now, it's nearly two years later: Saturday, November 10, 2001, 7:45 PM. The final draft is done. To quote Rod Stewart (and Russell Watson), "It's been a long road, gettin' from there to here." Throughout the writing of this story, I've struggled with the tone. The end result is a story that seems less horrific and depressing and more glamorous and fun than the movie. It has a sort of '80s feel to it, rather than a medieval feel. It was the best I could do. Feel free to send/leave me reviews, be they positive, negative, or something in between. Did I just type "be they"? Weird. Anyway, I hope I've done the characters justice. Thank you, Cathy, for posting this story at The Vampire Hunter D Archives.

This story used to be on FanFiction.Net, but they took it down when they removed (and banned) all NC-17 fanfics. So, I've removed most of the sexual situations (everything that's very explicit) to make it "safe for FanFiction.Net". This story is censored, and I do not recommend that you read it. I've uploaded it here simply to make my word count a more accurate representation of the number of words that I've written. The sex is important to the story, for it shows the closeness between Doris and Lamika. If you want to read the story as I intended for it to be read, please go to the Vampire Hunter D Archives at and look for the story in the Fanfic Archive. I created this "stripped version" on Thursday, August 14, 2003, from 11:10 PM to 11:34 PM.

Thursday, April 21, 12090

Doris Lang entered her house in a dazed state. She had just been rescued from Count Magnus Lee. Her brother, Dan, and D, the brave vampire hunter who had rescued her, came in behind her. The three of them had stood and watched the castle's destruction together.
"Are you all right, sis?" Dan asked.
D placed a hand on his shoulder. "Your sister has to be alone for now. She's been through so much."
Silently, D and Dan left the house, leaving Doris by herself in the living room.
She walked over to a window and looked out at the setting sun.
So much had happened to her recently. First her horse, Luke, had been killed. Later, people began to die. First Dr. Fering had been turned into a vampire and killed. Then Greco had been killed. Then D had killed Count Lee.
Then Lamika.
Lamika Lee had been the Count's daughter. She was a dhampir, an offspring of a vampire and a human. In her case, her vampire father had mated with a human woman. Still, Lamika had thought of herself as a member of the Nobility. She always had. She could not live as anything else. Refusing to live as a human being, she had instead committed suicide by walking into the castle as it sank into the ground.
Doris began to cry. I could have tried to talk to her, she thought. She began to think of all the things - anything - she could have told her: Lamika, please don't do this! I know that being a Noble is all that you've ever known, but the fact that it's over doesn't mean that your life is over! Your old life is over, but you can start a new life - as a human! You can live with me and Dan! We'd be your sister and brother! Oh, how I'd love to have you as my sister! Lamika, if you really want to kill yourself, you can do it anytime! But please, give life as a human a try! Please, Lamika, don't kill yourself! Doris could have run after her and begged and pleaded with her!
But she didn't. And now Lamika was dead.
Doris started to cry.

The girl dug through the ground. She didn't know how long she had been digging. Hours, perhaps.
She poked her fingers through some dirt and felt nothing there. She was at the surface! Quickly she dug, and soon she emerged from the ground.
Lamika lay down on the dirt and rested, gasping for breath. She had nearly run out of oxygen down there. Now she lay on the ground, inhaling the cool night air, the wind chilling her sweat-drenched body, her lungs burning.
After a while, she stood up and walked slowly to the Lang farm.

There was a knock at Doris' front door. It startled her, but she got up and walked over to the door. She unlocked and opened it.
Lamika was standing outside. She looked terrible. She was covered in dirt and sweat, and she looked completely exhausted.
"Doris..." she moaned.
"Lamika!" Doris exclaimed in shock.
"Help me..."
"Come inside!" Doris said.
Lamika walked into the living room. Doris closed the door and locked it.
"Lamika, what happened?!" Doris asked frantically.
"I...chose life." she replied.
"Get out of those clothes. Take a shower." Doris told her. "We'll talk afterwards."
Lamika nodded and went into the bathroom.

Doris heard the water turn off and walked into the bathroom. She saw the shower door open and Lamika emerge naked. Doris stared at her, fixated on her nude body. Lamika was so beautiful.
"I, uh,...I brought you a towel, and you can use my yellow robe and slippers." Doris offered them to her.
Lamika took them.
Doris turned and left the room, her heart pounding.

After Lamika had dried herself and combed her hair, she put on the robe and slippers and walked into the living room.
"I made some chicken soup." Doris said, placing two bowls onto the table.
"Thank you." Lamika said.
The two of them sat on the couch and began to eat their soup.
"So, what happened?" Doris asked.
"When I walked back into the castle, I realized I was going to die. I...I got scared." Lamika began. "I thought about how my father had treated me, how he had treated you, how he had treated others, and I realized that I did not want to share a tomb with him for all eternity. I quickly ran up the stairs as the castle was sinking. Finally, I reached the balcony on the top floor, but by then the castle was completely underground. I had to dig my way out with my bare hands. I was running out of air, but I kept clawing at the dirt, refusing to give up and die."
"That's incredible." Doris said in wonder. "What kept you going?"
"You." she replied. "I would like you to teach me to live as a human."
Doris smiled. "You're serious?"
"Well, I figure it's better than dying." she said.
Doris' face beamed with delight. "Oh, Lamika, I'd be delighted to teach you!"
"Why are you so excited?"
"Well,...I missed you terribly,...and I'm glad you're alive."
Lamika smiled. That made Doris smile as well.

After they had eaten, Doris took Lamika upstairs and to a room down the hall.
Doris opened the door, and they walked into the room.
"This will be your room." Doris told her. "It was my parents'."
"Thank you." Lamika said.
Just then, they heard the front door opening and closing downstairs.
"D and Dan are back." Doris said. "I guess we'd better go and tell them."
The two of them walked out of the room, up the hall, and down the stairs.
D and Dan faced them, and they froze in shock.
"Lamika,...you're alive!" Dan exclaimed.
"Yes." she replied.
"But how?" D asked.
"I dug my way out." she said.
"Lamika will be living with us." Doris added.
"Really?" Dan asked Lamika.
She nodded. "Yes."
"Lamika will be our new sister." Doris said.
The others all stared at her, speechless.
"Uh, c'mon, Lamika," Doris told her, "I'll show you how to do your laundry."
They walked into the bathroom.

Friday, April 22, 12090

"Lamika, c'mon, wake up."
"Huunh, what?" Lamika slowly opened her eyes and realized that someone was shaking her.
"Get up." Doris said.
"Niiih, stop shaking me." Lamika told her.
Doris did as requested.
Lamika sat up in her bed. "What time is it?"
"7:00 AM. Rise and shine, sis!"
Lamika stood up and stretched.
"Get dressed." Doris said. "I've got breakfast on the table. You like bacon, sausage, and eggs?"
"Yeah." Lamika replied.
"Good. See ya downstairs." Doris turned and left the room.
Lamika flopped back on her bed.

The four of them were sitting at the kitchen table, eating breakfast.
"I have to leave today." D said.
Doris and Dan were saddened by this.
"I...I understand." Doris said. "But could you promise to visit us sometime?"
"Yes," D said after a moment, "I promise." He faced Lamika. "Good luck to you, Lamika. I hope you have success living as a human."
Lamika understood. She shared some kind of mental connection with D, since both of them had some vampire physiology. D could never live as a human. He was too busy fighting evil to save humans. It was his destiny. He could be nothing else. So, he wished for her what he could not have for himself.
"Thank you." Lamika said.
"Excuse me." D stood up and left the kitchen.
The others continued eating their food for a while.
"He left." Lamika said finally. "I can't feel him anymore."
Doris and Dan looked at each other, then they stood up and ran out of the room.
Lamika chuckled and continued eating her breakfast.

After Doris and Dan had said good-bye to D, Doris took Lamika into town to shop, partly to teach her to live among humans and partly because Doris hadn't gotten any shopping done the last time she was in town.
They rode to the general store in their carriage. Doris held the reins for a while, then she let Lamika have them. Lamika was used to riding on top of horses, not in carriages, but she got the hang of it quickly.
Lamika pulled on the reins and brought the horse to a stop. She and Doris got off the carriage and walked into the general store.
"Morning, Mr. Waytry." Doris greeted.
"Doris, - " Mr. Waytry began.
"I'm cured." Doris told him. "The vampire hunter I hired killed Count Lee."
"Yes, I heard the castle went down yesterday." Mr. Waytry said. "I'm glad you're all right."
Doris looked at Lamika and nodded.
Lamika faced Mr. Waytry. "We need a month's supply of the usual - six bags of beef jerky, fertilizer, and ninety cans of soup."
Mr. Waytry looked at her in astonishment. "You're Count Lee's daughter!"
That got the attention of everyone in the store. They turned and stared at her, murmuring amongst themselves.
"Yes,...she is. This is Lamika Lee." Doris introduced. "She's staying with me now."
A small semicircle of people started to form around them.
"Doris, I think you and your...friend...had better leave." Mr. Waytry said.
"No, not this time. We're not leaving until we get what we want." Doris declared. "We're paying customers." She took some coins out of her pocket and placed them on the counter. "Your prices haven't gone up, have they?"
Mr. Waytry slowly shook his head. "No."
"Then get us our stuff." Doris demanded.
Mr. Waytry slowly walked over to his shelves and got the items that Lamika had requested. He placed them on the counter.
"Thank you." Doris said curtly.
Doris picked up the bag of fertilizer and some bags of soup cans. Lamika picked up the bags of beef jerky and the rest of the bags of soup cans.
The two of them turned and faced the onlookers. Doris frowned at them.
The people slowly backed away.
Doris and Lamika walked outside, got in their carriage, and rode back to the Lang farm.

