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The Damned, Episode I

Chapter 21: The Beginning

Months and months later:

Shivering and angry, Marie stepped off a Greyhound bus and onto San Francisco soil. She gripped her suitcase handle tightly and hailed a taxi.

"Where to?" the cab driver asked.

"The Double Tree," she responded.

The driver nodded. Within thirty minutes they arrived in front of the hotel.

"Would you like any help with your belongings?" the driver asked.

"No thank you, all I have is my one bag," she was careful to disguise her accent.

She paid the driver, exited the cab and checked into her room. She fell onto her bed as soon as she entered the room. It had been a long journey from Caldecott and she had been unable to sleep on the bus, it was too uncomfortable.

After a few minutes of listening to the dulled pitter patter of rain against her window she began to unpack the contents of her bag; spare underwear, a few changes of clothing, and her Brotherhood uniform.

Scene Break

One month earlier:

Marie had gotten up from her midnight slumber to fetch a cup of water from the kitchen. She stretched her weary limbs in agony thinking to herself that she should really stop sleeping on her side. As she descended the staircase she thought she heard her parents' voices but told herself she must have been hearing voices as it was already past midnight and the "old people" would have fallen asleep hours ago.

She finally reached the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water. She drank it down greedily feeling its cool soothing flow on her throat. After placing the glass back in the sink she began to walk back to her bedroom when she stopped. She could have sworn she heard Irene curse.

Marie frowned and walked to her parents' door, she pressed her ear to the wood.

"No," Raven was saying, "It can't be true."

"But it is," Irene insisted, "I haven't had a more clear vision in ages. Ms. Marvel will cost Marie her soul."

"Then we will suspend Marie from any future missions involving Ms. Marvel," Raven said, "I will stop Ms. Marvel, I will protect my daughter even if it costs me my life."

Scene Break

Marie turned on the hotel room's television. She found classic cartoons and calmed her mind. It had always been her theory that it had always been the goal of Hanna Barbara and Chuck Avery to numb the minds of the children in the world by forcing them to watch idiotic prehistoric men and rabbits being chased by hunters riddled with speech impediments. Since she was child she detested these cartoons, now though she found them oddly comforting. Within minutes she was sound asleep.

Scene Break

Three weeks earlier:

Mystique barked orders at her troop. As she looked them over she reminded them of how dangerous the X-Men really were and why they should stick together as a team and not take any chances.

"Any questions?"

Avalanche raised his hand.


"Why are we two men short?"

"Destiny requested we keep two fail safes, Erik and I chose Rogue and Quicksilver."

Neither Rogue nor Quicksilver were ever really too clear on what actually happened on that mission. All they knew was that when all was said and done the only person to come back to base was Mystique, the others (Magneto and Destiny included) had been captured by the X-Men.

Mystique promised the two that they would rescue the rest of team from the clutches of their foe but convinced them to bid their time. After all, she asserted, a rescue mission must be fool proof before put into action.

Both Marie and Pietro spent many nights sitting up in bed, worrying about their family, how they must have been suffering where ever they were. Neither could stop the nightmares that haunted them at night. Pietro dreamt that his sister and brother were being kept in a cage, only to be brought out whenever the X-Men felt the need to dissect and tear their bodies apart. Marie dreamt that the X-Men had already killed off her team and that by the time she, Raven, and Pietro found where the X-Men were keeping their prisoners it was too late; a sea of organs and blood lay before them.

Scene Break

Marie awoke early in the morning. She left her room at precisely nine in the a.m., dressed nicely, uniform hidden underneath layers of warmer clothing. She looked around her, San Francisco in the early morning was as beautiful as she remembered.

Wishing she could enjoy the city more, Marie reminded herself of what she had traveled to the city for. She looked at the address she carried in her hand and smiled, she knew exactly how to get there.

Scene Break

Two weeks later:

Pietro found himself facing his lawyer in a small room. "Mr. Wernicke, I'm assuming there is a reason for this meeting?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact there is," his lawyer took a deep breath, "As you know, your trial is not working in your favor despite all the evidence that your attack was provoked."

Pietro nodded, "If you're here to prepare me for a life behind bars then I should tell you that I'm already prepared, it doesn't scare me anymore."

Wernicke sighed, "Pietro what I'm trying to tell you is that maybe you should reconsider and tell the jury you are simply insane. Use your sister's hospital time in your favor, convince them its genetic."

Pietro shook his head, "Wernicke if I get jail time then I get jail time, there's no way around it."

