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"…." means talking out loud

'….' means inner thoughts

*….* means a sound effect

Ch.1 - Birthday Encounters

"It's so dark tonight…" A raven haired girl commented, rather nervously, while looking up at the night sky.

"Yeah, there's no moon in the sky. I'm glad we made it to my house so soon." The raven haired girl's friend said sitting down on the steps outside her house.

"Well that's easy for you to say, I still have another three blocks to walk 'till I reach mine." The first girl said sitting down next to her friend, looking again up at the faint stars flickering in and out of the clouds.

"Well, I could get my brother to walk you home if you're that scared." The second girl said with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

The first girl just stood up and walked a few feet away. "Sango, you should know better. I'm not scared of anything." The girl smiled and turned to walk away. But before she reached the sidewalk she turned and said, "Besides, you're brother is what? 12? How can he protect me?"

"Kagome, don't make me hurt you, and so close to your 17th birthday." Sango shook her head and winked.

Kagome laughed and waved goodbye to her friend as she continued down the sidewalk.

Sango stood on her porch and watched Kagome until she was out of sight. 'I hope she's going to be ok. Tomorrow's a big day for her.' Sango turned and went inside.

Kagome smiled and walked steadily until she was sure that Sango couldn't see her anymore. Once she turned the corner she began to run. 'I have a feel that if I don't hurry something, or someone, may come out and get me. Damn, why didn't I insist on stopping at my house first. I hate the dark…'

She closed her eyes and ran toward her house. 'I'm not afraid. I'm not weak!' She kept saying to herself, over and over again. After running about two blocks, Kagome ran out of breath and slowed down to a walk. 'Maybe if I'm quiet, I won't attract any attention…' She continued to walking, slowly and lightly. 'I know I'm just making a big deal out of this. No one will shoot out of the shadows and grab me… or hit me… or rape me… or throw me to the ground and kick me…' She continued to think about all the possible scenarios of what could happen until she looked up. "Almost home, I can see the shrine steps already.'

With a sigh of relief she continued toward the steps. She smiled thinking how she survived the long walk home… in the dark. She started to walk up the steps to make her way home. "Haha… I got myself worked up over nothing." She laughed at herself. She had reached the top of he staircase in no time and walked to her front door.

"I'm home!" She yelled as she opened the door, "Mom? Grandpa? Souta?" Kagome called out, but no answer came. She walked through the living room, turning all the light on as she went 'Why in the world are all the lights off?' She looked around confused as to why her family would be sitting in the dark. 'Maybe they all went to bed already…' She rationalized as she made her way to the kitchen.

"A note?" Kagome said ripping a piece of paper from it's little doggy-faced magnet holder on the refrigerator.


Mom, Souta and, Grandpa went to Kyoto, to stay with your Aunt for the week, we tried to call you but your cell phone was turned off. We left you a weeks worth of food, and the credit card in case you need something else. You know the number if you need us.


Mom, Souta, and Grandpa

Kagome rolled her eyes. 'Why do they always have to leave, and a day before my birthday too.' She crumbled the note threw it in the trash can, then went upstairs to take a bath. She laid down in the bathtub and submerged her body in the hot water, immediately relaxing. "That feels good…" Kagome closed her eyes and began to think. 'My family can be so inconsiderate at times, To leave me alone on my birthday…' She leaned forward and looked at the clock hanging by the door. "11:59pm" She mumbled and watched the second hand slowly inch it's way along, counting down the seconds. The clock finally reached 12:00am. "Happy Birthday, Kagome" She said, slightly depressed. She stood up and grabbed a towel. "Another year, another birthday alone, just like all the others…" Kagome sighed thinking of all her past birthdays… each one her family had to leave… or work… she was always alone.

She looked on the mirror and put on a smile. 'See, I'm strong, I can make it alone.'


Kagome froze, 'What was that?' She wrapped her towel tightly around herself and slowly opened the bathroom door. "Buyo? Was that you?" She walked out of the doorway and lightly stepped down the hall.


'There it is again… It's coming from my room.' Kagome reached her room, she held her breath as she slowly opened her bedroom door. "Buyo? Are you there?" Kagome walked into the dark room. She reached for the light switch and quickly flipped it on. "Ahhh!" Kagome jumped back.

Sitting on her bed was her cat, Buyo, and her textbooks were laying on the floor… one of the covers was scratched up.

"Buyo! What the hell are you doing?" Kagome yelled at the cat, secretly relieved that noise was only Buyo pushing her books off her bed. She walked over and picked up the over fed cat and put him on the floor. "Buyo, go play somewhere lese, before I change my mind and punish you for ruining my textbooks." The cat just yawned and curled up to go to sleep in the very place Kagome had set him down. Kagome shook her head and laid down on her bed. Soon she started to drift off into sleep…


"Buyo quiet" Kagome rolled over in her bed.