When they got home, Doris gave Lamika some casual clothes. She changed into them. The two girls walked outside and started to put fertilizer in the garden.
"I can't believe I'm doing such menial labor." Lamika said in disgust.
"Work is part of being human." Doris told her. "If you want to live as a human, get used to it. Hand me those radish seeds."
Lamika handed them to her. "We have soup and beef jerky. Why do we need to grow these crops?"
"Vegetables are part of a healthy diet. We need to supplement meat with vegetables. Here, plant the corn kernels."
Lamika dug small holes in the soil and started to plant them. "Couldn't we buy vegetables at a stand in town?"
"Yes, but growing them ourselves costs less."
"Sis!" Dan came running at them.
"What is it, Dan?" Doris asked.
"Mayor Rohman and the sheriff are here to see you and Lamika!"
The girls stood up and walked over to the front door, where the mayor and the sheriff were waiting.
"Good morning, gentlemen." Doris greeted. "You wanted to see us?"
"So," the mayor said, "the rumors are true."
"Rumors? What rumors?" Doris asked.
"People all over town have been saying that you and the Count's daughter have been seen in Mr. Waytry's store." the mayor said.
"It's true." Doris said. "Lamika came to me last night. She's living with me now."
"I'm afraid I'm going to have to arrest her." the sheriff said.
"Arrest me?! For what?!" Lamika asked in surprise.
"People are afraid of her." the sheriff told Doris.
"So what?" Doris asked.
"We'll take her to the internment camp." the sheriff said. "She can live there for eternity and not bother - "
"Don't ignore me!" Lamika demanded.
"Gentlemen, I can assure you that Lamika is a good person." Doris told them, using every ounce of her strength to keep herself from yelling. "She chose to live as a human rather than die with her father. You have my word that she won't be a danger to anyone."
The mayor considered that. "Very well,...she can stay with you, but she's your responsibility."
"I should warn you that the people of Ransylva are not happy." the sheriff said. "They may organize into a mob. I won't be able to stop them."
"Thanks for the warning." Doris said with mock appreciation.
The mayor and the sheriff got in their carriage and rode away.
Doris watched them leave. Lamika turned and walked away.
"Lamika." Doris called.
She stopped walking but didn't turn to face her.
Doris walked over to her. "Not all humans are that mean. You'll see."
Lamika turned and faced her. "I hope you're right."

When it was twilight, they had planted and watered their crops and fed all of their animals.
Lamika wiped the sweat off of her forehead. "I've never worked so hard in my life! Then again, I've never worked - except for fighting, of course. Let's go home, Doris."
"Not yet." Doris started walking to the backyard. "There's still one more thing we have to do."
Lamika groaned and followed her. "What's that?"
"Catch dinner."
"What are we killing?"
"Mmmm, how 'bout some chicken tonight?" Doris suggested.
"Okay." she agreed.
"After we kill one, you can take a shower while I prepare dinner."
"Actually, Doris, I'd like to try to kill the chicken myself if you don't mind." Lamika said.
"I don't think that's a very good idea. You don't have any experience doing that."
They stopped in front of the cage. Inside was the chicken coop.
"I can catch the chicken, kill it, and prepare it while you take a shower. Trust me, Doris, I can do this!" she insisted.
Doris smiled at Lamika's confidence in herself. She was starting to embrace the challenges of living as a human rather than complain about them.
"Okay." Doris agreed. "I'll go inside and see what Dan's up to. When I see you have the chicken, I'll take a shower and let you prepare it."
Lamika smiled. "Thank you."
Doris turned and walked towards the house.
Once Doris had gone inside, Lamika turned bloodlust-filled eyes at a rooster. "Prepare to die a very violent, bloody death, filthy chicken scum!"
Lamika unchained the gate and walked into the cage. She lunged at the rooster and tried to grab it. It ran away, leaving Lamika to fall face-first in the dirt.
A few baby chicks walked across Lamika's back and over her head, leaving some feces in her hair.
"Hey!" Lamika yelled at them.
She got to her feet and kicked at them, then she ran after the rooster. She knelt down and grabbed it, but it clawed at her arms and got out of her grip. Lamika fell to the ground again. A hen walked up behind her and started pecking at Lamika's ass. Lamika yelled in protest and tried kicking it away.
After a while, the hen flew away, and Lamika stood up again. She spotted the rooster. Lamika's eyes started glowing blue, and she grew fangs. She lunged and grabbed the rooster. Lamika sank her teeth into the rooster and started drinking its blood. The rooster screamed in agony and tried to get away, but it was a futile attempt. Lamika drained all of its blood, killing it.
Smiling to herself in satisfaction, Lamika licked some blood from her face and walked out of the cage. She chained the gate and walked to the house, holding the chicken corpse in her left hand.
Lamika walked inside the house and into the kitchen. Doris stared at her in surprise. Lamika was covered with dirt, feathers, and manure, her mouth and face were stained with blood, and her arms were bleeding.
"What the hell happened to you?" Doris asked.
Lamika proudly raised the chicken in the air. "I have defeated my enemy." She unceremoniously dropped the dead clucker in the sink.
Doris stared at the chicken. "Yup."
Lamika grinned.
Doris looked back at her. "Maybe I should prepare dinner while you take a shower."
"I can do this!" Lamika insisted again. "Just tell me what to use."
"Okay. The feathers, head, and guts go in this bucket." Doris got the bucket from under the counter. She got two bottles from a cabinet. "Wash the chicken and cover it with these spices. Get the rotisserie out of the pantry and cook it for 90 minutes. Got all that?"
Lamika nodded. "Yes."
"Good. I'll check on the food after I shower." Doris turned and left the kitchen.
Lamika turned and looked at the chicken in the sink. She picked it up by the head with her right hand. She reached for a large knife, grasped it in her left hand, and swung at the chicken's neck, cutting off its head. She threw the head in the bucket.
That done, she then started yanking out the feathers. This was easy for her to do, since she had vampiric strength. She put all of the feathers in the bucket.
Next came the gutting. Lamika plunged her nails into the chicken. Then she stopped and reconsidered. She decided that she'd rather use a knife to gut the chicken. That would be the human thing to do.
"Doris?" Lamika called. She walked into the living room and over to the door to the bathroom. "Doris, where - "
The door slid open, and Lamika closed her mouth.
Doris was standing there, nude. Lamika stood still and stared at her. Even covered with dirt and sweat, she looked beautiful. Lamika looked at Doris' breasts, at her stomach, at her legs, at her sex.
"Yes, Lamika?"
Doris' question startled her.
"Uh, uh,..." Lamika quickly looked back up at her face. "Where do you keep the knives?"
"Top drawer."
"Thank you." Lamika turned and quickly left the bathroom. She walked back into the kitchen.
Lamika gripped the counter with her hands, leaned forward, and tried to control herself. Something was happening to her - something she couldn't understand. Her blood was boiling, but it wasn't from anger, and it wasn't from her vampiric half. She panted heavily. After a minute, she managed to regain control of herself.
She opened the drawer, took out a knife, and went back to work.

After Lamika finished taking her shower, she put on her robe and walked into the living room, carrying her dirty clothes.
Doris was standing there, wearing her robe. "Good, you're done. Dinner's ready."
Lamika stared at Doris. She couldn't get the nude image of her out of her mind. She slowly walked towards her. "Doris, thank you again for helping me."
"You helped yourself first, Lamika, by choosing to live."
Lamika dropped her clothes to the floor and hugged Doris. Doris hugged her. Lamika leaned her head on Doris' left shoulder. She kissed Doris' neck.
Doris became uneasy. "Lamika, we should eat."
Lamika looked at her face. Doris kissed Lamika on the lips.
It was a brief kiss - only one second long. After Doris pulled away, she and Lamika looked at each other. Doris tried to read Lamika's facial expression. Lamika smiled at her.
Doris kissed Lamika again. They put their arms around each other. Doris pulled Lamika deeper into the kiss. Lamika pressed her tongue against Doris' lips. Doris parted her lips, and Lamika slipped her tongue into Doris' mouth. Lamika tickled Doris' tongue with her own. They licked each other in lust and started to moan in pleasure. After a while of this, Doris pushed her tongue into Lamika's mouth, and they continued french kissing.
Finally, their lips parted. Some saliva hung from their lips for a second afterward.
Lamika's robe was open. Doris stared at her breasts and sex. Lamika slowly closed the robe, picked up the belt, and tied it around herself.
"Sorry." they said to each other.
They walked into the kitchen.
Doris had set two plates and two glasses on the table. Each plate had a chicken leg and wing.
"It smells delicious." Lamika said.
Doris poured wine into the two glasses. "Oh, do you drink?"
"Sometimes." Lamika replied.
Doris placed the bottle on the table. She and Lamika sat down next to each other.
Lamika read the label on the bottle. "1985?! Doris, where on Earth did you get this?!"
"It's been in my family for 400 generations. My ancestors, the Petersons, bought it just before the Third World War."
"Doris, you shouldn't have wasted a 10,105-year-old bottle of wine on me!" Lamika told her.
Doris shrugged. "It's better to drink it than to keep it lying around. I always figured I'd drink it someday, and what better day than today? I've got a new sister - and a new friend."
Lamika smiled.
Doris took hold of her glass and raised it. "To friendship."
Lamika took hold of her glass and raised it. "To friendship."
They touched their glasses together, and then they both sipped their wine.
"Mmm,...it's the best wine I've ever tasted." Lamika said.
"Ditto." Doris agreed.
"Thank you." Lamika set her glass down, picked up her fork, and started to eat her chicken leg.
Doris also began to eat her chicken leg.
"Isn't Dan going to eat dinner?" Lamika asked.
"Oh, he took some beef jerky and went up to his room."
"Not a very nutritious meal." Lamika said.
Doris shrugged. "Yeah, I know. Hey, do you wanna go into town after dinner? There's a dance club called Hit Paradise."
"You want me to dance?" Lamika asked.
"It'll be a great social experience."
"I like to keep to myself." Lamika said.
"So do I most of the time. But maybe if you talk with other people, they won't be so scared of you. C'mon, it'll be fun."
"All right." Lamika agreed.

