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Ch. 18- Jealousy and Other Such Things

The night slipped away and soon the morning came. School was about an hour away and Kagome was already up and finishing the breakfast she had prepared for Inuyasha and herself. 'Why, isn't he up yet, it's getting late...' Kagome thought as she stared at Inuyasha's bedroom door. She decided to get up and see what was keeping him. "Inuyasha? Hey, are you up?" She yelled through the door as she knocked. "I'm coming in!" She tentavily opened the door and peaked around the corner. 'Still in bed?!?!' She covered her mouth before she screamed. 'He's going to make us both late!' She went over to slap some sense into him and hopefully wake him up in the process. "Hey, Inuyasha get up already!" She bent down to get a good view of his face so she could see his reaction when he awoke. "Huh?" She saw a quick movement, and the next thing she knew she was pinned under Inuyasha. "What do you think you're doing?"

"I should be asking you the same, coming into my room when I still have at least 10 more minutes of sleep." Inuyasha's move was one of an alert person, but his speech and his facial expressions proved that he was still not completely awake.

"Well sorry, but I thought you may want to eat before school, and maybe we could have talked a little about this situation, you know me living here and all from now on. Forgive me..." Kagome looked the opposite way and was beginning to evaluate her current position. Inuyasha was on top of her, she was on his bed and covered by the sheets and comforter... and no sooner did she realize that Inuyasha had no clothes on '!!!!!!!!!!!' Was the only thing in her mind at the moment.

"Hmm, breakfast what is it? Maybe I will come out. Or maybe I should just stay like this for the rest of the day, school is useless after all." Inuyasha smiled as he settle down next to Kagome, still clinging to her, just in case she decided to escape.

"What?" Kagome said distracted.

"I asked what did you make..." Inuyasha repeated.

"Ummm, nothing..."

"But you just said..."

"Oh, yeah, eggs and bacon... and some pancakes." Kagome tried to avoid eye contact and ease away from Inuyasha's grip, but this caused him to pull her closer.

"Hmmm, nope I like this situation much better." Inuyasha closed his eyes and rested his head against Kagome's neck.

Kagome really did not mind this at all, frankly she wanted to embrace him more than she would let on at this point, but the fact that he had no clothes on was still poking at her conscious. "Inuyasha?"

"Shhh, quiet time..."

"No, umm I would appreciate it if maybe we went to school? And on the way, maybe , just maybe you could put some clothes on? How does that sound?" Kagome was not asking, she was more of commanding, still trying to get away.

"Denied. I don't sleep with clothes on." He said simply.

"Yes, this I noticed, seeing how all my night clothes somehow did not make it into my new room, curious that it was the only thing I did not pack myself. I had to sleep in one of my shirts." Kagome was pissed that all her clothing had just disappeared and she knew exactly who to thank for that.

"Well, as I had said before, you will always have something to wear at night." Inuyasha yawned.

"I don't think another person can qualify as having something to wear." Kagome laughed inside, still trying to sound mad.

"It is if it does the same job, the clothes cover you, and so will I. That's why you were suppose to sleep with me last night, don't let me sleep alone again." Inuyasha opened his eyes and starred into Kagome's. He had every look of being serious.

"We can talk about that later, right now you must get ready for school. Please?" Kagome conceded and decided to just drop the whole thing and concentrate on getting Inuyasha ready for school.

"You can go, but I don't want to." He released her and pulled the covers over his head.

Kagome jumped up and ran to go and grab her things to leave. She had the perfect plan. She opened the door and yelled, "Alright! I'll see you later. I may not be home right away after school so don't worry."

"Yeah yeah, just go already."

She began to walk away and just before she closed the door she whispered "Hmm, I wonder what Kouga-kun is doing after school today..."

Sango and Miroku were been sitting outside the classroom, waiting for Kagome and Inuyasha.

"Do you think they'll actually come today?" Miroku asked looking at his watch.

"If Kagome has anything to say about it, they will." Sango said confidently.

Miroku half smiled, "Well, if Inuyasha has anything to say about it, they would still be in bed at this very moment."

"What are you implying? Miroku?" Came a voice from behind

Miroku turned around to see Kagome standing with her hands on her hips, awaiting his reply. Not two feet behind her was Inuyasha, arms crossed and a looked of pure evil stained across his face, he obviously didn't want to be there.

