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The Damned Part 1

Chapter 1: Rogue's decision

            "Rogue are you sure you want to do this?"

            "Yes, ah need ta know."

            "Then sit down, but I'm warning you I am not an expert psychic."

            Rogue sat in a chair next to her bed, "Carmen ah trust you, your power ta bring repressed memories to the front of a person's mind are remarkable."

            Carmen sighed, "Rogue, what if your memories are something that you don't need to remember?"

            "Then ah'll deal with it. Ah just have ta know."

*                   *                   *

            Seven months ago:

            "Scott, are you seeing that?" Archangel asked.

             Cyclops, answered as he expertly flew the Blackbird, "Looks like a distress signal."

            Iceman, who had been sitting quietly in the back of the plane moaned, "We just got back from a mission, do we really have to take this one? I'm sure the Fantastic Four would love it if we left them a few problems to solve."

            "Bobby," Cyclops said in a warning tone.

            "As much as I hate to agree with Drake's point of view," Beast, also sitting in the back, began, "we are all out of energy and supplies, we can't be of much help."

            "We have to try," Cyclops told him as the distress signal grew stronger, "hold on, we're going in."

*                                  *                                  *

            The infirmary, X-Mansion:

"We're glad you picked up our distress signal, we were sure we were going to die."

            "Not to worry Tony," Archangel reassured, "It's our pleasure to help the Avengers."

            Tony Stark, otherwise known as Ironman, smiled, "Glad to hear that."

            "You X-Men have impeccable timing," came the slightly muffled voice of Captain America.

            "You shouldn't be trying to talk," the new doctor, Annie Ghazikanian, told him, "your jaw is cracked." Looking around at her patients, the Avengers, she rolled her eyes, "You know for such an experienced team you'd think you guys would have known better than to just jump into a battle with an unknown assailant."

            Archangel stifled a laugh.

            "Anyway," Annie continued, "a few of you are free from my wrath. Iron Man, Thor, and Hawk Eye, you all have a clean bill of health."

            "What about me?" Spiderwoman asked.

            "You, missy, have a broken leg that needs to be put in a cast." Annie told her.

            "I'll be fine," Spiderwoman insisted.

            "Yeah sure," Annie snorted, "What are you going to do, walk it off?"

            As Tony Stark left the infirmary he could hear his teammate's futile attempts to convince the doctor that she was fine.

*                                  *                                  *

            Xavier observed disturbances Cerebro had picked up.

            "Professor should I call a meeting?"


            Implementing her psychic abilities, Jean Gray created links with every X-Man in the mansion, ::X-Men, meet in the conference room.::

            Within minutes all X-Men that had been on the grounds of the mansion were in the conference room, all but two.

            "First of all I would like to welcome our visitors for coming to this meeting," Xavier nodded at the three Avengers who'd been released from the infirmary. Xavier took a deep breath before beginning, "Cerebro has picked up two disturbances in the last three hours…" he stopped as he heard the door open, "Ah, nice of you two to join us."

            Rogue spoke up first, "we were caught up in a danger room session."

            Remy nodded his agreement.

            Xavier continued, "Like I was saying, the disturbances Cerebro picked up seem to be linked to some bursts of mutant powers."

            As their mentor spoke, Bobby noted the glares the Avenger men were giving Rogue. Tony seemed about ready to kill her.

            "…I will need to send you in groups to find out what is causing this."

            "Professor, we would like to help."

            "Good to hear Tony. Storm, take Ironman, Wolverine, Sage, Bishop, Bobby, and Rogue to the first location in five hours."

            "What!" Tony exclaimed.

            "Is there a problem?" Xavier asked calmly.

            "You're damn right there's a problem! Are you people forgetting who she is?" he pointed at Rogue, "Public enemy number 1, she tried to destroy you all at one time!"

             Wolverine jumped to Rogue's defense, "Tony that was years ago, all of us here have done things we aint proud of."

             "She killed my daughter!" Tony yelled.

            Wolverine didn't flinch; the news was not new to him. He remembered, vividly, the day he had found Stark's young daughter, throat slashed, on the top of a New York skyscraper. "Stark," he said in a low tone, "back off."

            "What is wrong with you people?" Tony asked. "Logan she tried to kill your best friend, Carol Danvers, and you're okay with it?" Receiving no answer he stormed out of the room.

            Xavier cleared his throat, "Alright, you all know your teams, be prepared to leave in five hours."

*                                  *                                  *

            Tony stared into the shallow pond, trying to conjure up images of his daughter. "Oh, Cecilia, I miss you."

            Footsteps disturbed the blissful silence Tony had found at the pond.

            "Um, Stark can ah tahk ta ya?"

            Without turning around he answered, "Rogue, I think you've done enough."

            Rogue walked up behind his still-standing form, "Stark ah really ahm sorry about what ah did ta your daughter." Tony snorted. "Ah was a mixed up kid…"

            Tony turned around angrily, "Do you really think that's a good excuse? You were a 'mixed up kid'? No Rogue, mixed up kids do stupid things like steal, not kill!" Rogue looked away. "What you were, are, is a monster!" He waited a moment expecting Rogue to deny the accusation, when she didn't he shook his head and walked away.

*                   *                   *

            Seven months later, the present:

            "Rogue, I can't promise you this won't hurt you physically or mentally. I have only done this to a few people and those were just normal repressed memories, your situation is unique."

            "Carmen ah have lived mah life not knowing which of the memories bouncing around mah head are mahn. Have ya any idea how aggravatin' it is ta not have any memories from the first 16 years of ya life?" Carmen shook her head. "Ah'm 24 years old and ah can only remember the last 8 years of may own life." The tone in Rogue's voice reached desperation.

            "Alright Rogue I'll do it," Carmen pulled a chair in front of Rogue and sat,  "Just to make this easier on you I am going to explain the process. First, we will both see your memories. It will be like we're watching television." Rogue nodded. "Secondly, I am not as in control of my powers as I was three months ago," Rogue saw the girl's expression darken in anger, "so it is possible for anyone just passing by to get pulled in. That would mean they would have to see your memories as well. Thirdly, you will be oblivious to what is happening out here in the real world. Lastly, I have no control over when I get to pull out of your mind which means we might have to watch everything from your birth to your 24th birthday."

            "Fahn with me," Rogue told her.

            "Alright, let's do this. You'll experience a few seconds of dizziness as I enter your mind."

            An excited blue glow began from the pupils of Carmen's eyes. It twirled and danced until in conquered the brown and white of the girl's eyes. Rogue was mesmerized, never had she seen anything like it.

            As soon as Carmen's eyes finished transforming she began to concentrate. She was not like the typical psychics who could enter the mind of any person at will. She slowly felt herself being lifted out of her body. To Rogue it looked as if there were now two of Carmen; one being her physical body, the other a spirit seemingly made of a blue glow.

            Carmen's 'spirit' touched Rogue's forehead, her finger's cold to the touch. Although Rogue could not see it, her eyes began to glow the same mystic glow as the psychic's. Carmen concentrated harder to help guide her spirit to Rogue. Slowly, she began to melt into the Southern Belle. When she was finished Rogue's body sat stiff in the chair, eye's and body glowing.


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