Doris, Lamika, and Dan rode into town in their carriage. Doris parked in front of Hit Paradise.
They entered the dance club. It was pretty lively. Couples were on the dance floor, having a great time, while Kei, Kimber Lee, and Christy stood on the stage, singing one of the ancient songs:

"You know, you got it now.
Is that yourself or nothing at all?
Oh, you think you live.
Well, how can you? You're stuck in four walls."

Doris, Lamika, and Dan walked over to a table and sat down.
Kei had red spiked hair. Christy had short brown hair. Kimber Lee had long brown hair.
"Hey, you're singing it wrong!" Doris yelled.
The girls on stage stopped singing.
"What do you mean?" Christy asked. "We've been singing it this way for years."
Doris stood up and walked up on the stage. "Look, I come from a long line of musicians. I own that song. Give me your guitar."
Christy took off her guitar and handed it to her. "Okay, show us how to sing it. But make it quick. I've got a new band booked to perform in a few minutes."
The club owners took a few steps to their right to give Doris some room.
"Does she do this often?" Lamika asked Dan.
"Every time we come here." he told her.
Doris hung the guitar from her body and faced the audience, standing directly in front of the microphone. She started playing the guitar and sang:

you gotta know.
Is that yourself
or nothin' at all?
you think you live.
Well, how can you
when stuck in four walls?

If you gotta go,
you better live your life
before you pass away;
don't waste a day.
All your life,
you've been locked in your room;
you've never had a chance to roam
away from home.

you gotta go.
Well, good day.
Don't waste any time.
your life today:
it's all familiar,
soon you will find.

If you gotta go,
you better live your life
before you pass away;
don't waste a day.
All your life,
you've been locked in your room;
you've never had a chance to roam
away from home.

Live, live, live, live,
live, live, live, live.

do what you want
or where you want;
it's all up to you.
you like the room.
It's nice to do
what you wanna do.

If you gotta go,
you better live your life
before you pass away;
don't waste a day.
All your life,
you've been locked in your room;
you've never had a chance to roam
away from home.

you know by now
what life's about,
go on now and live,
and if
you don't know how,
it's not so hard;
just let go and live.

If you gotta go,
you better live your life
before you pass away;
don't waste a day.
All your life,
you've been locked in your room;
you've never had a chance to roam
away from home.

Live, live, live, live,
live, live, live, live."

Lamika, Dan, and the club owners cheered and applauded. They were the only ones to do so.
Doris bowed to them and took off the guitar. She handed it back to Christy. "Thank you."
"No problem, and thank you." Christy told her. "We'll get it right from now on, I promise."
Doris nodded, walked off the stage, and sat back down at her table.
"You were great." Lamika said with a grin.
Doris smiled. "Thanks."
Christy set her guitar down and unplugged it from the amplifier. She walked over to the microphone. "Okay, we've got a new band with us tonight. Please welcome Dazzle!"
The audience applauded.
The club owners walked off the stage. A puff of smoke filled the stage. When the smoke cleared, three people wearing bright yellow-and-black outfits were standing on the stage. They turned to face the audience.
The man had long blond hair and a pearl earring in his right ear. He was holding a synthaxe, which was now plugged into the amplifier. A woman with long blonde hair was standing in front of a synthesizer. Another woman with long blonde hair was holding a bass guitar.
The man placed his right hand around his microphone. "Yes. I...am...Chaos!"
Young people cheered and screamed wildly.
A girl in the back waved. "Chaos! Chaos, I love you!"
"On the synthesizer - Vixen!"
Vixen blew the audience a kiss and received her own cheers.
"And on bass - Ecstasy!"
Ecstasy played some chords and got even more cheers.
"I can feel the vibrations!" a guy at a table yelled.
"It's so cosmic!" his girlfriend agreed.
Doris and Lamika giggled.
"That's ridiculous!" Lamika said.
"But the crowd loves 'em!" Doris replied. "Oh, I hope their music is as good as their act."
Chaos, Vixen, and Ecstasy started playing their instruments and sang:

"Dazzle, dazzle, dazzle their eyes.
Catch 'em unaware.
Blind 'em with excitement.
Make them stop and a-stop and stare.

It's all in the style,
radiatin' heat.
All in the style,
you knock them off their feet.
All in the style,
make the world ignite.
All in the style.

Sparkle, shimmer, twinkle, and buzz.
Really pour it on.
Go beyond the limits.
Goin', goin', goin', 'n' gone!

All in the style,
radiatin' heat
All in the style,
you knock them off their feet.
All in the style,
puttin' on a show.
All in the style,
set the world aglow!

All in the style.
All in the style.
All in the style.
All in the style."

Doris, Lamika, and Dan stood up and applauded.
They weren't prepared for the mass of screaming, crazed fans that ran towards the stage. They got out of the way seconds before their table and chairs were knocked over. Doris was surprised that Lamika ran up to the stage as well.
"Dazzle rules!" a guy yelled.
"They're outta control!" Christy yelled. "They're gonna destroy the stage!"
Chaos chuckled at the fans standing at his feet. "Yes, marvel in my greatness."
Christy ran up on stage. "Chaos, you've gotta do something before they tear this place apart!"
He took the microphone in his hand. "Quiet. Quiet, everyone! Quiet!"
Everyone fell silent.
"Listen to my voice. Let my voice touch you." he said soothingly. "If you want more music, you must return to your seats. Yes, do this for me - now."
Silently, everybody returned to their seats.
One girl sighed. "Isn't he a dream?"
"I'd do anything he said." another girl added.
"Everyone's sitting down...ju-just because he asked?" Doris asked in surprise.
"Sure. Why shouldn't we?" Lamika asked her.
Christy looked at Chaos. "Amazing."

After Dazzle finished their concert, Doris, Lamika, and Dan left the club.
"Hey, you two!"
The girls felt a hand grab them by the back of their clothes and turn them around. A large man was holding them.
"I know you. You're one of Greco's friends." Doris said. "What the hell do you want?"
"You've got some nerve showing up here with that vampire bitch." the man said.
"You dare insult me?" Lamika's eyes began to glow.
Blue light came out of her body and shocked the man. He threw her to a group of people, who held onto her.
"Have fun with her, boys!" The man faced Doris. "They've always wondered what it would be like to do it with a vampire."
Doris gasped. They were going to rape Lamika!
"You bastards! Let her go!" Doris yelled.
"I don't think so." the man said. "And as for you, - "
"Let them go."
The man turned around and saw Chaos standing there.
"Get lost. This don't concern you." the man told him.
Vixen arrived and stood to Chaos' left.
"Let them go." they said.
"Get out of here!" the man yelled.
Ecstasy arrived and stood to Chaos' right.
"Didn't you hear us?" Ecstasy, Chaos, and Vixen asked simultaneously.
"Oh, no!" the man yelled when he saw that their eyes were glowing blue.
"We said let them go!"
Blue light came from their bodies and struck the man holding Doris and the men holding Lamika. The men were shocked, dropped the girls, and ran off down the street.
Doris and Lamika gazed at the band members in shock. "Thank...you."
"Don't mention it." Chaos said.
"You're..." Lamika couldn't bring herself to finish the sentence.
"Dhampirs." Chaos confirmed. "The same as you."
"That's how come you were able to get the audience to obey you." Doris realized. "You have some kind of power of persuasion."
"I prefer to call it my will." he said.
"All vampires and dhampirs have it." Lamika explained. "But my ability isn't fully developed yet."
"Your songs are great." Doris told them.
"I'm glad you like them." Chaos said.
"I love them." Doris said. "And they seem so familiar. I have this feeling that I know them from somewhere."
"They're from the old stories...before the war." he replied.
"Yes." Doris agreed.
"I heard you sing." he said. "You're good."
Doris smiled. "Thanks." She shook their hands. "I'm Doris Lang."
"I'm Lamika Lee." Lamika said, shaking their hands as well.
"I'm Dan Lang." Dan said, also shaking their hands.
"My real name is Rory Llewellyn." Chaos told them. "Chaos is my stage name. I'm from Los Angeles."
"I'm Phoebe Ashe." Ecstasy said. "I'm from San Francisco."
"And I'm Ingrid Kruger." Vixen said. "I'm from Berlin, Germany."
"All of you come from a long way from Ransylva." Doris said in surprise. "What brings you to Oregon?"
"We're on tour." Rory replied.
"How can you travel from one place to another?" Doris asked.
"We have a car." Phoebe replied.
"You've got a working car?!" Doris asked in surprise. "I've never seen one that works before!"
"It's a red 1985 Pontiac Firebird - restored, of course." Phoebe put her left arm around Ingrid. "My little Vixen is very smart with mechanical things."
Phoebe kissed Ingrid passionately on the lips. They hugged and drew each other into a warm embrace.
Doris and Lamika stared in shock at the two band members. They watched Phoebe and Ingrid french kiss and felt lust burning between their legs. Dan stared at the bass guitarist and synth player and got an erection.
Phoebe and Ingrid broke their kiss and released their hold on each other.
"It's true." Ingrid said. "I've been building synthesizers since I was 14."
"Neat." Doris said simply, still entranced by them. "Well,...we should get home. Do you three have a place to stay?" Please say no.
"Yes, we're staying at the hotel." Rory said.
"Oh." Doris replied. "Well, good night."
The others also said good night.
Doris, Lamika, and Dan got in their carriage and rode back home.