"Oh nothing, I see Inuyasha lost." Miroku shook his head in at his friend and walked into the classroom, leading Sango in with him, his arm draped over her shoulder.

"I see everything is fine between those two, I wonder what happened." Kagome mused as she started for the door.

"Keh... who cares." Inuyasha wasn't too interested in other people's love lives, only his lack of one. As Kagome came in view of the classroom, Inuyasha swooped in and caught her by the waist, pulling her next to his side, then continuing to enter as a couple. All the while his eyes were glued to Kouga, sitting in the far back.

'Why does he always have to make a scene? Couldn't this have been accomplished outside of school?' Kagome hung her head and avoided glares from some of the students, and the teacher. 'Oh well, nothing I can do about it now, I might as well enjoy his arms around me.' She smiled inwardly and relaxed against Inuyasha's chest.

Inuyasha did not let the slight change in Kagome's body stance go unnoticed, "See, I told you, you wanted to stay home, in bed, as much as I did."

Kagome's eyes widened and she gasped silently. "You asshole, shut up... do you want the class to hear?"

"I didn't say it loud enough for the class to hear, I can if you want." Inuyasha said as they took their seats.

"No! That will do." Kagome rubbed her forehead, 'I feel a headache coming on.'

The past as if nothing had changed. The students were all oblivious to the fact that Kagome was now currently residing in Inuyasha's apartment, that Miroku ever had a problem in the sex department, that demons lurked among the shadows, or even in broad daylight. The world was peaceful for a time. Lunch was quick, Miroku, Sango, Kagome and Inuyasha all ate and talked until the period was over. The end of school marked the beginning of the fun.

Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz The school bell rang, lightening the hearts of many eager students.

"Come on Kagome, let's go get so ice cream, it's hot outside." Sango packed up quickly and started to tug at Kagome's arm.

"Yeah. Inuyasha, Miroku... you guys coming?" Kagome inquired as she stuffed her backpack.

"I'm game, Inuyasha?" Miroku smiled.

Inuyasha stood up and turned to face the gang. "No, I think I will head home. See you there later Kagome." Inuyasha smiled slightly and made his way out.

"Hmmm, maybe he's still mad about this morning." Kagome stared at where Inuyasha had been standing.

"Couldn't be, he was fine at lunch time. He seemed ok." Sango said in defense of Inuyasha.

"Oh well, I'll talk to him later, he won't be mad for long." Kagome shrugged it off. "Let's go get some ice cream!" Kagome marched out as if leading an army of invaders.

"Onward!" Sango followed.

Miroku shook his head and walked a few feet behind, ashamed of the children he was accompanying.

Inuyasha rode his motorcycle slowly down the street, looking around, searching. 'Come on... I know you are hear somewhere.' He thought. He sniffed at the air, trying to get a whiff of that awful stench he was looking for. Suddenly his nose cringed up into his face. 'Gotcha!' He sped up and hurried off to the origin of the smell. He arrived in no time at all and faced the owner. "Oi, Kouga..."

Kouga turned around to see Inuyasha leaning against his bike, helmet stuck under his arm. "Yeah? What the fuck do you want?"

Inuyasha approached Kouga slowly, starring intently into his eyes. "I just thought you would like to know that you shouldn't bother going to Kagome's house anymore."

"Like I would listen to you, I'll go where I want." Kouga huffed as he backed away a bit, Inuyasha was dangerously close.

"Fine, but you would be wasting your time, pal." He uttered the last word with definte distain.

"How so?"

"She doesn't live there anymore, you idiot. She ahs found a better place for the time being."

"And where would that be? At your house?" Kouga laughed, but Inuyasha didn't respond. "You're kidding... right?" Kouga's eyes widened and he held his breath. 'Can't be, Kagome living with this dog-breath?'

"I'm not one to talk about what goes on behind closed doors." Inuyasha smirked, seeing the look of anger, disbelief and horror, all at once upon Kouga's face, this was exactly what he came for. "Well, I'm off now. I have to go meet Kagome later. See ya wimpy-wolf!" Inuyasha turned, raised his hand in the air as a farewell, jumped on his bike and was off.

