A/N: This is just an interlude with Tilly and Hock that'll only make sense if you've read the rest of my story. I've had this on my disk since forever and I decided to take it out, dust it off slightly, add to it and post it. Hopefully it'll be enjoyed.

It takes place right after Nell and Jimmy are captured in La Romana by Beaumont, so it's before the Island…..

Chapter One

Hock could see the blood that was dripping from her head before she even cleared the woodwork of the railings. He felt a sharp anger go through him at the thought of someone hitting her. He caught her before she could hit the deck and he was only dimly aware of Jack telling him to take her to the cabin. She didn't weigh much in his arms and his mind was taken back to when he'd carted her from the inn over his shoulder. It was strange, but the same possessiveness that had filled him then was over taking him now. Shaking his head he roughly pushed any thoughts away.

Elizabeth wanted to tend to her, but he had resisted her and was now kneeling by the bed using a wet cloth to wipe the blood from the cut on her head. She was going to have a corker of a headache when she woke up; but at least she was alive and safe on the Pearl. The young miss, Nell, was not and he knew that his Captain was angry at loosing her. She was a fine young woman, one whom he had quickly grown to admire and like. But this one… this little firebrand lying on the bed was another matter. This one had done nothing to endear herself to him; she'd been bossy, aloof, snooty, sharp and she lit his blood like no other woman ever had. Several times he'd found himself wanting to shut her pretty mouth when she'd been spouting hateful things, but more often than not he wanted to kiss her quite.

She was beautiful, she was more than beautiful; she was an angel, an angel with a heart of poisonous ice. But he couldn't help wondering how deep the poison went and just whether he could melt the ice. He was, obviously, completely insane.

She murmured under her breath, her eyelashes fluttered before opening. Her vision was hazy and it was obvious she didn't know where she was. She began to panic but he caught her hands and easily held her fast.

"Ssh, lass, you're safe; aboard the Pearl. Tis just me, Hock."

"Mister Hock? Oh, thank the Lord… oh my! Nell!" She began to struggle again. "You must help, Nell, they have Nell, quickly…Mister Hock, you must help Nell!"

He looked down at her watching her concern for Nell and in that instant, he decided it was worth the risk; she just might be worth the risk of getting poisoned.

"Shh, Captain Sparrow knows all about Nell, we're going after them. We will bring her back."

"They shot… oh Good Lord, they shot that poor man! And his boy, he was just a boy and then shot him, a baby!"

"Lady Clarence, Mister Soames is well and aboard the Pearl. Young Jimmy lives and is with Nell; they'll take care of each other I'm sure."

"He's just a boy…"

"Aye, but he's a strong one, and so is Miss Nell."

"Yes, she is, isn't she?" Some of the panic was leaving her as she lay looking up at him; his hands still curled around her hands. "She's a good girl, Mister Hock, a fine girl and I was cruel to her."

"She'll not hold it against you," he let of her hands and went back to tending her wound.

"You kissed me," the words, so softly spoken he almost missed them, had him hesitating.

"Yes, yes I did," he replied quietly and put the bloodied cloth into the bowl.


He looked at her and sat back on his heels, his head still level with hers he was so tall. "Why not? You're beautiful, this you must know."

"I have been told," she didn't blush as she acknowledged his words.

"Question is: why did you kiss me back?" His voice was deep as he spoke softly.

"I've never been kissed like that before," she relied and he saw the hesitancy in her eyes. "I didn't…."

He lifted one eyebrow and without further thought he leaned forwards and pressed his lips to hers briefly before lifting his head quickly. He sat back and licked his lips; he wouldn't be adverse to repeating and improving on that; but not now.

Chapter Two

He knew she was in there, knew that he should knock but he didn't; he just opened the door and stuck his head around.

Lady Clarence let out a sharp scream as she stood hurriedly, bringing the material of her dress up to cover her chest. She had been in the process of removing her dress when Hock had suddenly opened the door.

"Beggin' your pardon," he smirked, his eyes taking in her slim arms crushing the blue material of her dress to herself. Her hair was down from its usual style and it hung just past her shoulders.

"How… what… how dare you? Get out!" She hissed, bringing one hand out to shoo him away but the dress slipped giving him an eyeful of creamy flesh. He raised himself on his toes trying to see further down than just her collarbone. She clutched the dress back to herself and glared at him.

"Do you mind?" she grated angrily.

