Hello! It's me again! Here is a new story, I will keep it as clean as possible. :P. Well as for the disclaimer I don't own Sailor moon. Naoko Takechi does. But, I would love to own Diamond hehehe. As for the where the story takes place. Rubeus has just captured the four scouts, but Serena and Darien are not together still. And I will put spacing in this story sry about that 1 b4. Hopefully the double spacing is better. Well I'll shut up now and let u read.

Chapter 1 The big meet

"Where is he?" screamed a furious prince. "My prince he said he will be here shortly, he has just captured the 4 scouts of the past that are blocking our way in the future." Wiseman, a floating cloak, told the prince to calm him down. "Well he better get here soon. I want to meet these four pests, that have been delaying our plans for this pathetic Earth." The prince said as he started to clam down. "Brother didn't Rubeus say that there were five scouts and 1 cape canary?" The prince's brother, Sapphire, spoke up. Sapphire was a man with midnight blue hair and matching eyes. He wore a midnight blue shirt and white pants and shoes. "Yes he did Sapphire. I wonder why he didn't capture this other scout along with the others?" Questioned the White Prince of Nemesis. "Well it seems to me that the rabbit has gotten quite attached to this Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. Maybe if Rubeus would follow Sailor Moon after she detransforms she could lead him to the rabbit." Wiseman suggested. "Well why couldn't he just follow the cape canary?" Emerald, and woman with long green hair, red eyes, short green dress, and green bracelet, necklace, and high boots, blurted out. "Well Sailor Moon always seems to be near the rabbit whenever we attack her, so that must mean that she hangs around the rabbit when she's not transformed." Wiseman stated. "ENOUGH!" shouted Prince Diamond. His white/blue hair was blowing about, while his purple/blue cape blew out as he stood up, and his white uniform straightened out. "I want him to follow that Sailor Moon, get her and the rabbit as soon as he delivers the four other scouts Then he can get that Tuxedo Mask." ordered the prince. Everyone bowed and replied "Yes your highness"


"NOOOOOO!!!!! Bring them back!!" Sailor Moon shouted. "Meet me at Tokyo Tower in 2 hours with the rabbit and the silver crystal, or you can say sayonara to your little friends." Rubeus, a guy with red hair, red eyes, brow vest, green pants, and black high boots stated then disappeared with the four scouts. Sailor Moon fell to her knees and burried her head into her arms and cried. "Sailor Moon get up!" Tuxedo Mask ordered as he held Rini in his arms. Sailor moon a girl with long blonde hair put up into 'buns', and light blue eyes looked up at him. "They're gone Darien! Don't you even care about them? No! All you care about is yourself and Rini!" Sailor Moon spat as she got up and ran away. "Darien?" Rini a little kid with pink hair with pointy buns, and red eyes questioned. "Yes Rini?" Tuxedo Mask looked down at her. He wore a black tuxedo with a cape, top hat, and white glasses which were blown away from the previous battle. "I'm really sorry that Rubeus got ahold of the scouts." Rini apologized. "Oh, Rini It's not your fault. No one could have prevented it." Tuxedo Mask soothed Rini as she fell asleep in his arms.


"Rubeus report." Diamond said as Rubeus stepped forward and bowed. "I have brought you the four scouts of the past." Rubeus said as he clicked his fingers and four scouts appeared lying on the floor unconscious. "Good job Rubeus. Now I have another mission for you." Diamond said as he look apon the scouts. "Yes your highness what is it?" Rubeus questioned. "I want you to follow that Sailor Moon after a battle and stalk her to wherever she goes. Then get her and the Rabbit. Then bring both of them here, then get that Tuxedo Mask." Diamond ordered. "Yes your highness." Rubeus bowed then dissapared back onto his ship in outer space.