Pietro told Marie about the meeting with Wernicke later that day. She had fought tears thinking about Pietro ending up in prison, permanently. It seemed as though her family was falling apart; she would never see any of them again.

Scene Break

Marie stood in the middle of the office of an art collector. She tucked her hair behind her ears as she approached the receptionist's desk.

"Hi, I have a message from Miss Carol Danvers," she told the receptionist.

It had been rumored that Danvers enjoyed spending her time appraising art for an art collector by the name of Danny Jane. The rumor was confirmed the minute the receptionist's eyes lit up in recognition.

"Ah yes, Miss Danvers, what has she to say?"

Marie gave the woman her brightest smile, "She wants to let Mr. Jane know that she has several paintings in her possession that may be of value to him."

"Perfect, she is always coming through for us."

"Yes, she says she will bring a few reprints of those paintings to her next meeting with Mr. Jane."

"Terrific, by tomorrow morning Mr. Jane might have new paintings for his collection."

Marie laughed lightly, "Yes, Miss Danvers is terrific isn't she?"

The receptionist nodded happily.

Marie took an exaggerated look at the watch on her wrist, "Oh dear, I am late for another appointment. Sorry to be rude but I must leave."

"No problem at all ma'am."

Scene Break

One Week Earlier:

Marie felt a tear slide down her cheek.

"Marie, don't worry, we will rescue them," Pietro was reassuring her.

Marie shook her head, "It's been almost a month, if we were going to rescue them we would have already."

"Maybe Raven wants to wait for some of her mutant friends to help us."

"Maybe," Marie returned, not at all convinced.

Pietro sighed and got up from his spot on the couch and left the room. Marie tuned the television to CNN. What she saw shocked her, Carol Danvers being interviewed by one of the regular reporters.

Weeks earlier Marie had attempted to track her down only to find that Ms. Marvel had been abducted and taken into Limbo. Now, here the woman was, chatting merrily with the reporter about the future of the Avengers.

Rage filled Marie's eyes as she thought of the cocky woman. She had already lost ninety percent of her family in the last month, the last thing she needed was for her mother to lose her life at the hands of this madwoman.

Scene Break

For the rest of the day, Marie basked in triumph. She treated herself to ice cream and felt herself become lighter. Her happiness was cut short when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning she found herself staring into the eyes of Carol Danvers.

Marie kept her composure even as Danvers snickered, "Well if it isn't Mystique's top lackey."

Marie grinned, "It's Danvers right?"

"Why are you here?" Danvers asked with a grim expression.

The younger girl shrugged the woman's hand off her shoulder, "Maybe Ah lahk tha ice cream and the view." She motioned toward the Golden Gate Bridge.

Danvers felt a chill crawl up her spine, something about the girl wasn't quite right.

"What's tha mattah Danvers, without your Avengers out of town are ya feelin' just a little overwhelmed?"

"By you Twerp?" Danvers seemed amused.

The younger mutant smiled and wordlessly punched Ms. Marvel in the face. Rogue, however, had underestimated the woman's strength. Ms. Marvel simply laughed and threw the younger girl onto her back. Rogue got up angrily and applied a karate kick to Ms. Marvel's side. As she had hoped, it threw the woman off balance.

Ms. Marvel responded quickly. Rogue felt her own body being knocked to the ground by a strong force. This did not deter Rogue, she had read that Ms. Marvel could utilize cosmic forces to defeat her opponents. Rogue realized Ms. Marvel was fighting lightly, after all she could use her power to send Rogue into a concussion. The younger mutant removed her civilian's clothing and smiled, Ms. Marvel probably hadn't heard of Rogue's newly manifested power either.

Scene Break

"This is Perry Stevens reporting for ABC news. It seems there are two costumed women fighting high above us on the top of the Golden Gate Bridge." Stevens motioned high above him while his cameraman tried to get a good shot. "One has been identified as none other than the Avenger's Ms. Marvel, the other is Brotherhood terrorist simply known as Rogue. According to eyewitnesses, their fight began minutes earlier in front of the Double Rainbow ice cream shop. From there their altercation progressed to what you see on the screen. What is not clear, however, is how they managed to climb atop the Bridge."

Scene Break

"Give up Marvel," Rogue hissed, "Ya are done foh."

Ms. Marvel laughed, "How many times have I heard that one?"

Rogue took a karate stance, "It's true this tahm. Ya might have thought ya could throw meh off balance bah flyin' meh tah tha top o' this bridge but it doesn't scare meh."