"Not at all!" He grinned openly at her and finally dragged his eyes from her chest to her face. Her cheeks were flushed with indignation and a little bit of humiliation which puzzled him.

"What do you want?" she demanded hotly.

"Well… I have to admit my true reason for coming here has gone clean from my head," he muttered letting his gaze rove over her face and down again to her now heaving bosom. He shuddered and disappeared quickly, slamming the door shut behind him.

Lady Clarence let out a breath and realised that she was shaking slightly. She moved forward to lock the door when it was suddenly opened again and Hock came back in. He moved right inside, shut and locked the door before leaning back against it.

"I am a pirate." He shrugged at her. "Used to taking what I want."

Lady Clarence recognised the look of intense lust in his eyes and it scared her. She had seen it on her husbands face many a time and she knew all to well what followed.

"Please." She stepped backwards away from him, her hands so tight on the material of her dress that her knuckles were white now. "Please don't …"

Hock pushed himself away from the door and stalked towards her. Lady Clarence looked away from the hot desire in his eyes, her eyes dropping lower seeing the evidence of his arousal beneath the fabric of his britches.

"And I do want you," he stated and reaching out a hand caught a handful of hair in his fist. Lady Clarence went perfectly still waiting for him to yank her forwards. But he merely stepped closer to her, his fingers holding her hair loosely not hurting her.

He dipped his head and caught her lips with his, his other hand stayed by his side. He had seen the fear in her eyes and heard it in her voice. He had no intention of hurting her.

Lady Clarence held perfectly still as his lips moved over hers, her mouth remaining closed. Lord Henry had never kissed her like this; slowly, gently almost caressingly. His kisses had been open-mouthed and sloppy, filling her with revulsion. Hock was filling her with a need to respond, to take and give more. It frightened her slightly; the sudden feelings that coursed through her at his gently touch. It made her want more; made her want to know what she had missed out on. She brought her hands to his shoulders, the dress dropping to the floor leaving her standing in just her low cut shift and pantaloons.

"I'll call you, Clarence," he murmured bringing his head back to look at her swollen lips. He brought his other hand up, his fingers trailing down over her collarbone and across the swell of her breasts below the fabric.

"Tilly, my name is Tilly," she muttered, her breathing heavy, her heart thudding in her chest at the feelings he was creating in her with his fingers. He raised an eyebrow at her and let her hair shift through his fingers to bring his hand to her waist.

"Clarence is my married…" He quickly brought his fingers to her lips cutting of her words.

"Explain later," he muttered and replaced his fingers with his lips. She sank into him as his fingers dragged lower, running over her raised nipple below the fabric of her shift.

He dragged his fingers lower till both hands were clasping her waist. He slid his hands round till he found the fastenings of her shift. He made quick work of them and stepped back slightly letting it fall to the floor; he caught his breath on a groan and moved his hands, letting them hover over her , not quite touching but close enough for her to feel the heat of his hands over her.

She sucked in her breath and looked up into his desire darkened eyes, the grey of his eyes almost black with desire.

"Let me…"

She realised with slight shock that he was asking her permission to touch her and if her brain had been working normally she would have pointed out that it was a little late for his chivalry. But her brain was currently in overload and her body knew better than she did what she wanted. She arched up slightly and gasped as his palms grazed her. It was all he needed and his hands curved around her gently.

"I've never… he never…." Lady Clarence was so unsure of herself. It had never been like this before and she couldn't understand the sudden longing she was feeling. Her legs were tingling and the sensations made her want to squirm.

Hock knew what she was saying, could read it in her eyes and it made him smirk slightly.

"I know," he whispered and bending slightly he kissed her lips briefly. "I will do nothing to hurt you; on that you have my word."

She blinked at him and was surprised to find herself trusting him completely. She leant forwards slightly and it was all the encouragement he needed.

He rested on top of her, cradeled in her arms. They rested like that for several minutes, till heart beats had eased and breathing was slowing down again. He knew that she'd completely lost control under him and it made him feel proud and happy at the same time. It was an odd feeling that he'd never encountered before.

He heard a sniffle and realised with a sudden start that she was crying. He moved carefully and rolled to the side, falling right off the cot and landing on the floor with a loud bang and a curse. He had forgotten they were on such a narrow cot. He sat up looking at her when he heard her sniffle again. She was sat up looking at him grinning as tears ran down her face.

He was puzzled by her behaviour and pulled a face at her.