Later that evening, after they had gotten home, Lamika went up to her room.
Eventually, Doris got worried and walked up the stairs and down the hall.
She knocked on the door. "Lamika?"
There was no response.
Doris opened the door and walked inside.
Lamika was sitting on her bed, facing away from the door. The sheets were pulled down. It looked like she was about ready to lie down to sleep for the night.
Doris closed the door. "Lamika, are you all right?"
She saw Lamika move her left hand across her face.
"Are you crying?" Doris asked in surprise.
Lamika turned around and faced her. "Of course not."
Her face was all red.
Doris walked over and sat to Lamika's right on the bed. "Want to talk about what's bothering you?" She let a moment pass in silence. "Is it about the way you were treated today?"
"It's...about what my father told me." Lamika said. "When I was growing up, he told me that I was a Noble. He told me that my mother had been killed by a vampire hunter. Then, just recently, I learned it was all a lie. My mother was human. So, what does that make me? I'm a dhampir - less than vampire, less than human. How can I live with humans? They don't want me."
"I want you." Doris told her. She used her fingers to wipe Lamika's tears off of her face. "How old are you?"
"17." Lamika told her.
"So am I." Doris said. "When do you stop aging?"
Lamika performed some quick calculations in her mind. "Tonight at 11:45 PM, exactly 90 days after my birthday. That was how old my mother was when I was conceived."
"We're exactly the same age, then." Doris told her. "Lamika,...would you like to come to the club with me tomorrow night and perform with Dazzle?"
Lamika was surprised. "Are you stupid?! They'd never allow me back in!"
Doris cast her eyes downward.
Lamika realized what she had said and felt ashamed. "I'm sorry, Doris. You're not stupid. I am. You treated me with kindness, and I repaid you with an insult."
Doris looked up at her and smiled. "You're forgiven."
"Thank you." Lamika said.
Doris ran her left hand through Lamika's dark hair. "You know, in a way, I envy you."
"How's that?" Lamika asked in confusion.
"Eternal life, eternal beauty, without the impediments that come with being a vampire." Doris said.
"I suppose so," she said, "but humans are afraid of my kind."
"You are human, Lamika!" Doris told her. "And don't let anybody tell you otherwise!"
Lamika placed her right hand on Doris' left. Doris took Lamika's left hand in her right. The two of them held each other's hand.
"Make me like you." Doris said.
Lamika was perplexed. "Don't you already like me?"
Doris laughed and shook her head. "No, I mean make me a dhampir."
"What?!" Lamika yelled. "Doris, you can't be serious!"
"I am serious. It's nearing 11:45. Soon, you'll stop aging, and I'll reach your age. Let's be together, the exact same age, for all eternity."
Lamika shook her head. "Doris, you don't know what you're asking!"
"I know exactly what I'm asking." Doris said. "I love you, Lamika."
Those words shocked Lamika, and she fell silent. She and Doris gazed into each other's eyes.
"I...I love you, too, Doris." Lamika said softly.
"Let's be together for eternity." Doris said.
Lamika just stared at her.
"Please!" Doris begged.
Lamika sighed. "Very well. But you need to know what you're getting into. Your vampire half will crave blood. You must control yourself."
"I understand."
Lamika leaned in close and moved her head towards Doris' neck.
Doris stopped her by leaning forward and kissing Lamika on the lips. After their lips parted, Lamika pulled on the belt around Doris' robe. The robe opened. Lamika took it off and threw it to the floor.
Lamika and Doris looked at each other. Their eyes burned with lust.
"It's time for you to do it." Doris told her. She moved the hair away from the left side of her neck, where she had been bitten before.
Lamika shook her head. "Doris, I can't."
"Yes, you can." Doris told her. "I'm not afraid. I trust you."
Lamika stared at Doris' neck in desire, but she still hesitated.
"Come on." Doris said.
Lamika drew close to Doris' neck. She kissed it softly, over and over again.
"This is going to hurt." Lamika told her. She licked her neck. "I'll try to do this as gently as I can."
"There's no way to do it gently." Doris said. "Just do it. Drink my blood."
Lamika kissed and licked for a few moments longer, building up her arousal. Soon, her eyes started glowing, and her canine teeth grew into fangs. With one hard thrust, Lamika sunk her teeth into Doris' neck, piercing the skin. Doris gasped in pain. She managed to hold back a scream, but she still moaned loudly. She was a little bit afraid; still, she remained under control. But under whose control? Lamika sucked greedily, drinking Doris' blood. To Doris, it felt as though a wild animal was attacking her. But she bore it - for herself, for Lamika, for their love. Blood ran down Doris' left breast, down her stomach, down her back. Even though she was consumed by her bloodlust, Lamika knew that she couldn't keep drinking much longer, or she would kill Doris. With some difficulty, she pulled away. Her canine teeth went back to their normal size; her eyes stopped glowing.
Doris looked at her. Lamika's lips were covered in blood. Her blood. Neither of them could think of what to say to the other.
Lamika leaned forward and kissed Doris on the lips. Doris tasted her own blood. She found she enjoyed it. Lamika broke the kiss and started licking the wound clean. She licked the blood off of Doris' neck and back. Lamika licked the blood off of Doris' stomach. She then kissed Doris on the lips again and shoved her tongue into her mouth. Doris tasted more of her blood and licked it off of Lamika's tongue.
Then Lamika pulled away. "Your turn."
Doris pulled on the belt and opened Lamika's robe. She helped Lamika out of the robe and threw it to the floor.
"Doris, you have to drink - now." Lamika told her.
Doris started kissing Lamika on the neck. She bit Lamika with her teeth.
"No, Doris. That won't work until you can grow fangs." Lamika told her.
Doris pulled away from her neck.
"You'll have to drink from here." Lamika used the nail on her right index finger to make a horizontal cut above her breasts.
Blood slowly came out of the wound. Doris leaned forward and kissed it. She stuck out her tongue and licked up the blood. Lamika placed her hands on the back of Doris' head. Doris sucked more blood as it came out.
"Okay, the bleeding's stopped." Doris told her.
Lamika released Doris. "I think you've drunk enough."
Doris had blood on her lips. She leaned forward and kissed Lamika on the lips. She stuck her tongue into Lamika's mouth, and Lamika tasted her own blood. They french kissed for a while.
Their lips parted. Lust blazed in their eyes and burned into each other's souls. They desperately needed to quench the fire.
Lamika lay down on top of Doris and kissed her again. Then she pulled her lips away from Doris' lips.
"Rest now." Lamika told her. "Your body is in the process of being enhanced. You need to conserve your energy, so that it can be used in the transformation."
"Okay." Doris closed her eyes. "Good night."
Lamika lay down to Doris' left. "Good night,...my love."

Saturday, April 23, 12090

Doris woke up early the next morning. She looked over at Lamika, her friend, her sister - and now her lover, as of this very night.
Lamika's breasts rose up and came down with each breath she took. She looked so beautiful sleeping.
Doris stared at her for a moment, then she got out of bed. She considered picking up her panties and robe off of the floor and putting them on, then she realized there was no point in it. Lamika had seen her naked. Doris walked over to the mirror and looked at her reflection. Two puncture wounds were on the left side of her neck. She touched them with her fingers and felt them.
"They're not permanent."
Doris turned around. Lamika was awake and sitting up in bed. Doris walked over to the bed and pulled the sheet down, exposing Lamika's sex. Doris sat down to her right.
"Good morning." Doris said, kissing her on the lips.
"Mmmm, good morning." Lamika said.
Their lips parted.
"What time is it?" Lamika asked.
"I don't know. I never replaced the batteries in the alarm clock." She looked out the window. "It's almost sunrise. I'd say around 6:00 AM."
Doris and Lamika looked into each other's eyes.
"I love you." Doris told her.
"I love you, too." Lamika told her.
"Uh, when will the puncture wounds go away?"
"In a few days." Lamika replied. "The wounds my father gave you have already completely healed due to the erythropoietic porphyria you were infected with when he made you drink his blood. Your infection was cured upon his death, but not before the wounds were healed. There are no scars left. When we exchanged blood last night, you were infected with a diluted form of the disease. How do you feel?"
"Good. I feel great, in fact. Stronger, healthier."
"You gained rapid healing abilities, including disease-resistance." Lamika told her. "You will never get sick again, and you will never age again. You have increased strength and speed."
"That's good."
"Of course, you may have a very mild sensitivity to sunlight that will do no more than dull your powers temporarily." Lamika continued. "You may also become mildly ill from the taste or smell of garlic. Oh, and your urine may be a slight reddish-brown."
"Thanks for sharing."
"So,...what do we do for all of eternity?" Lamika asked.
"Well, I don't know about eternity, but for today, we'll get dressed, feed the animals, shower, and eat breakfast." Doris paused for a moment. "Come on. Let's get dressed."
"Do we have to?" Lamika teased.
Doris laughed. "I think Dan would die of orgasm if he saw us naked."
Lamika laughed.

