Now and Then 2 By Phoenix

Chapter 1 - High School 1st Year

At the beginning of their first year Roberta, Chrissy, Teeny and Samantha arrived to school, they went to their lockers, they took out their books, and went to their first class, Roberta and Chrissy were together in Math, and Samantha and Teeny were together in Biology. Samantha and Teeny sat together, on Samantha's right side, there was a boy that she noticed was looking at her and then looked away, Teeny noticed it as well.

- "Wow, first day and already an admirer Samantha, good for you", Samantha turned to Teeny, while she was looking at the boy, and grabbed her face and turned her head around.

- "Don't look at him Teeny" - Samantha said while opening her notebook, and reaching for her pencil, but dropped it and fell right in the boy's side, he picked it up, but didn't give it to her right away, instead he tore a piece of paper and wrote something in it, and wrapped it around the pencil, then he gave it to her.

Teeny looked at the pencil and impatiently whispered to Samantha, - " Open it!"- She unwrapped the piece of paper and read it, hiding it from Teeny who just glared at Samantha and turned around, she began reading the paper, "Hey, how are you?, the name's Raphael, I'm from New Mexico, can you tell me your name?", She blushed a bit but tried to hide it, she then wrote, "I'm Samantha", she folded the paper and threw it beside him.

He picked it up, Teeny saw Samantha who tried not to blush, and she noticed, she knew Samantha maybe too well, probably even more than Samantha knew herself, then she realized that no one had ever made her blush, specially a guy. Samantha was all nervous, she didn't know what to do, for a guy had never been interested in her, she began thinking a million things, like she always did, she thought that she wouldn't know what to do if he asked her out, she had never gone out on a date with anyone, but she was also curious to see what happened, Teeny giggled when she looked at her friend who was all nervous, she put her hand on Samantha's shoulder.

- "Hey girl, what did he write?" - Teeny asked, Samantha looked down where she found another piece of paper.

- "Wait Teeny, I think he wrote something again" - Samantha said.

- "Well let me read it with you" - Teeny took the paper from Samantha's hand and unfolded it, "Can you meet me after school, just to talk and get to know each other?", Teeny giggled and looked at Samantha.

- "Well, what are you going to say to him?" - Teeny asked.

Samantha just shook her head.

- "I don't know, what do you think I should do? Or better yet what would you do?" - Samantha asked.

- "Well, judging by his looks, I would definitely say yes, but I think that in your case, you should meet him, but try not to look easy, guys love it when you just say yes and they could use you for their evil purposes, I know! Tell him that you've got other things to do, but that probably you will meet him after school"- Teeny said while Samantha wrote the message on the paper, then she threw it to Raphael, he picked it up and opened it, Samantha saw Raphael smile while he read the paper, so she smiled as well.

Teeny noticed the smile on Samantha's face, and she giggled.

Meanwhile Roberta and Chrissy were talking in Math class as usual.

- "What am I gonna do Crissy, Scott is here and is now sitting next to me" - Roberta said.

Chrissy turned around facing Roberta and saw Scott, she glared a little and turned to Roberta again.

- "He likes you, but why do you keep getting nervous when he's near, and don't forget he's a Wormer and above all he is the enemy" - Chrissy said.

Roberta looked at Scott briefly, and when she did, Scott looked at her too and smiled at her, she returned him the smile for a second and looked away, Chrissy OF COURSE noticed.

- "You see you're dying for Scott Wormer" - Chrissy said and Roberta glared at her.

- "I am not" - Roberta protested but Chrissy said it again.

- "You are".

Roberta glared again at Chrissy and said.

- I'm not, and if you don't shut up I'll break your nose".

The Bell rang and the class was over, the four girls went to the school's cafeteria, Roberta realized that Samantha was too nervous, Chrissy noticed it too.

- "What's wrong Samantha, you're shaking" - Roberta asked, and by the time she finished her question, Samantha spilled her coke.

Teeny looked at Roberta and Chrissy.