"Really? And just how do you plan on getting down?" Ms. Marvel asked.

"Ah'm going tah fly."

Ms. Marvel wanted to laugh but saw the dangerously serious look in the teenager's eyes. "But you can't fly."

Rogue threw her gloves off and grabbed Ms. Marvel's face, "No, but you can."

Ms. Marvel screamed as she felt herself becoming weaker. "Rogue," she croaked, "what are you doing?"

Rogue, too busy trying to concentrate, didn't answer. She had never felt a power drain like this one. It was almost never ending.

Rogue what are you doing?

Rogue almost dropped Ms. Marvel in surprise, "Who said that?"

Rogue I don't really deserve this do I, I've never done anything to you.

"Get outta mah head!" Rogue yelled, she attempted to let Ms. Marvel go but found she couldn't.

"AHHHHH!" came the combined screams of the two in complete agony.

Finally the energy transfer was complete.

You murderer.

"No!" Rogue screamed. "I didn't kill her."

Yes you did.

"Ah didn't mean tah." Rogue felt the tears run down her face.


"NO!" In her hasty attempt to fly away, Rogue let the body of Ms. Marvel drop to the calm waters of the bay below.

Scene Break Scene Break Scene Break

Rogue felt blankets being pulled up to her shoulders. She opened her eyes slowly. In front of her was a boy with shocking silver hair.

"Who…are ya?"

She didn't miss the way the look on the boy's face turned from relief to despair.

"My name is Pietro."

She looked around, "Where am Ah?"

Pietro shook his head sadly, "Stay right there I'll be right back."

Minutes later he returned with a lady of blue skin. The blue skinned lady hugged Rogue tightly, "Oh honey do you remember anything?"

Rogue felt her head begin to hurt, "Ah remember you, you're, you're…."

"It's okay," Blue Lady replied, "You are suffering from amnesia, sooner or later your memory will return."

"But, who am Ah? Tha only name Ah remember is Rogue."

Blue Lady shook her head, "It's healthier to let you remember on your own."

Rogue collapsed against what she assumed were her own pillows. "Ah'm tired."

"As you should be." Blue Lady looked at Silver Hair Boy, "Come Pietro we must let her sleep."

Scene Break

Pietro approached Raven later that day. "Raven when do you think she'll remember?"

Raven shook her head, "Probably not for a few years."

Pietro gasped, "What do you mean?"

"Irene had a vision about this, Rogue's absorption of Danvers erased her memory."


Raven shrugged, "My best guess is Danver's Kree DNA. It must have had some kind of strange effect on Rogue."

Pietro frowned, "Why do you keep calling her that?"

"That's the only name she remembers, that's what we'll have to call her until she remembers her own name on her own."

"But I told her my name."

"That's fine, I suspect we'll all have to tell her our real names, let her have some kind of a grasp on reality."

"But what about the Brotherhood and her whole life before today?"

Raven sighed, "I'll tell her about the Brotherhood and basics on everyone in the house but anything that happened before her loss of memory, such as Mica, dating Dominic, details about being adopted….."

"So she's lost her whole life."

Raven looked at the boy, "Pietro this is hard on me, I'm her mother. But it's much healthier for her this way."

Pietro nodded although he didn't agree. "So I shouldn't tell her about my trial."

"No, then we would have to tell her about why you are on trial and that would lead to questions about her manifestation of her power and to Cody…."

Pietro looked at Raven, "Marie-I mean Rogue, is strong, she'll get over this in no time, you'll see."

Scene Break Scene Break Scene Break

Two weeks later:

Rogue was awakened by the sound of someone knocking on her door. "Come in."

"Hey Rogue."

Rogue couldn't remember the name of the girl standing in front of her but something about her seemed familiar.

The girl held out a hand, "Don't worry, Raven told me all about your amnesia. My name is Wanda, I'm Pietro's sister."

"Yeah, Raven…Ah mean mah mom, has been filling meh in on a lot. She says Ah'll probably remember some on mah own." Rogue frowned, "Ah just wish she would tell meh what mah real name is, Rogue is a little too 007 foh meh."

Wanda laughed, "At least you're still tha same."

An awkward silence followed.

"So Ah take it you're a part o' tha Brotherhood too?"

Wanda looked surprised, "Did Raven tell ya about that?"

Rogue shook her head, "Ah actually remembered tha Brotherhood on mah own."

"Wanda!" came a shout.

