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Episode 9- Wild Silver

Raye looked at the others and nodded towards the energy, then back at Serena and Darien. If they were going to attack and hope to succeed, it was now. Thrusting her arms directly out in front of her, she lifted the power and willed it to attack. Serena hadn't sensed anything. It was a good sign, a great sign, in fact. She hoped Darien would keep her busy, even if he doesn't intend to.

As the power moved at a steady speed towards the hunched over blonde, Raye could feel the power of her friends as the combined what strength they have left. It's not even half of what Serena has right now…The thought had her thinking of chewing her fingernails.

There was a slight tensing of muscles in both sides, then Raye watched in horror as Serena turned around, eyes red with fury. Dimly, Raye realized the others were horror-stricken as well. Now what…? Everything was in slow motion as Serena raised her hands, getting ready to send a blast of Wild Power at them. Time froze as Raye closed her eyes.


Serenity stared at Endymion for what must have been more than a minute, studying closely his red-tinted face and irregular breath closely. Finally, she spoke her ultimate question. "Bonding…?"

There was a soft gulp, then, "Yes. It's an exchange of blood, basically."

"A… what…? So… what happens? You bite me?" While Serenity found this information strangely interesting, she could tell Endymion wasn't exactly having the time of his life. Even so, she had always thought it fun to tease someone, and she just couldn't resist teasing Endymion. Not when he was on his edge. She grinned inwardly at his reddened face, realizing that the color would not be subsiding for awhile.

Serenity blinked when Endymion responded, "Yeah, you could say that."

"You were… serious…?"

"Of course."

Serenity gulped. "Um… so when do these seasons start?"

She watched as something flickered in his eyes. "Soon."

"Is there a particular date…?"

"No. It's usually triggered by something." A meaningful glance was thrown in her direction and Serenity felt butterflies attack her stomach.

"Oh." She mentally slapped herself. That's all she could say- oh. She could have said something else, but nope. It had to be as stupid as "oh."

She pouted as Endymion chuckled at her response, then tensed as he moved forward, reaching for her. She let herself fall into his arms, no resistance. Rubbing her cheek against the smooth fabric of his shirt, she sighed and breathed in his scent. "Take me somewhere."

"What?" She felt his voice vibrations.

"Take me somewhere… you know? On the horse, to a field, somewhere! I don't care where… as long as it's with you." Serenity could imagine the gentle smile that spreads on his face.

"Of course, Serenity… of course."

Amy crossed her fingers and hoped that Serenity would be too late. The void and power itself would automatically revert Serenity to her present form, back to the original Serena Tsukino. But if Serenity destroys the void before it can work its healings on her, then all was lost. There was no way they could perform another void or power as large as this one. Out of the corner of her eye, Amy knew the others were hoping, with her, that a miracle would happen, and somehow, Serenity would fumble… or something of the sort.

A miracle did happen… unexpectedly.

Amy could have screamed in joy and relief when Endymion reached up and clutched Serenity's arm, restraining her from stopping the void. She watched intently as Endymion smiled weakly at her and watched as she smiled back. She watched as Serenity remembered her current situation and then she turned. And the void surrounded her, casting her powers and emotions aside, purifying her soul. Amy watched, and felt, as the Silver in the air diminished, the Wild disappeared… and then she sighed… and like the others, collapsed.

Serenity giggled at Endymion's antics. He was searching for a yarrow plant. It had been three moons since they have been together. Were they really together? Was Endymion in trouble? She could often feel worry and nervousness churn inside of her. What would be come of her if he got in trouble? He did say he had broken a rule by falling in love with her… most of all, what would happen to him?

She cocked her eyebrows and leaned back into his arms, resting a hand on his. "Change me."


"You heard me. I know you're past your first season… so it's the bonding right? Go ahead." Serenity flung her hair past her shoulder, revealing her bare neck.

"Now? What? Serenity, I can't…"

"Oh yeah… what happened the last time?" She turned around and punched his chest playfully.

"You were resisting me…" Endymion had a frown on his face.

"I was what?"

"Resisting me. You have strong telepathy powers, you know that?" Endymion's face stretched into a gentle smile.

"I was so not! I didn't even know until you told me a moon ago." Serenity retorted, glaring at him.

"Of course you didn't. You weren't supposed to."

"Then how could I resist you?" Serenity paused, eyes twinkling. "How could I resist you?" She placed her hands on his chest and leaned forward, strategically putting her face close to his.

Her seducing look faltered and broke down, however, when Endymion smirked back, just as tempting. Serenity laughed out loud and collapsed in his arms, hands tangled in his silky black hair. "You need to work on seducing others."

"Oh really…" Serenity inhaled sharply as she was pulled mercilessly into his arms and propped on his knees quicker than the naked eye could follow. "Let's try it again… and since you know…" He trailed off.

"Since I know… what?" Serenity whispered, looking into his eyes.

"About me. More than you should…" A sharpness pierced her throat and she screamed.

I have been informed… by you guys… :) That this story is very confusing. And yes, I admit, after re-reading what I've wrote, it is. However, I would like to add that it's not finished yet, and when it is, everything will be revealed. I'm not a fan of sudden endings, but everything this fic has gone through so far is indicating (to me) a sudden ending. This story is undergoing heavy editing right now. Edited version might be posted as a separate fic… or just replaced.

I've noticed a few sharp readers. :) Lady E1, especially. I'll give you a hint though, if you're reading this: The girls are starting to realize things that they hadn't thought of earlier, and Endymion (in Episode 6) did not faint because it was part of the plan. He didn't expect it at all. ;) That's all I'm saying. If I say more you're gonna figure it out. XD

And just to clear something up, Darien released Serena, while Serenity repelled Endymion. Two different things happened at two different times. Darien released Serena (present) because he actually found himself falling in love with her and he was scared (though he never admitted it) and didn't understand his feelings. (He's the lord, after all :)) However, Serenity repelled Endymion (past) because… well, you'll see.

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