"What the fuck..." Kouga murmured as he watched Inuyasha drive off. Kouga thought hard about this fact. 'Kagome moving in with Inuyasha... could they be sleeping in the same bed?!?! Fucking dog! I won't... I can't let this continue much longer. I think I will need to call in reinforcements.' Kouga smiled inwardly to himself, happy about his upcoming plan, a sure fire plot.

Kagome waddled into Miroku's car. "Ugh... too much ice cream..."

"Well duh! Kagome you ate like three sundaes, one banana split and two dipped vanilla cones. I'm surprised you can walk." Sango put a arm around Kagome's waist to help her sit right in the back seat.

"Please Kagome, whatever you do, try not to throw up in my car... please!" Miroku started the engine uneasily.

"I won't throw up, I'm not a little kid, I can control my own body." Kagome slurred a little, she was becoming drowsy.

"Miroku, let's take Kagome home first. Inuyasha can handle it." Sango said as Miroku started to drive off, slower and more gentle than usual.

"I doubt Inuyasha will appreciate us just dumping him with Kagome and her over active stomach." Miroku chuckled to himself.

"Here you go Kagome. Let's get you up and into your bed." Miroku helped Kagome to lie down and finally go to sleep.

"Miroku I will go and see if Inuyasha is here somewhere." Sango stated as she left the room.

"I doubt he is here, he would have come out to see who was coming through the door. Don't bother, Kagome's asleep now. She will be fine, we can leave a note for Inuyasha." Miroku closed Kagome's door.

"Yeah ok." Sango conceded.

Inuyasha walked into his apartment, fuming that he did not find Kagome at the ice cream parlor where she had said she would be. "Damn wench, she's such a liar... she better not have run off to find Kouga." Inuyasha announced to the walls, his only auidience.

"No... daddy, don't leave me, not in the dark..." Kagome's wimpering came from her bedroom, taking Inuyasha by surprise.

"Kagome? You here?" Inuyasha went to go check on Kagome. When he opened her door, he found her tossing and turning in her bed, her face was streaked with tears and sweat all trailing down her face. "Kagome..."

"Please... not in the dark..." She continued to plead to someone Inuyasha could not see.

Inuyasha came to sit on her bed and restrained her movement, he noticed that she was asleep. "A dream?" He stroked her hair and pushed it out of her face and behind her ears.

"Why... daddy... don't go!" Kagome sat up suddenly, her eyes wide in shock.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha fell back startled

"Inuyasha? What's the matter? Why are you in my room?"

"You were having a bad dream, I came to see if you were alright. Are you feeling okay now?"

"Umm, yeah... I'm fine. A bad dream you say? I don't remember anything about that. I thought I was sleeping fine." Kagome began to get out of bed and fix her hair. She did notice that she was sweating more than usual and tears were still draining from her eyes.

"Keh. It's not like I really care. I just thought you were being attacked or some shit like that." Inuyasha stood up, thinking about what Kagome had said and what it may mean. "Hey Kagome?"


"What happened to your dad? I mean I know he died and all, but how?" Inuyasha turned to look at Kagome when she did not answer. "Kagome? Did you hear me?"

"He was killed. I don't remember anything else." She said simply.

"Were you there?" Inuyasha pushed.

"Of course not. That would stay with someone for the rest of their lives. Seriously Inyasha, where do you get this stuff?" Kagome laughed.

"Ah, it's nothing, I've seen one too many movies lately." Inuyasha shrugged it off.

"I'll say you have."

"Anyway, why were you not at the ice cream parlor?" Inuyasha changed the course of the converstation, but it was not forgotten.

"We were. I came home early, I ate too much and hurt my stomach." Kagome looked down embrassed. "Did you come to find me?"

"No, that's stupid, I told you I had things to do, I couldn't go." Inuyasha began to walk out.

"Then how did you know I wasn't at the ice cream parlor? Hmm? Answer that." Kagome crossed her arms and leaned against the wall, starring at Inuyasha as he stopped in his tracks.

"I didn't know. I guessed. So sue me. Keh." Inuyasha started to walk away again, but this time Kagome said nothing, she was satisfied with herself for the time being.

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