After Doris and Lamika had fed the animals, they walked back into the house.
"You can shower." Doris told Lamika. "I'll prepare breakfast."
Lamika smiled. "Don't you want to join me?"
Doris smiled. "I accept that invitation."
They walked into the bathroom and locked the door. They took off their clothes and got into the shower. Lamika slid the door closed.
Doris turned on the water, getting it to the right temperature - nice and warm, a bit on the hot side, enough to make steam. She turned the middle knob, and water came out of the showerhead, getting the two girls wet.
Lamika and Doris put their arms around each other and kissed passionately on the lips. They frenched each other for a while.

After Doris, Lamika, and Dan had eaten breakfast, the girls washed the dishes, dried them, and put them away.
"Come up to my bedroom." Doris said.
Lamika grinned. "Mmmm, okay."
Doris turned to face her, lowering her voice so Dan wouldn't hear her. "Lamika, we just fucked an hour ago."
"What's the matter?" Lamika asked. "Don't want Dan to overhear?"
"C'mon." Doris turned and started walking up the stairs again.
Lamika followed her.
They walked into Doris' bedroom.
"I've got some books that I think you'll be interested in." Doris told her.
"What kind of books?" Lamika asked.
"Historical." Doris took a book off of her bookshelf. "This is a biography of your Noble Ancestor. It's comprised of journal entries, letters, articles, and other records from the year 1893."
Lamika took the book from her. There was one word on the front cover: DRACULA.
"It was my father's." Doris told her. "I want you to know what Dracula was really like."
"Thank you." Lamika said.
Doris took another book off of her bookshelf. "This is a history book. It tells what's known of the world before, during, and after World War III. I want you to know human history, both the good and the bad."
Lamika took the book from her. "Okay."
"How fast can you read?"
"3,000 words per minute." Lamika replied.
"What?" Doris asked in surprise.
"I suspect that my reading speed has been augmented by my vampire powers." Lamika added.
Doris nodded. "Oh, okay. Good. Well, I'll let you get to your reading."
"Okay. Thank you." Lamika sat down on Doris' bed.
"When you're done, let me know if you have any questions or comments." Doris turned and left the room, closing the door behind her.
Lamika decided to first learn more of human history in order to understand the situation in which Dracula had lived and place his life in the proper historical context. She read about the people and governments of Earth before World War III. She learned of their culture and accomplishments. She learned how they destroyed themselves.
In the year 1999, the world was devastated by nuclear war, forcing the few surviving humans to live underground for 1,591 years. When they came to the surface again and spread out to reclaim the Earth, they found the planet crawling with fearsome mutants.
500 years passed, and humans, while fruitful and multiplying, grew ever more barbarous. When they'd degenerated to a medieval level, the vampires appeared, declared themselves "the Nobility", and took over. The humans seemed to go along with it.
For 8,000 years, the vampire Nobility ruled the world, constructing an automated city called the Capital and regulating the global climate through weather controllers. Finally, the Great Rebellion overthrew the vampires, and the remaining fiends scattered in the wilderness of the Frontier, where their genetically-engineered monstrosities were already terrorizing the humans. These sporadic vampire and monster attacks prompted a number of humans to form the Hunter class, which in turn gradually specialized into subclasses such as Werewolf Hunter, Lesser Dragon Hunter, etc. The greatest of these, of course, were the Vampire Hunters.
Knowing a lot more about Earth evoked mixed feelings within Lamika. She thought humans were stupid and barbaric for destroying their own civilization, yet she felt sorry for them for being subjected to the vampires' control. She felt happy when she read about the Great Rebellion.
Yet, she felt oddly detached from all of this. The book, while written by humans, had a rather impersonal tone. Lamika decided that, to truly know her mixed heritage, she had to learn of her Noble Ancestor through the perspectives of the very people that had killed him. So, she read the personal entries of Jonathan Harker, Mina Murray, and their friends and learned how they had fought Dracula, who had fed off of the local population.
Lamika felt a hatred for vampires grow within her. She gained a sense of pride at being human, if only half-human. She was also half-vampire. She concluded that she was the embodiment of both the best and the worst that the Earth had to offer.
She closed the books and put both of them back on the bookshelf.

Lamika walked downstairs, into the living room. Doris and Dan were kneeling on the floor by the table, playing chess.
Doris looked at her. "Well?"
Lamika walked over to her. "I've read both books. Human history is so violent and bloody!"
"Of course it is." Doris replied. "But so is vampire history. Vampires came - and still come - from humans. The blood that flows through your veins doesn't matter. It's what you do that makes you a good person or a bad person."
Lamika smiled warmly.
"Kei called me." Doris said. "She and the other girls want us to come to the club to talk about us doing a joint concert with Dazzle."
Lamika was silent for a moment as she thought about this. "Okay. Let's go."
Doris stood up. "Dan, keep an eye on the house while we're gone."
"Right, sis."

Doris and Lamika rode to Hit Paradise. They walked inside and met with Kei, Christy, Kimber Lee, and Dazzle.
"We're glad you two decided to come." Kei said cheerfully. "So, are you gonna play together?"
"Sure, we can do it tonight." Lamika said.
Doris stifled a laugh.
"What's so funny?" Kei asked.
Doris shook her head. "Nothing. Sorry."
"Please, cunt in you." Lamika said.
Doris placed her left hand over her mouth again and laughed again. "Lamika, quit it!"
"Sorry." Lamika said with a smile.
"Yes, we will play a concert with Dazzle tonight." Doris told the club owners.
"Great." Phoebe said. "Here are some music sheets of our songs."
Doris took the sheets from her. "Thank you, and here are music sheets of songs that were written by members of my family millennia ago, before the war."
Rory took the sheets from Doris. "Excellent. I look forward to performing with you."
"So do I." Doris said. "With you, I mean."
"The show starts at 7:00 PM." Ingrid told them.
"We'll be here." Lamika told them.
"All right!" Kimber Lee exclaimed, jumping in the air in excitement. "This is gonna be outraaageous!"
"See ya tonight." Christy said with a smile.

Doris and Lamika returned home. Dan was waiting for them by the front door.
"Sis! I just found this note!" he told her.
There was a note taped to the front door.
Doris read it: "'Doris Lang, You and your vampire whore are not welcome in Ransylva. You and Lamika Lee are to leave the village and never return. Let this be fair warning to you that should you stay, or ever return, both of you will die. Waytry'"
The three of them stood in silence for a few seconds.
"Bastard." Doris hissed. She pulled the note off of the door and crumpled it in her left hand.
"Are we going to heed his warning?" Lamika asked.
Doris looked at her. "Never! I'm not afraid of him or anyone else!"
Lamika and Dan firmly nodded in agreement.
"Come on." Doris said. "Let's start practicing these songs."

Doris gave Lamika a pair of black pants, black flat shoes, and a white, short-sleeved dress shirt. They had belonged to her mother. Doris dressed likewise, but she also wore a black jacket. Dan wore the same types of clothes, but not a jacket.
The three of them exited their bedrooms and met in the hallway.
"How do I look?" Lamika asked.
Doris smiled. "You look great."
"Thank you." Lamika said.
Doris, Lamika, and Dan walked down the stairs.
"Doris,...what will we do if someone...attacks us?" Lamika asked.
Doris took the gun from its place on the wall.
"It belonged to my father." Doris told her. "It'll fire six rounds. I hope it'll be enough." She placed the gun in the inside right pocket of her jacket. "If a mob forms, we need to get to the carriage. I put our laser rifles and my whip there."
Lamika and Dan nodded. "Right."
"Let's go." Doris said.
They walked out the door, and Doris closed it behind her.
They got into the carriage, and they rode to the club.
"You ever use a laser rifle before?" Doris asked.
Lamika shook her head. "No."
"Then this'll be good practice."
Lamika picked up her rifle and examined it. "Whose laser rifle is this?"
"It was my mother's." Doris replied. "She carried it to protect herself against vampires. Two years ago, she went into town at night to buy some ammunition. She went out at night despite the knowledge that Count Lee had returned." She started to cry. "We...found her body the following morning. She had been drained of blood, and there were two puncture wounds on her neck. Count Lee had gotten her."
"I'm so sorry." Lamika said sincerely.
Doris wiped away her tears. "Thank you. It wasn't your fault."