"Ugh, that's probably Pietro wondering where the remote is," Wanda waved, "I'll see you later."


Dominic entered the room seconds later, "Hey Rogue."

Rogue smiled warmly. For some reason she felt strangely connected to him. "Hey, you're Dominic."

He looked shocked, "You remember me?"

She nodded, "Ah don't know why but when mah mom was going through the names of all tha people who live here Ah automatically associated your name with 'friend'."

Dominic smiled back at her, "That's cool cuz I consider you my closest friend."


"Yeah." he looked around her room, "I don't know why I was expecting your room to look different."

Rogue looked around, "Ya wanna know something weird? Ah don't remember evah puttin' up these posters but Ah can't think of anything else Ah would wanna decorate mah room with."

Dominic smiled, "You have a very original personality."

She pointed to a corner, "Lahk that baseball bat, Ah don't remember evah even lahking baseball but tha fact that Ah have tha bat just seems right."

Dominic took another glance around the room and realized all of Marie's personal photos had been removed. Raven's doing no doubt. "So how much did Raven tell you?"

"Basics, nothing about anything that happened before Ah lost mah memory though."

The teenage boy stood still.

"Dominic," she said softly, "Ah haven't told mah mom yet but Ah remember most of what happened on top of the bridge."

His eyes snapped back to attention.

"Ah remember everything Ah said tah Ms. Marvel, everything she said to meh, everything Ah did tah her…." she let her words trail off, "Ah just can't remember why Ah was doin' it." She frowned, "Ah don't know if Ah was on a mission or what."

Dominic sat on her bed, Rogue was covered head to toe, he took her in his arms, "Don't worry Rogue, together we'll get through this." She buried her face in his chest. "I promise."

Scene Break

"So brother, how are you doing?" Wanda found her brother sitting in an apple tree in the backyard.

Pietro looked down at his sister, "Hey Wanda."

She smiled up at her brother, "So what are you doing up there?"


"Yeah? Well why don't you come down here and talk to me about it?"

Pietro smirked, "You always were too girly to climb trees."

She placed her hands on her hips, "I am not girly."

"Oh please, all the makeup, clothes…you are so girly."

Wanda frowned, "Fine." She gripped the tree trunk firmly and pulled herself upwards. After a few seconds of struggling she sat herself next to Pietro.

Pietro laughed, "Sheesh, after all that training you still can't properly climb a tree."

"Be careful, I'll push you out of the tree."

"Try it, I dare you," there was no humor in his voice.

Wanda was silent for a second, "Pietro, tell me what you're thinking."

"You don't want to know."

"Try me."

"Well its like this, I don't know what's going to happen with my case. There's no telling which way it'll go." He clenched his fists, "But at the same time I feel guilty for worrying when there are some of us with bigger problems."

"You mean Marie."


"Rogue then."

"Yeah, that's bothering the hell out of me but it's more than that." Pietro sighed, "I was so worried about you and Dom, and St. John…."

"Pietro its okay, we were fine. Those X-Men are all talk and no bite."



"All bark and no bite."

Now it was Wanda's turn to sigh, "Pietro don't hide your fear behind errors."

Pietro shook his head, "You know what's horrible?"

Wanda shook her head.

"During all my worrying and stress I never once worried about Dad."

"Well he is strong, you didn't need to worry."

Pietro looked annoyed. "No, you don't understand. If he hadn't come back at all I wouldn't have cared." He looked at Wanda through tear glazed eyes, "Isn't that awful?"

Wanda shook her head, "I know what you mean, years of resentment, it's all building up. Especially in you."

Pietro looked up towards one of the house's windows, "That's Rogue's window you know."

Wanda followed his gaze, "Yeah, so?"

"Do you know why she chose that room?"

Wanda shook her head.

"She told me once that she had a fear of not being able to see the moon at night. When she lived with her biological family they kept her in a room that reminded her of a closet."

"That's terrible."

"My point is she'll never be able to remember things like that. Wanda, what's going to happen to us?"

"We'll be fine."

"I mean all of us. We all have such deep rooted issues we just can't seem to get over."

Wanda shrugged, "I don't know."

"Neither do I, and that's the problem."

Scene Break Scene Break Scene Break

Months later:

Rogue squeezed her body through the miniature air vents. Why had she let Wanda talk her into taking this part of the mission? Oh right, she's doing mah chores.

"Rogue come in."

Yeah right, like Ah can reach mah communicator.

"Rogue there are two gaurds at the end of the hall.