"Meow, meow, meow."

"Buyo, shut-up!!" She yelled without opening her eyes.

"Meow, meow…"

"Ok, Buyo, I swear one more time and I'll…" She quickly trailed off when she lifted her head to see a man.

"Quiet girl…" The next thing Kagome knew the man was covering her mouth. "Shhh, come on now, be a good girl."

'How did he get over her so quickly? What do I do? Oh god…' Kagome frantically thought, fighting back the stinging tears that were forming.

"Now little girl, can you tell me where the jewel is? I'll let of your mouth so you can answer, not scream, deal?" The man removed his hand and lifted Kagome up out of bed.

"J… jewel? We don't have anything like that… not here… we have some jewelry, but nothing fancy… umm." Kagome said choking down her sobs.

"No bitch!" The man roughly grabbed her and squeezed her arms tight. "The Shikon no Tama! Where the fuck did you put it?"

'Shikon no Tama? What is that?' Kagome thought, getting confused. 'Damn, my arms hurt so much.' Kagome looked down at her capturer's hands, she noticed they were clawed. 'Claws?'

The man shook her again to gain her attention "Well?"

"I don't know what a 'Shikon no Tama' is… I… I just don't know… please…"

"No! You're lying, you're the miko who it was entrusted to! I can smell it on you!" The man tightened his grip, blood started to trickle down Kagome's arm.

"No, me? I'm not a miko… my family just owns this shrine, I have nothing to do with it. I don't know anything else." Kagome's face was stained with tears from the pain in her arms.

"Bitch, now I know you're lying… I can sense, and smell your power…" The man sighed. "Fine, I'll just have to kill you, if you don't tell me where the jewel is now!"

'Whah? Kill me?' Kagome began to struggle against his hold. The man's claws tore more of her skin.

"Just stop moving and this will be over soon." The man removed one of his claws from Kagome's arm and brought it to her neck. "One quick cut should do it, watcha think?" He asked not expecting an answer.

'No, this can't be the end… why, I don't understand. I haven't even had my first kiss, or gone on a roller coaster, or gotten drunk just once… there's so many things I haven't finished… I can't die… I want to live…' All these thoughts raced through her head as she felt the claw barely touch her skin. He was taking his time, he was playing with her. Kagome closed her eyes and screamed "I want to live!"

Suddenly a white light burst out through her cuts and engulfed the room.

'So warm, and bright… I feel at peace… am… am I dead?' Kagome slowly opened her eyes to see the light fade away, leaving the whole room dark. 'Light? Where did that come from?' Kagome tried to sit up "Ah, my head… argh…" She lied back down unable to move, she suddenly felt extremely tired. She clenched her fists from pain, only to notice she was holding something. "What is it? I can't see…"

"Argh… damn bitch…" The man slowly stood up and rubbed his head. "Dark? The lights must have blown… a total blackout…"

'He's still here?' Kagome lay quiet hoping he couldn't see her… 'Please let him just leave please…' Kagome wished all this would be over… soon.

"Hmm, bitch's got some power on her…" The man flexed his claws and walked toward the spot Kagome lay.

'Oh god… can he see me?' Kagome closed her eyes waiting for the clawed hands to grip her.

A few minutes passed and Kagome was still waiting. 'what's taking him so long?' Kagome started getting impatient. She opened her eyes. And staring back at her were a pair of glowing golden eyes. 'Gold? Weren't they green a minute ago?'

"Oi, bitch gonna say anything soon?" A voice said, different from the man's before.

"A different voice and eye color?" Kagome said out loud.

"Hey, don't compare me to that cat youkai, woman." The golden-eyed person said.

"Cat youkai? Wait youkai?" Kagome was now even more confused. Kagome closed her eyes thinking

Soon the lights returned. Kagome tried to open her eyes, but couldn't… 'My eyes… why won't they open?' Kagome then felt arms lift her up… clawed hands… 'Claws? This person too?'

The golden-eyed person carried Kagome to her bed and laid her down, mumbling about useless women. He was holding her eyes shut. 'Can't let her see me now… and why the hell was she in a towel? Anyway she was lucky I came when I did…' He thought before saying, "Better thank me woman, you'd be dead if it wasn't for me…" He removed his hands from her eyes.

Kagome quickly opened her eyes in time to see the back of his head as he jumped out her window. 'Sliver hair? And did I see fuzzy ears on the top of his head?/ She laid back down, exhausted from what happened. She decided to deal with all that happened tomorrow in the morning. As she drifted off she whispered, "Thank-You…"

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