They parked outside the club and got out of the carriage. They walked into the club.
Dan took a seat at a table. Doris and Lamika walked over to the club owners, who were standing by the stage.
Kimber Lee grinned. "Ready to play?"
Doris took the note out of the inside left pocket of her jacket. "Mr. Waytry left this note on my front door while I was here earlier."
Christy took the note, unfolded it, and read it. "Thank you, Doris. Do you two still want to perform tonight?"
"Yes." Doris and Lamika replied.
Christy nodded. "Okay."
The five girls walked up on the stage. Chaos, Vixen, and Ecstasy were already standing there, getting their instruments ready.
Kei turned on a microphone. "Good evening. Tonight, Hit Paradise is proud to present Dazzle with guest performers Doris Lang and Lamika Lee!"
Dan clapped wildly. He was the only person to applaud them.
The club owners walked off of the stage.
Doris walked over to the microphone. "Hello. This is a song that's been in my family for over 10,000 years. It's dedicated to my friend, Lamika. I hope you like it."
Chaos, Vixen, and Ecstasy started playing their instruments.
People started to walk out of the club. Doris and Lamika were saddened by this. They glanced at Dazzle apologetically, then they walked off of the stage. Doris, Lamika, and Dan started to walk to the door.
They turned around.
Mr. Waytry and thirty other men were walking toward them.
"What do you want, Waytry?" Doris asked. She placed her right hand inside her jacket.
"I warned you two." Mr. Waytry said. "You were to leave this town."
"We'll never leave." Doris told him. "Ransylva is our home."
"You're going to regret that decision." He looked at another man and nodded.
The man drew a gun. Doris' newly-sharp eyes caught this.
"Get back!" Doris yelled.
Lamika and Dan leapt behind her. Doris pulled out her gun and fired once. The bullet hit the man in the chest. He died and fell to the floor.
A commotion started among the people when they heard the gunshot.
"Get to the carriage!" Doris yelled.
Lamika and Dan turned and ran out of the club. Doris skipped backwards, keeping her eyes on the men.
Another man drew a gun. Doris killed him as well.
"Doris! Lamika! Dan!" Christy yelled. "Are you all right?!"
Doris shot another man. "Buy us some time, Christy!"
Christy came between Doris and the mob. "Don't fight! This is a dance club! It's a place for fun, damn it! These are talented musicians!"
"Like hell!" Mr. Waytry yelled. "Lamika's a fuckin' vampire! Get 'em!"
The men pushed past Christy.
Doris turned and fired her gun again, no longer caring if the person she hit was armed. She hit a man. Three bullets left. Doris quickly shot three more people, then she turned and ran to the carriage.
Lamika and Dan reached the carriage and got in it. They picked up their laser rifles and fired once. Laser beams whisked past Doris and struck two men. Doris reached the carriage, got in it, and picked up her laser rifle. She fired it and killed another man.
People started coming out of their houses at the sound of gunshots, curious as to what was going on. Soon, everybody had gathered on the street outside the club and was watching the battle. Mothers and fathers tried to keep their curious children behind them.
Doris, Lamika, and Dan continued firing, killing more men. Some people got too close to the carriage. Lamika shot one man at point-blank range, and his head exploded. She got covered in blood and guts. She licked up some of the blood to increase her strength.
Mr. Waytry saw that all but ten of his men had been killed and realized he needed more in order to complete his noble mission. "Come on! All of you! Do you want these devil-women living among you?!"
The crowd began murmuring as they discussed this.
"They're killing good people like us who are trying to make our village safe for our children!" Waytry continued, overcome with anger. "Help us be rid of them!"
"No!" Kei countered. "Don't you see what's happening here?! This man is delusional! He's trying to kill these girls because of their blood! They're only defending themselves! Please, don't join him!"
"Waytry's right!" a man yelled. "Kill the vampires!"
People from the crowd ran to the carriage. Doris, Lamika, and Dan started shooting at them, too, killing men, women, and children.
"Mayor Rohman! Sheriff!" Doris yelled. "Can't you arrest these people?!"
The mayor and the sheriff stood by a lamp post, frozen in terror.
"I guess not!" Doris kept firing.
More people died. The street was littered with dead bodies.
Finally, their rifles ran out of power. People were still advancing on them. Doris picked up her whip and struck people with it. She, Lamika, and Dan smashed people's heads with the butts of their rifles.
Suddenly, bullets struck down more people. Doris, Lamika, and Dan looked, and they saw Rory, Phoebe, and Ingrid firing handguns. The three band members waved with their free hands. Doris, Lamika, and Dan waved back.
"I've got an idea!" Lamika yelled.
"Glad to hear it!" Doris yelled.
Lamika grabbed a man's head, turned it quickly, and snapped his neck. Her eyes started glowing blue, and she grew fangs. She sank her teeth into the man's neck and drank his blood. She grew stronger from the blood of her victim. It frightened Dan to see Lamika doing this, but he kept on hitting people with his rifle.
"C'mon!" Lamika yelled after she had drained her victim.
She and Doris jumped down onto the ground. Blue light came from their bodies. Dazzle ran out of bullets. Their eyes started glowing blue, and they grew fangs. After they each drank blood from a victim, they joined hands with Doris and Lamika. They formed a circle, each of them facing outward. Rory, Phoebe, and Ingrid's bodies also gave off blue light.
"What the hell is going on?!" Mr. Waytry yelled.
The five of them started spinning clockwise. As they picked up speed, the light expanded. Everyone who was touched by the light died and fell. Finally, the light faded. Doris, Lamika, and Dazzle, still high from the rush, breathed heavily and they tried to regain control of their senses. They let go of each other's hands.
"Waytry!" Lamika exclaimed in surprise.
Mr. Waytry was still alive. He had been standing behind Kei, Christy, and Kimber Lee and was safe from the light. He walked forward, drawing his own gun.
"Those others didn't stand a chance." Mr. Waytry said. "Lead. Hmph. This gun has silver bullets."
"Why, Waytry?" Doris asked. "Why all this death? What has it accomplished?"
"Those people died trying to kill you. I can't blame them. They were afraid that you'd kill them." Mr. Waytry said. "But you're also bad for business, and that's even worse."
"You're a sick son of a bitch." Doris said.
"Shut up!" Mr. Waytry yelled. "First Lamika,...then you."
"Fight me man to woman, you fuckin' bastard!" Lamika yelled.
Mr. Waytry pointed the gun at her. "I don't think so."
"No!!!" Doris knocked Lamika out of the way just as Mr. Waytry fired and took the bullet in her chest. She fell to the ground.
"Doris!!!" Lamika screamed, falling to her knees and clutching her chest in pain.
Mr. Waytry chuckled. "I'll let you live for a minute. I wanna see you cry."
He walked closer and stood in front of the girls.
Doris was dying. Lamika cradled her head in her arms.
"Hold on, Doris." Lamika told her. "Please, just hold on."
Lamika kissed her. Doris licked some of the blood off of Lamika's lips.
"Hell, if you're not gonna cry, I may as well kill you now." Mr. Waytry pointed his gun at Lamika.
"Do it." Lamika said sadly. "I want to go with her."
"Okay." Mr. Waytry said.
Suddenly, he was hit on the head and fell on top of Doris.
Lamika looked up. "Kimber Lee."
Kimber Lee gave her a smile.
Doris concentrated the last few ounces of her strength. Her eyes started to glow blue. She grew fangs.
Mr. Waytry yelled and jumped off of her.
Doris leapt to her feet. The bullet was expelled from her body and landed on the ground. She touched the place on her chest where she'd been shot and saw that there was ash on her fingers.
"That was my favorite shirt." Doris told him in anger. "Waytry?"
"Huh?" Mr. Waytry asked.
"Fuck you." Doris sank her fangs into his neck and drank his blood.
Mr. Waytry screamed as he died a slow, gruesome death.
After she had drained him, Doris let his body fall to the ground. She picked up his gun and fired the remaining bullets into his chest.
Doris dropped the gun to the ground. She looked at the club owners, who looked sorry. Then she looked at the remaining crowd, who looked scared. Then she looked at Dazzle, who gave her small smiles. Then she looked at Lamika, who wanted to comfort her. Then she looked at her little brother, Dan, who was absolutely horrified by what he had seen. She walked over to the carriage, climbed in, and sat down next to him. She absently patted his right shoulder.
Then Doris placed her hands on the sides of her head and wept.

After a half-hour of explaining the past few days' events to the club owners, the mayor, the sheriff, and the rest of the people gathered there, Lamika went and sat with Doris and Dan in their carriage.
Dazzle walked to the club's entrance.
"We'll set up." Rory said. "You come inside when you're ready."
Lamika nodded.
Dazzle walked into the club.
Lamika looked at Doris. "It wasn't your fault. Waytry left you no choice. Everything we did, we did to survive. I explained everything to the authorities. They're not going to press charges. You've got to put this behind you now, or you'll go mad from grief."
Doris looked at her. "I know. I'm a killer. I'm going to have to live with that. It's a part of who I am. But that's not what upsets me the most."
"What, then?"
"I'm upset that he was able to convince so many people that we were bad, that we were somehow to blame for all of the evil in the world." Doris shook her head sadly. "It's such a waste."
"Yes, it is." Lamika turned to face Dan. "Don't be scared of your sister. She loves you. Regardless of the blood in her veins, love her back."
He looked at Doris. "Okay."
He and Doris hugged. Then Doris and Lamika hugged. Then, just for completion, Dan and Lamika hugged.
"Are you okay?" Lamika asked Doris.
"Yeah,...I'm okay."
"Good." Lamika said. "Let's go inside."
The three of them stood up, got out of their carriage, and walked into the club. They sat at a table. Dazzle was on stage.
Christy walked up on the stage and in front of the microphone. "And now - Dazzle!"
People applauded. Christy walked off the stage.
"Hey, wanna dance?" Doris asked Lamika.
"All right." she agreed.
They stood up and walked onto the dance floor.
Chaos, Vixen, and Ecstasy stared at them. Then they glanced at each other, nodded, started playing their instruments again, and sang:

"It's a hard, hard life.
There's no help along the way.
It's a hard, hard life.
It's a struggle night and day.
It's a hard, hard life,
and the weak do not survive.
It's a hard, hard life -
hard to keep your hopes alive.

People stand in your way,
but you push past them,
runnin' for your life,
and if luck goes your way,
you may outlast them
in this hard, hard life.

It's a hard, hard life,
but you fight to make it through.
It's a hard, hard life,
but you do what you can do.

It's only a dream
that keeps you goin'
through the grief and strife.
If you can take it,
you might just make it
in this hard, hard life."

Doris, Lamika, Dan, and the rest of the audience cheered and applauded.
Chaos, Vixen, and Ecstasy took bows.