Rogue rolled her eyes, like Ah couldn't take the guards out in two seconds if Ah wanted to.

She found the ventilation cover and pulled it off with her bare hands. She smiled as she leapt down into the building.

"Stop right there!"

Rogue ran towards the security guards, laughing when their bullets ricocheted off her body. She threw off her gloves and grabbed the face of the guard nearest to herself.


Rogue smiled as the man's adrenaline entered her body. She then grabbed the next guard, draining him of all of his energy. She looked down at the faces of the two men before reporting back to base.

"Rogue in."

"Rogue," Destiny sighed, "why did it take you so long to respond?"

"Difficulties but it's alright now."

"Make sure you take your position quickly."

Rogue nodded then looked around. The map she'd been given to memorize earlier that afternoon was inaccurate at best so she accessed the guards' memories.

Take the right you idiot.

"Who said that?" Rogue asked.


She shrugged, she must have been hearing things. It didn't matter, she needed to turn right anyway. The corridor led her to a red elevator. She smiled as she entered the five digit pass code and the doors immediately opened. Rogue did not enter, instead she jammed the elevator doors and entered yet another pass code. The elevator began to ascend, Rogue leapt and grabbed hold of the cords and let the elevator pull her after it.

Why can't Ah just use Danver's powers? Oh right, because mah mom didn't think pushing mah luck would be wise.

The elevator stopped moving and Rogue looked in front of her. Sure enough she was staring at the elevator doors to the 11th floor, one floor lower than she needed to be. She hung on to the elevator cables with one arm and reached into her tool belt with the other. Pulling out a lock pick set she began to pick at the door; after only a few seconds she managed to open the door.

Rogue put the tools back in her belt and swung as hard as she could. Letting go of the cables she found herself on the 11th floor. She looked around and realized one thing; Worthington buildings were all the same, pretentious and boring.

"Checkpoint," she said into her communicator.

Okay, if Ah remember this correctly….She stood atop a desk and began to feel the ceiling panels. One of the panels shifted and Rogue smiled. She removed the panel and crawled through the ceiling to the top floor, Worthington's office.

She quickly removed a painting from the wall and began to drown in happiness. As Mystique had told her, there was a false safe hidden behind the painting. Rogue entered the code she was given and spoke into her communicator again:


Scene Break

Scarlet Witch had been waiting Rogue's signal with great eagerness. As soon as she heard Rogue's voice she went to work. Before her was the true safe of Worthington Industries, deep below the building.

The lock on the safe popped open as soon as Rogue had entered the code. Witch entered the man sized safe and looked around for what Mystique had sent her in for; a green amulet.

Scene Break

Avalanche frowned, "Destiny why didn't Rogue just take the elevator up to the 12th floor?"

"Because Worthington has cameras set up to monitor any movement to and from his office." Destiny looked at the boy in amusement, "I'm surprised you didn't catch that on your own."

He shrugged. "So then the entrance through the panels was a precaution." He frowned, "But why would the panels lead directly into the 12th floor and not into more air ducts or something."

"Because sugah," came the deeply southern voice behind him, "Worthington is a paranoid man, and justly so. That was an escape route of sorts." She smiled playfully, "Honestly Dom, you're getting' slow."

Destiny frowned, "Only codenames on mission Rogue, you know that."

Rogue regarded her flippantly, "What does it mattah? We ain't getting' caught and ain't anyone else on this jet."

Destiny looked at her child and shook her head, "And why did you feel the need to drain the security guards young lady? That was like leaving a calling card."

Rogue smiled, "Let Worthington try and find meh, Ah'll drain him too."

You little bitch.

"Huh?" Rogue asked.

"I didn't say a thing," Avalanche told her.

"Nor did I," Destiny added.

Rogue shook her head, "Ah'm just tired. Ah'm gonna take a nap in the back if anyone needs meh."

Don't sleep in the middle of a mission, Dumbass!

"Ain't no need foh name calling!" Rogue snapped.

Destiny and Avalanche looked at each other in bewilderment.

"Rogue," Destiny told her gently, "No one said anything."

The young woman laughed, "Ah must beh more tired than Ah thought."

Both of the other mutants nodded their heads as Rogue curled up in a seat to take a nap.

Scene Break Scene Break Scene Break

"Rogue you aren't even paying attention," Erik said in agitation.

Rogue sighed, "Erik when Ahm Ah gonna evah need this stuff?"

"Young Lady basic knowledge of the world around you is very useful."