"Glad you find it amusing," he muttered and getting up sat on the edge of the cot, with just his shirt on. He looked at her, seeing her blush as she moved to try and cover herself with the sheets. He reached out a hand and caught hers stopping her from covering herself.

"Don't," he said, reaching with his other hand to brush away a tear. "Have I hurt you?" he asked frowning at her.

She shook her head at him and blushed further.

"I'm cold," she whispered and looked away from him.

He shrugged and moved to slide his arms around her legs and waist. He pulled her upwards and moved till he was resting back against the wall with her on his lap; then he drew the sheets around both of them and looked down at her head on his chest.

"Being cold don't make you cry," he observed dryly. "I'm not gonna apologise for what just happened," he said firmly. "I know you're married and I don't give a damn," he stated carefully.

"Neither do I," she said quietly and it wasn't what he expected to hear.

"He never touched you like that, did he?" He asked her carefully, already knowing the answer.

She shook her head and moved suddenly so she could see his face.

"That's why I was crying," she said quietly and reached out a hand to trace his scar gently. "I was fifteen when I married him; it was a marriage of convenience. He got my parents money; they got his and his name." She shrugged. "Our wedding night was… painful." She winced in memory but shrugged again. "He never touched me like you did. He would kiss me and paw at me but only long enough to… well… y'know. He would finish with me, roll off me and then complain that I never responded to him." She shuddered. "I hate him and I hated him touching me. I knew it wasn't always like that. I had seen and heard enough with the maids chatter to know that it could be good for both but I never…" She trailed off embarrassed by her honesty.

"He didn't know what he had," Hock murmured and lifting his hands he slid them through her hair. She drove him to distraction, one minute he wanted to literally strangle her, the next he wanted to kiss her into oblivion. He had thought it was merely physical attraction. Lord knew she was beautiful; but if he was honest he'd have to admit it was more than that. She held his interest like no other woman ever had and he was now sure that one roll in the sack was not going to be enough for him.

"Oh, he knew what he had," her murmured reply broke through his thoughts. "At first he'd take me every night; trying to get me with child. One thing I will be eternally grateful for is that I obviously can't have children. A child would have bound me to him for all time. Eventually, he turned to more "experience, willing" women and left me alone a bit more. How the hell they were willing with him I really don't know; he's cold and cruel."

"I expect he paid for their responses," Hock replied and stroked her back. "Did he… did he hurt you?"

"Every time," she replied. "When you grabbed my hair…" She stopped and hid her face in his shirt. "He would grab my hair and force me to my knees… those nights I certainly wouldn't be made pregnant."

"Bloody hell," he breathed out as a shoot of hot anger went through him. He caught her face and tugged her back gently to look down at her. "I will never do anything to hurt you; never do anything that you don't want me to."

She smiled gently at him and closed her eyes, turning her face to rest her cheek in his palm. "And that's what makes you the gentlemen and him the bastard."

"Oh, I can be a bastard, Tilly; make no mistake," he clarified gently. "I can be a real bastard; I'll make you spitting mad and I won't let you boss me about. I won't be fair or kind if it puts you in danger. But I will never hurt you willingly; physically or mentally."

"What are you saying?" She angled her face to look at him. "You want to repeat this?"

"Do you?"

"Yes…" She blushed and looked away; but he caught her chin and turned her face to look at him.

"I don't know where this'll take us, Tilly; but I'm willing to find out if you are."

"I won't share you," her whisper was low but he heard clearly and smiled at her.

"I'll not go to another while we're together; and I'll expect the same courtesy from you."

"I'm not going back to him, Hock, I'm never going back. Nell had offered for me to leave with her when this is over and the Captain has gone through with his bargain."

"I'm more of a mind to keep you myself than see you head off with Miss Nell."

"I refuse to live on this boat!" She said sharply and her chin tilted in pride.

"It's a ship, Tilly, not a boat; and I'd set you up somewhere warm, safe and on dry land." He caught her chin again and lowered it with a grin. "You're a mighty fine woman, Tilly, all stuck up and hoity-toity, and I have to admit that when you stick your nose in the air like that, it makes me want you; makes me want to do things to you that'll have you begging and not pouting."

"Mister Hock!" Tilly was slightly shocked, but a tingle went through her all the same and he saw it in her eyes. He laughed out loud and kissed her soundly on the cheek.

"Want me to show you some of those things?" he murmured and began to do just that.

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