Disclaimer: Niles is the property of David Angell, Peter Casey, David Lee and Paramount. Cecil is the property of Matt Groening.
Notes: a 100-word drabble written for Sarah, my fellow weird-Nilesslash lover. :)

It's so undignified. Prison. He doesn't belong here, among the unwashed uneducated masses.

It wasn't even his fault that the fight started. He was an innocent bystander. He hopes Frasier will get him out of here soon.

He sighs, and stares gloomily at the polyester jumpsuit. The other man in the cell speaks, and Niles jumps, thinking of all those stories about men in prison.

"I know," the man says sympathetically. "Polyester."

"And it's not even my –"

"Colour," they say in unison.

Niles feels his heartbeat quicken. "I'm Niles."

The other man takes his hand and kisses it. "Cecil."