Rogue stretched her arms and yawned, "But what Ah'm sayin' is that Ah will nevah need this stuff. Ah'm a part of tha Brotherhood remembah? Ah'm good at what Ah do an' Ah don't need a bunch o' text books telling' meh all this useless drivel."

Erik frowned, "So you think studying Shakespeare's work or physics is useless do you?"

Rogue rolled her eyes, "Is this where ya tell meh how its all applicable tah mah everday life? Well save it Old Man, Ah won't need this shit out on tha field. Besides Ah'm already invulnerable, it would take Superman tah stop meh in battle and since he doesn't exist well…." she purposely let her sentence trail.

"Oh my God!" Pietro yelled from the living room, "Erik! Rogue! Come here!"

Erik and Rogue left their textbooks laying on the dining table to rush to the living room.

"What is it Pietro?" Erik asked.

Pietro pointed at the television and turned up the volume.

" She associates with the Brotherhood, or as many are referring to them, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and is known simply by the codename Rogue. She should be considered armed and incredibly dangerous. The FBI is warning anyone against attempting to apprehend the young woman on their own, instead report any sightings to the national criminal database. Rogue is perhaps the youngest to become number one on the government's Most Wanted list."

Erik looked at the television where they were still broadcasting a still shot of Rogue in action. Judging by the background he guessed it was a fairly recent mission but that was not what worried him:

"Our cover is blown," he murmured.

Pietro looked at Rogue in concern, "Rogue, our neighbors are going to see this," he pointed at the television, "You weren't wearing a mask."

The girl didn't say anything for such a long time that Pietro and Erik thought she had entered a stage of shock. Suddenly her mouth twitched, forming a truly malicious smile, "Let them come." With that she exited the room.

Erik looked at his son, "Pietro I want you to close all the blinds, and lock all the doors and windows. When Wanda, St. John, and everyone else comes home from school I want you to fill them in on what's happened. None of you are to leave this house for the time being."

Scene Break Scene Break Scene Break

Wanda twitched nervously in her seat. Pietro could feel his sister's apprehension even as he ate on the opposite end of the table. He looked around the dinner table and saw the look of doom on everyone else's faces.

Pietro put down his fork and said, "Okay, I'm going to just say this, we're screwed. What are we going to do?"

Raven looked at him, "First of all don't use words like screwed. Secondly, I don't believe we have very much to worry about."

"What!" Erik exclaimed.

Irene looked at Raven in disbelief, "Raven they had a picture of Rogue, they know what she looks like."

Raven shook her head, "They have a fuzzy picture of Rogue, I'm willing to bet people in this community don't even realize it's her."

Dominic shook his head, "No, you should have seen the way people were staring at me at school, people know."

"But Dominic," Wanda argued, "People stare at school all the time, for all kinds of things."

"Lahk what Ah did tah Cody," Rogue whispered.

Everyone looked at her in shock.

Finally Erik spoke, "How do you remember that?"

Rogue shrugged, "Certain things started flashing in mah mind tha othah day. Ah remembah draining Cody down bah tha lake. We were on some kinda date."

"Do you remember anything else?" Wanda asked gently.

"Ah just remembah some angry teenagers, musta witnessed tha whole thing." Rogue paused, "So Cody was lahk mah first boyfriend right?" She missed the hurt look in Dominic's eyes. "Because it would only make sense, otherwise mah mutant ability woulda drained othah boys too…right?"

No one said anything.

"Ah know," Rogue said disparagingly, "Ya can't tell meh anything." She got up angrily from the table and stormed off to her room.

Erik sighed, "It's amazing she remembers that and doesn't remember basics like who her best friends were."

"Maybe its better she doesn't remember Mica," Irene suggested, "The pain might just start all over again."

"Poor girl," Erik sighed, "Can't remember anything past the last few months of her life. That has to leave her feeling empty, like she only just came into existence."

Scene Break Scene Break Scene Break

"Will the defendant please rise."

Pietro stood. He felt his breath catch in his throat as the Judge began to unfold the piece of paper the bailiff had placed in front of her. He kept his face steady and refused to show any emotion.

"The jury finds Pietro Django Maximoff guilty of assault and battery and attempted murder."

Pietro's heart sank as he heard the judge read those words aloud. His lawyer placed a comforting hand on his shoulder and Pietro, for the first time since the case had started, felt a tear run down his face.

The judge looked at Pietro unsympathetically, "Mr. Maximoff, you will return to court in exactly one week to receive your sentencing."