- "Ok, I'll tell you the story, Samantha met a guy in biology class, cute as hell, he slipped her a piece of paper and asked her if they could meet after school to get "Aquainted" " - Teent said to them in a low voice, Roberta looked at Samantha who grabbed her hair and put it behind her ears.

- "So, what did you say to him?" - asked Roberta, Samantha looked up to Roberta.

- "I said I would probably meet him after school" - Samantha replied, Chrissy seemed surprised but happy, because Samantha finally found a guy that was interested in her.

- "And, is he good looking?" - Chrissy asked and Samantha nodded - "And What's his name?" - she asked again.

- "His name is Raphael, he's from New Mexico" - Samantha replied, they were all surprised, Teeny looked at Samantha and said sarcastically.

- "Well this is very good, you'll have your very own latin lover" - Samantha turned quickly to face Teeny and said.

- "Shut up Teeny, don't make fun of him" - Teeny turned around and grabbed her coke, then she replied.

- "Oh come on, I'm not making fun, but really Sam, this is the first time I've ever saw you shaking and blushing because of a guy, and I'm just saying that you should go out with him, he really seems to like you, so why don't you give him a chance and give yourself a chance, I promise you won't regret it".

Samantha thought about what Teeny said, it could be fun for her to go out for the first time on a date. She thought about Raphael in every class, she hardly stayed focused on the class, and to make matters worse Raphael was with her in every class but one, in Spanish, that's when she realized that maybe Raphael could be help her pass that class, but she felt kind of sad of not having him on that class.

Teeny and Roberta were on Spanish class together, and with them was Raphael, Teeny pointed Raphael out for Roberta, and Roberta felt like sending him a message to him, she tore a piece of paper from her notebook and wrote a message, she folded it and threw it to him, Raphael unfolded the piece of paper and read it, "I'm Roberta, Samantha's my friend, and I just want to warn you one thing, if you hurt her I'll beat the shit out of you", Raphael chuckled, he then wrote his own message to Roberta and threw it to her, she unfolded the paper and read it, "Don't worry Roberta, that's not gonna happen, I like Samantha seriously, ever since I saw her", Roberta looked at Raphael and whispered to him.

- "Ok latin boy, you're warned".

The bell rang and Samantha saw Raphael waiting in the garden for her, she told herself to calm down and just talk to him; she walked up to him, Raphael looked at her and smiled, Samantha smiled back at him and sat beside him, then she looked around, just to see if Roberta, Teeny and Chrissy weren't around, she saw the coast was clear, so she looked at him and before she could say anything Raphael said.

- "So, how was your first day?" - Samantha looked at him and said.

- "Oh, fine, it was great and yours?" - Raphael closed a notebook he had and put it inside his backpack, then he looked at Samantha.

- "Well it was going pretty bad until I met you, you made my day" - Samantha was about to blush, but she managed to hide it and just smiled at him, then she said.

- "Well I'm glad I could help you there, but ok, tell me about you... so you're from New Mexico, how did you get here?" - when she finished her question Raphael looked down and replied.

- "My dad left my mom when I was twelve, when that happened I had to go to work, I started of as a delivery boy for a news paper, then I went to work on a movie theater selling popcorn but I resigned, so I started singing in restaurants and it turned out to be my best job ever since, but my mom was promoted but one of the conditions was that we moved here, so she came and got the job, and bought a house and we moved here two weeks ago, and what about you, tell me something about you" - Samantha was impressed, Raphael's story was very much like hers, so she said.

- "My story was a lot like yours, my dad left my mom when I was twelve too, I tried to find a job, but my mom told me she would take care of everything, and she has, so I've just have been dedicating my self to study and my friends" - Raphael looked at Samantha, and then he looked at his watch, then he said.

- "At what time do you have to get home?".

- "At three, because my mom starts her second shift at three thirty" - Samantha said while smiling at him.

- "Well it's almost three, do you mind if I walk you home?" - Raphael asked.

- "No, I don't mind, it's actually not very far from here" - Samantha said, they both stood up and walked to her house.

To be continued...