After the concert was over, Doris, Lamika, and Dan followed Dazzle outside.
"You two seemed to be having a great time in there." Phoebe said with a smile.
"I'm amazed by your music." Doris said.
"Yes, everybody is." Ingrid said.
"I love to dance!" Lamika exclaimed.
"You've certainly learned a lot over these past two days." Doris told her. "I see you in a different light now. I'm impressed...and very proud of you." She kissed Lamika on her left cheek.
Lamika blushed. "Thank you."
"Thank you for helping us...again." Doris told them. "You're like kindred spirits to us."
"No problem." Rory said. "We're leaving tomorrow morning, but I'm glad I got to meet you three. Doris, you're a very talented musician. Your voice is so beautiful. Where'd you learn to play the guitar?"
"I taught myself on an acoustic." Doris replied. "Music runs in my family."
"Lamika,...do you know anything about your human ancestors?" Rory asked.
"Then allow us to do one more favor for you before we leave." Rory said. "There's a computer in our hotel room. Perhaps we can trace your genealogy."
"Okay." Lamika said.
The six of them walked the short distance to the hotel.
The manager, who was standing behind the counter, held up a cross when he saw them enter. "Get away from me."
"Fine." Phoebe grew fangs and leaned over the counter, hissing at the man.
The man cowered in the corner.
Phoebe and Ingrid giggled and joined the others in walking up the stairs.
They walked down a hallway. Rory took out a key and unlocked the last door on the right. They walked into the room. Dan closed the door behind him.
Rory walked over to the desk and was about to turn on the computer.
"Allow me." Ingrid turned on the computer and monitor and sat down in the chair. "I'm a genius with computers."
Rory smiled. "Yes,...you are."
They waited for the computer to boot up. Then Ingrid got online.
"What was your mother's full name before she married, and when did she die?" she asked Lamika.
"Susanna Steele. She died on January 22nd, 12073,...my birthday." She started to cry.
"Your father must've killed her so that he could raise you as a vampire, and so that your mother couldn't raise you as a human." Doris said softly.
"How could my mother have been killed by a vampire hunter?" Lamika asked. "She would've been at home, taking care of me. Then there's my warm body temperature. I also have to eat food. So many clues, and I never figured it out. I'm so stupid."
Doris hugged her. "You're not stupid, Lamika."
"Okay, I've found her birth and death records." Ingrid said. "It will automatically search for her parents, and their parents, and so on. Just for fun, I'm also running a simultaneous search for your ancestors, Doris. Let's see if you two are related."
Doris chuckled. "Okay."
"Here we go." Ingrid said after a moment.
They all looked at the computer screen.
"The two of you do have some common ancestors." she told them.
"That's not surprising," Doris said, "considering the small world population at the end of the war."
"So, I guess we really are sisters, Doris." Lamika told her.
"Cousins, anyway." Doris said.
"There's a link between your families about every 400 years." Ingrid told them.
"Here are four names you'll be very interested in, Doris." Rory said. He pointed at the screen. "Look."
Doris read the names. She already knew her genealogy, so seeing these names on the list didn't surprise her. What surprised her was that these same four names were on Lamika's genealogy list as well.
"Holy shit." Doris breathed.
Lamika looked at her. "What is it?"
Doris looked at her. "Lamika, you and I share the same DNA. We're united lovingly, biologically, and musically."
Lamika smiled at her. Doris smiled back at her.

When they had returned home, Doris went up to her bedroom.
Soon, there was a knock at her door.
"Come in." Doris said as she kicked off her shoes and took off her socks.
The door opened, and Lamika walked into the room. She closed the door and locked it behind her.
Doris smiled as Lamika walked over to her. They put their arms around each other and kissed on the lips.

Sunday, April 24, 12090

Early in the morning, at 4:00 AM, Doris, Lamika, and Dan got dressed for chores.
"No wind or rain today." Doris said as they walked out of the house. "It's a beautiful morning."
Lamika smiled. "Yes, it is."
Doris closed the front door, and she, Lamika, and Dan walked to the stable.
Suddenly, a carriage came and parked in front of their house. The door opened, and three men, armed with guns, came out and grabbed them.
"Hey! What the hell is going on?!" Doris demanded.
"Let us go!" Lamika demanded.
"Yeah!" Dan added.
"Shut up!" one of the men yelled. "We have orders to bring you three to the mayor's office."
The men pulled them into the carriage, and they drove off. Doris, Lamika, and Dan sat silently for the short ride.
When they arrived, they were escorted into the mayor's office. The mayor was sitting at his desk. The sheriff was standing next to him.
"What do you want, Mayor Rohman?" Doris demanded.
"The townspeople are quite upset with what happened yesterday." the mayor said.
"I explained that to you, Mayor Rohman." Lamika said impatiently.
"Yes, we know you were acting in self-defense." the mayor said. "Nonetheless, the townspeople don't trust you. You are lowering their morale and causing them grief and anxiety. Therefore, I am left with only one choice. Doris Victoria Deborah Lang, Lamika Susanna Lee, Daniel Michael Lang, as mayor of Ransylva, I hereby exile you. The three of you are to leave the village of Ransylva and never return, lest you be arrested."
Those words were like a stake through the heart for Doris, Lamika, and Dan. For a moment, they just stood there in shock, mouths agape.
"You can't do that!" Doris finally yelled.
"Young lady, I can do anything I want." the mayor replied. "I could have you confined to the internment camp or put to death. You're lucky you didn't kill anyone dear to me."
Dan was confused. "But I - "
"Shut up, Dan!" Doris and Lamika told him.
He closed his mouth.
"We can't just leave our house unattended." Doris told the mayor. "Our animals will die. My ungulates!"
"Find someone to look after them." the mayor told her.
Doris looked at Dan and Lamika. They nodded.
"We accept those terms." Doris said bitterly.
"Now go, take what you can, and leave us in peace." the mayor said.
"I'll escort you." the sheriff said.
"That won't be necessary." Doris told him angrily. "Do either of you know if Dazzle is still in town?"
"I hear they're at the club and preparing to leave." the sheriff informed them.
Doris, Lamika, and Dan looked at each other, then they turned and ran out of the building and to Hit Paradise.
As they ran along the cobblestone streets, they noticed that people avoided looking at them.
They entered the club. Dazzle was on stage, talking with the club owners.
"Thank God you didn't leave yet!" Doris exclaimed.
"We were about to." Rory replied. "We just stopped by to thank Christy, Kei, and Kimber Lee for letting us play here. Don't you three have animals to feed?"
"Actually, no." Doris replied sadly. "We've been exiled."
"What?!" Dazzle and the club owners asked simultaneously.
Doris, Lamika, and Dan walked up on the stage.
"The mayor had us picked up and brought to him." Lamika said.
"I'm so sorry." Phoebe said.
"Is there anything we can do?" Ingrid asked.
Doris gave them a teasing smile. "May we play with you before you go?"
Rory chuckled. "Of course."
Doris took Rory's synthaxe out of its case and hung it from herself. "Lamika, get on Vixen's synthesizer."
"But...the only instrument I can play is the organ." Lamika told her.
"Close enough." Doris plugged the synthaxe into the amplifier and turned it on.
Lamika got Ingrid's synthesizer out of its case, stood it up on its stand, plugged it into the amplifier and wall outlet, and turned it on. She looked at Doris with uncertainty.
"Trust me!" Doris said. "It's in your genes!"
Lamika shrugged. "Okay."
Rory took out Phoebe's bass guitar, hung it from himself, and plugged it into the amplifier.
Doris looked through the music sheets. She scanned the music and lyrics. She handed one sheet to Lamika, who scanned it also. Lamika handed it to Rory, who looked at it then handed it back to Doris with a nod. Doris put the music sheets away.
"You sing it. Rory and I will sing back-up vocals." Doris told Lamika. "Ready?"
"I guess." Lamika replied.
Doris started playing the synthaxe, Lamika started playing the synthesizer, and Rory started playing the bass guitar. Lamika started singing:

"It's been a long road,
gettin' from there to here.
It's been a long time,
but my time is finally near.

And I can feel a change in the wind right now.
Nothing's in my way,
and they're not gonna hold me down no more.
No, they're not gonna hold me back,

'cause I've got faith
of the heart.
I'm going where my heart will take me.
I've got faith
to believe
I can do anything.
I've got strength
of the soul,
and no one's gonna bend or break me.
I can reach
any star.
I've got faith (I've got..., I've got..., I've got...)
I've got faith:
faith of the heart.

It's been a long night,
tryin' to find my way.
Been through the darkness,
now I finally have my day.

And I will see my dream come alive at last.
I will touch the sky,
and they're not gonna hold me down no more.
No, they're not gonna change my mind,

'cause I've got faith
of the heart.
I'm going where my heart will take me.
I've got faith
to believe
I can do anything.
I've got strength
of the soul,
and no one's gonna bend or break me.
I can reach
any star.
I've got faith (I've got..., I've got faith),
faith of the heart.

I've known a wind so cold,
I seen the darkest days,
but now the winds I feel
are only winds of change.

I've been through the fire,
and I've been through the rain,
but I'll be fine (Oh-oh! Oh-oh!),

'cause I've got faith
of the heart.
I'm going where my heart will take me.
I've got faith
to believe
I can do anything.
I've got strength
of the soul,
and no one's gonna bend or break me.
I can reach
any star.
(I've got..., I've got...)
I've got faith (I've got...),
faith of the...

faith of the heart.
I'm going where my heart will take me.
I've got faith
to believe,
and no one's gonna bend or break me.
I can reach
any star,
'cause I've got faith (I've got..., I've got..., I've got...),
'cause I've got faith:
faith of the heart.

It's been a long road."