Pietro nodded wordlessly.


Scene Break Scene Break Scene Break

Pietro found himself sitting mutely on his bed. He didn't want to leave his room, he didn't care to see anyone else, the rest of the world might as well not exist. Nothing mattered, not the fact that he hadn't eaten in almost thirty hours, not the fact that he hadn't showered, not even the fact that his family kept coming into his room to try to get him to spend some time with them.

He knew what they were trying to do, they were trying to give him as much freedom, let him experience as much of the free world as possible before he was locked away.


He heard the soft voice and almost smiled, "Yeah Rogue?"

"Can Ah talk to ya?"

"Sure if you would like."

She closed the door behind her and quickly approached his bed, "Is it true? Are ya going tah jail?"

Pietro looked confused, "What? How do you…"

"Know?" she finished for him, "Ah was watchin' the local news and caught the end of the report."

"So, how much did you hear?" Pietro's voice sounded dull, tired.

"You fired a gun at some kid and now you're awaiting sentencing."

Pietro nodded, "Yup."

Rogue was quiet. She looked at her feet, the walls, everywhere except for Pietro's eyes. "It's cuza meh ain't it?"

"What would make you think that?"

Rogue shrugged, "It ain't that Ah remembah anything, it's just this feeling Ah'm getting." She paused, "What is it Ah did?"

Pietro shook his head, "It has nothing to do with you."

Rogue looked at him sadly, "Pietro you don't need tah lie tah meh, not tha way everyone else does."

Pietro sat up, "Rogue, whatever happens to me just remember this, you had nothing to do with any of it. I made my own choices, I made my own mistakes."

She sighed, "Pietro Ah know Ah'm at fault cuz…cuz Danvers told meh Ah was."

Pietro frowned, "Rogue, Danver's is still in the hospital. She couldn't have possibly told you anything."

"Not tha real Danvers," Rogue explained, "Tha one in mah head."

"Rogue," Pietro said slowly, "What are you talking about?"

Rogue sat down next to him, "Ever since Ah lost mah memory Ah've been hearing voices in mah head. Ah'm positive its Danvers' voice, it's gotta beh a side effect of mah powers."

"Have you talking to your parents?"

She nodded her head, "Mah momma said not tah worry, that she'll fix it but it's been so long an' she hasn't found anything to stop the voices. Danvers has been drivin' meh absolutely crazy. She talks almost non stop. She's telling meh right now that Ah should just stop talking because there's no way you could understand meh."

"Oh Rogue, that's terrible."

Rogue looked at him with helpless eyes, "Danvers' voice haunts meh in the daytime, in the evening, even when Ah'm sleeping. Sometimes she even takes control of mah body, makes meh do things Ah don't wanna."

Pietro didn't know what to say.

"She also told meh that Ah had something to do with your court case. That something Ah did is sending ya tah jail."

"No Rogue, Danvers is lying to you, I promise."

Rogue didn't look convinced, in fact she didn't say anything as she got up and left the room.

Scene Break Scene Break Scene Break

"No, I'm not lying to you," Dominic insisted.

St. John looked dumbfounded, "But how could Mica have just up and left without at least saying good bye?"

Dominic shrugged, "Don't know but I went by her house the other day just to see how she was doing and there was absolutely nothing in there."

St. John cast his eyes downward, "You know I kind of figured there was something up."


"Yeah, see Mica used to hide behind the gym before school and smoke a few cigarettes…or whatever she could find and lately, well for a long time, I haven't seen her there."

"Mica smokes?"

"You sound surprised."

"I just…" Dominic stopped. "Just thought I knew everything about her."

"Why?" St. John snorted, "Because you dated her?"

Dominic shook his head, "No, because she and Rogue were always my best friends."

"Hey everyone has their secrets, maybe she didn't want you to be ashamed of her or something."

Dominic laughed, "No, with some of the things I've done that she knows about, there's just no way she would feel ashamed about smoking."

St. John looked at Dominic curiously, "I'm slightly curious but a part of me is telling me I shouldn't ask Mate."

"Listen to that side of you."

Dominic looked at his watch, "It's time for me to get going."

St. John nodded, "Pietro's sentencing starting soon?"

"Yup, and his whole family is supposed to be there to show that we're supportive or some shit like that."

St. John frowned, "You don't sound too thrilled to be 'supporting' him."

