I'm am so TERRIBLY sorry about the long wait. O and TY so much for all the reviews. They have been so helpful. I promise to get this next chapter up this weekend. And plz if there r NE inuyasha fans out there plz read my other sry and tell me if its good or bad? should i keep it? delet it? or chane teh pairings? even though i didnt make a definate pairing. the parings go as

Inuyasha and Kikyo

Kikyo and Naraku

Naraku and Kagome

Kagome and FLUFFY (hehe)

Kagome and Kogua (sp??)

Naraku and Kagra of the wind

SRY this is not going to be an Inuyasha and Kagome fic. there r 1 too many of those out there. I am sorry, but plz tell me neways if the story is good or bad!