The others cheered and applauded.
Doris, Lamika, and Rory bowed to them. Doris took off the synthaxe, unplugged it, and put the instrument back in its case. Rory did the same to the bass. Doris shut off the amplifier. Lamika turned off the synthesizer, unplugged it, and placed it back in its case.
"Thank you." Doris and Lamika said.
Rory smiled. "My pleasure. You two sound great together."
"We need to find someone to look after our house and feed our animals." Doris said. "Kei, Christy, Kimber Lee, could the three of you please take care of them?"
The three girls smiled.
"Sure, Doris." Christy said.
"We'll work out a schedule." Kei said.
"Each of us will work there every third day." Kimber Lee added.
Doris smiled. "Thank you. Come home with us. I'll show you what you need to do. I'd also be honored if the six of you join us for breakfast. We don't have much, but I can make it stretch."
"We'd be delighted." Rory said.

After they had walked to the Lang farm, Doris showed the club owners how to take care of the animals and plant crops. She also showed them how to turn the barrier on and off and where various household items were kept.
Finally, she took them into the basement.
They were standing in front of a large steel vault. Doris typed in an access code on a keypad: 2-2-6-4-5-3-7. The door slid open, and the light came on. The nine of them walked into the vault.
Along each of the three walls were glass cases. Inside them were records, audio cassettes, compact discs, master tapes, video cassettes, DVDs, music sheets, photographs, magazines, and newspapers.
"What is all this stuff?" Kei asked.
"This...is my family's legacy, our most prized possessions." Doris said grandly.
Everyone looked at all of the items in fascination. It was quite rare to find anything from before World War III, much less this many in such great condition.
"These items are over 10,000 years old." Doris told them. "They're preserved in helium."
"Ooh, outraaageous." Kimber Lee said in awe.
"It's very important that they remain intact." Doris went on. "They're my only connection to the distant past. Please take care of them."
"We will." Christy promised.
They all looked at the items for a while, then they left the vault, Doris locked it, and they went back upstairs.
When they walked into the kitchen, Doris got the food from the refrigerator, plates from the cabinet, and utensils from the drawer and set them on the table.
"We've got ham, beef jerky, eggs, rye bread, and horseradish." Doris presented.
Doris, Lamika, and Dan allowed the club owners to sit on the chairs. Everyone else stood.
"What are you planning to do?" Kei asked. "Where will you go?"
"I'm not sure." Doris replied.
Doris started thinking. She thought about the lyrics to all of the songs she had heard in the past few days. Doris looked up from her plate and stared intensely at her lover. Lamika nodded in approval.
"Can we be in your group?" Doris asked Dazzle.
Rory, Phoebe, and Ingrid were surprised.
"Why?" Rory asked.
"We do the same things every day." Doris replied. "It's boring. We want some excitement in our lives. We wanna see the world."
"It's fine by me." Phoebe replied.
"Me, too." Ingrid added.
Rory smiled. "Welcome to Dazzle."
"So, what are we gonna do?" Lamika asked. "Become continental drifters?"
"No, we're going on tour." Doris replied with a grin. "We're going all over the place. We're gonna see everything."
"After we eat, I'll go back to the club and get our car, then I'll come back here and pick you up." Rory said.

After they had eaten their meal, Rory walked back to Hit Paradise.
While he was gone, Doris got three suitcases out of the closet in her parents' bedroom. She, Lamika, and Dan packed as many clothes as they could fit. Doris also took a few CDs from her bookcase, music sheets from a drawer, her wine bottle, and her whip. The three of them also packed their laser rifles.
As they were walking down the stairs, they heard a honking sound coming from outside.
"What the hell is that?" Doris asked.
All eight of them walked outside, and they saw Rory sitting in a red 1985 Pontiac Firebird, which was parked in front of the house.
"Wow!" Doris exclaimed.
Rory stuck his head out the window. "Watch this."
He pressed a button, and the roof retracted and went down.
Doris stared in delight. "It's a convertible."
Rory opened the trunk and got out of the car. "Give me your suitcases."
Doris, Lamika, and Dan handed them to him, and he put them in the trunk and closed it.
Everyone came and stood close to the car.
"Well, I guess this is good-bye...for now." Doris said. "If things start getting out of hand, call on me."
"I left a copy of our tour schedule on the coffee table." Phoebe explained. "Mail us."
Kei nodded. "We will. Good-bye."
"Yeah, good-bye." Kimber Lee added. "I wish I was going with you. Concerts, parties, interviews - it's truly outrageous!"
Doris gave her a smile. Lamika looked at Doris, Rory, Phoebe, and Ingrid and shared her thoughts with them.
Doris' smile faded. They all nodded in agreement.
"You may not wish to come with us when we tell you what else we're gonna do." Doris said. "We're going to become bounty hunters, hunting and killing vampires for payment."
"Like our brothers?" Christy asked.
Doris nodded. "Yes. We can't just enjoy ourselves. We have to reclaim our world."
"It's our destiny." Lamika added.
"Well, good luck to you." Christy said. "Good-bye."
Doris smiled. "Just for now. Listen, if that vampire hunter that I hired shows up someday, looking for me, tell him where I am."
"Got it." Christy said.
"We'd like to give you a gift before we leave." Ingrid said suddenly.
"What's that?" Kei asked.
"Eternal life." Phoebe said.
"Do you accept?" Rory asked them.
Kei, Christy, and Kimber Lee looked at each other, then they looked at Dazzle. "Yeah."
Rory bit Kei, Phoebe bit Christy, and Ingrid bit Kimber Lee. After they had drunk enough blood, they made shallow cuts in their own throats and allowed the three girls to bite them and drink their blood. After it was done, and all of the blood had been licked up, Rory, Phoebe, and Ingrid stepped back.
"Get some rest." Rory told them.
Doris, Lamika, Dan, Rory, Phoebe, and Ingrid said their good-byes, and the club owners gave their thanks.
Then Rory got in the driver seat of the Firebird. Doris got in the passenger seat. Phoebe, Ingrid, Lamika, and Dan got in the back seat.
Everyone waved as Rory started the engine and backed the car away.
"Fasten your seatbelts." Rory said.
Doris, Lamika, and Dan watched Rory, Phoebe, and Ingrid do it, then they fastened their own seatbelts.
As the car took off up the dirt road, Lamika looked back at the house sadly. "I was just beginning to feel at home there."
"The Markus Sisters are in charge of it now." Doris told her. "Rory, stop by the cemetery."

Rory stopped the car.
Doris, Lamika, and Dan got out and walked into the cemetery.
They walked a short distance, then Doris and Dan stopped and knelt in front of two graves.
"Mother, father,...I'm leaving now." Doris said. "I've got a new love and a new life. We're gonna be the best damn vampire hunters on the planet. Wish us luck. I love you. Good-bye."
They stood up. Doris looked around and found Lamika standing in front of a grave.
Lamika knelt down in front of the grave. "Mother,...I'm sorry that I never got to know you. I'm doing well now, thanks to my new family. I...I love you." She stood up and turned to face Doris and Dan.
"Let's be happy." Doris told Lamika. "We all have each other. We're family."
Lamika kissed Doris on the lips. "Thank you."
"You're welcome,...Micki." Doris replied.
Lamika smiled, and Doris smiled back at her. They joined hands and walked back to the car, Dan following close behind.
The three of them got into the Firebird. They buckled their seatbelts again.
"Doris?" Phoebe asked.
"I didn't want to say anything earlier, because I wasn't sure." she began. "Those four people I saw in the pictures in your vault - are they the same four people you and Lamika are descended from?"
"Yes." Doris replied.
"Well,...I've met them before." she continued.
Doris turned around and stared at her in shock. "That's impossible!"
"They're still alive, Doris." Phoebe replied. "I don't know how. They were probably bitten by vampires or dhampirs. I saw them in Los Angeles."
Doris slowly turned and faced the front again. "If they are alive,...I must find them. They're my family. Rory, start the car."
Rory started the engine. "You're ready to go?"
Doris nodded. "I'm done with this place. Let's hit the road."
"Where are we going?" Lamika asked.
"Los Angeles." Ingrid replied.
"Good!" Doris exclaimed.
"We'll find them, Doris." Lamika vowed.
Doris took one of her CDs out of its case, put it in the CD player, selected track 6, and pressed PLAY. A song started playing, and the voices of their ancestors filled the car:

"Out my window,
the rain starts to fall,
and the wind blows
through an empty hall.
In the mirror,
ooh, reflections of you.
In the distance, I hear a sound.
Is that you comin' around?

(What you gonna do?) Oh, what you gonna do?
(I think I should) I think I should be with you.
(Love that's overdue) A love that's overdue.
Oh, I think I should be with you.

Thought I saw ya
in a stranger's face.
Should I call ya,
or should I walk away?
Around the corner
is around the world.
Is that you lookin' at me,
or am I livin' a dream, woe-oh?

(What you gonna do?) Oh, what you gonna do?
(I think I should) I think I should be with you.
(Love that's overdue) Oh, a love that's overdue.
Oh, I think I should be with you.

And when I'm lost in a dream,
you are all I can see.
All alone in the night, I'm waiting for you;
in a moment, I'd die
just to look in your eyes;
the dream is alive...I'm waiting.
Oh, my (oh, my),
how I try
to make you see that
I should be with you.

In the distance I hear a sound.
Is that you comin' around?

(What you gonna do?) Oh, what you gonna do?
(I think I should) I think I should be with you.
(Love that's overdue) Oh, a love that's overdue.
Oh, I think I should be with you.

(Oh, I-I-I-I-I) I think I should be with you.
(I-I-I-I-I) Oh, I think I should be with you.
(I-I-I-I-I) Yeah, I think I should be with you."

As they drove south on a new journey, they sat silently in thought. Doris rested her arm on the door and felt the morning breeze in her hair.
The wind of change.

The End
Copyright © 2000, 2001, 2003 by Mark Moore