"Hey don't get me wrong, he's not just my foster brother, we've gotten to be like actual brothers and I would do anything to help him out it's just…." Dominic ran a hand through his hair, "I can't help feeling like he betrayed us by not thinking his actions through. He shot that guy to ease his own anger, he was selfish, he didn't think about how it would effect his family. He never once thought about how this would look." Dominic looked at St. John, "I know it all sounds like I'm being a brat but trust me there's no way to properly explain how I'm feeling."

Scene Break

At Pietro's sentencing, however, Dominic looked very much the part of the concerned brother. He stood in his best three piece suit, hair neatly combed and, for the first time in years, neatly cut. He sat directly behind Pietro casting looks of sympathy and pity in Pietro's direction, now more than ever feeling like family.

"Pietro Maximoff," the judge spoke his name firmly, "please stand."

Pietro did as he was told all the while feeling the eyes of his family trained on his back.

"Pietro do you fully understand the charges that you have been found guilty of?"

Pietro nodded, letting a strange feeling of numbness taking over his entire body.

"Pietro Maximoff you are being sentenced to 45 years in Freeman High Security Facilities."

Dominic looked at his brother, knowing full well that while Pietro was registering what was being said, he wasn't going to let his emotions show.

"And Mr. Maximoff," the judge continued, "You will be attending anger management sessions until you can manage to deal with high pressure situations without feeling the need to react violently." The judge paused. "However, because you are not considered a flight risk the court will allow you to live with your family until Freeman is ready to send someone to transport you upstate."

Scene Break Scene Break Scene Break

Two weeks later:

Rogue sat in her dark room. Everyone had gone out for dinner, one of their last together before Pietro was taken away, but Rogue had decided to stay home. The whole day she had been hearing Carol Danvers voice and it had been driving her to the point of insanity. The young mutant was thankful that for the last hour at least, Danvers hadn't said a word. For Rogue, however, this meant she was left to her own unsettling thoughts.

She heard the wind rattling her window and smirked, even the wind could feel the unsteady torture of her soul. She looked around her room and no longer felt any familiarity. The posters on the wall might as well have been planted there by her parents, her Monet replica did nothing to aesthetically please and she felt no connection to any of the decorations she had placed in the room; some having just been bought in the last month.

Pietro. His misfortune replayed itself in her mind. She had not been allowed to attend his sentencing and she knew why, her parents didn't want her to know of any of it. They wanted nothing more than to protect Rogue and she was getting sick of it. There was nothing left for their daughter, no life, no memories, just pain for herself and everyone she came in contact with. Rogue couldn't help that maybe the adults were withholding her memories for their own benefit.

She got off the bed and began to walk around her room as if it were new. She pressed her hand against the walls, hoping they would give her some kind of an answer to her unspoken questions. She shook her head and let her head drop. She felt tears run from her eyes and within seconds found herself curled up on her floor. After a few minutes she heard the steady tapping of rain on her window.

Getting up from her spot on the floor she walked over to the window. The window, it was separating her from the rest of the world. She was being held captive within the confines of what she assumed was once a happy, comfortable, home.

She stalked back to the opposite end of the bedroom and picked up her baseball bat. Until that point the house had been silent, until that point there was absolutely nothing disturbing the beautiful sounds of the natural fall of the rain. Rogue smashed her television first, relishing the sight of the screen shattering to several pieces. She knocked her lamp over, smiling as the light bulb shattered against the floor. She walked over the shattered glass of the bulb and began to swing the bat in no specific direction, she would not stop until she had destroyed everything in her room.

Rogue was angry when she saw that there was nothing left to destroy, she had even broken the posts on her bed. She started swinging the bat at the walls of her room, determined to show her walls she wrath she was feeling. She kept swinging until her bat broke in half.

She looked around her room; seventeen years of memories erased. Knowing what she wanted to do next, Rogue walked to a closet in the hallway. She retrieved what she needed and walked back to her room. If she couldn't have her life then no one else could have it either.

She tore the door off her closet and threw all her clothes into the suitcase. Rogue fit as much clothing as she could in the suitcase, she didn't know just how long she would be gone, or where she was going but she knew she would need something to wear, to fit in, once she got there. She came across the last article of clothing in her closet; her Brotherhood uniform. She shook her head, she didn't want it, but she knew exactly what she wanted to do with it; she placed it on Dominic's bed.

Looking around her own room, Rogue felt no emotion. She walked over to her window, opened it and grabbing her suitcase, she lifted herself off the ground slowly, flying was new ground. Rogue took one last look back at her room before shaking her head and flying as far away from Mississippi as she could.

The End

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