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"And then we can go to Ames, and then to the Fashion Bug, and-" Logan rolled his eyes and wondered how he had gotten stuck chaperoning Kitty and Jubilee on a trip to the mall, of all places. He was always getting these jobs.

"I need to go to Renegades," Jubilee said. Logan looked at her.

"Who?" he asked.

"This new store, sells all sorts of cool stuff and cloths, they have a great selection of knives to..." Jubilee broke off, thinking.

"Whoa, knifes?" Logan said. He never paid much attention to what the rules at the school were, but her was pretty sure that no knifes besides mutations were allowed there.

"Yeah!" Jubilee said brightly. Logan sighed and shook his head, this was going to be a long day.

Three hours later Logan slumped down in a cafeteria chair, exhausted and annoyed.

"Can we go back now?" he growled. Kitty and Jubilee however looked at happy as ever as they put down their bags of cloths and jewelry.

"Oh common, it's only three o clock!" Jubilee said brightly.

"Yeah, we like wanted to stay at least till six or seven," Kitty added. Logan groaned.

"Look out!" Suddenly a yell went out and a blur shot out of nowhere, crashing into the table the three mutants were sitting at and toppling it and the three sitting around it over. Logan roared and Kitty squealed, but Jubilee acted more swiftly and grabbed the leg of the person who had crashed into them. She came face to face with a green eyed kid, it was hard to tell whether it was a boy or girl and after lookin into the teen's fierce green eyes Jubilee decided it was impossible to tell at first look.

She/he was dressed in a black leather jacket with a white T-shirt underneath, and his/her baggy carpenter pants had several chains hanging off the black belt. Heavy black boots flailed out at Jubilee as the teen struggled to get up and get his/her leg out of her clutch. Only one of the teen's ears was pierced with a small silver hoops, and a spiked collar was around his/her neck. The most noticeable thing, though, about the teen was the hair. It was cut short like a boy's, but had two strips in the front that hung almost to the shoulders, and it was colored a bright neon green.

"Hey!" Jubilee yelled as the teen's boot connected with her chest and threw her back, but by then Logan had recovered enough to grab his/her arm.

"What the hell?!" he yelled. The teen tried, and failed, to get out of his grasp as he spun him/her around.

"Leggo 'o me!" The teen shouted.

"You a boy or girl?" Kitty asked. The teen glowered at her.

"My name's Ink," he replied. Now he did look more like a boy, but still had more feminine qualities about his face and didn't have the more broad shoulders that most boys did.

"What the hell are you doing, crashing into us?" Logan growled, tightening his grip on the kid. Ink flailed out and suddenly another shout rang out.

"There he is!" Ink froze and looked back over his shoulder, and Logan, Kitty, and Jubilee turned to look also. Three teens who looked like professional football players were charging across the food hall and pointing at Ink, who suddenly looked much smaller as they came up, shoved Logan aside and grabbed the teen. The biggest one grabbed the scruff of his neck and lifted him clear off the floor while one of the others turned to the three mutants.

"Get outta here you three, yeh aint got no business right here." He growled. Logan was about to retort when suddenly, to everyone's surprise, Kitty jumped up and pointed a finger in his face.

"Oh no you don't," she shouted. Everyone looked at her except Ink, who was still struggling in the other's grip. Kitty continued looking positively livid. "We were here first, that kid crashed into us, and you have no right to run us off, so take your problems out of here you big brute!" The teen gaped at her, as well as Logan and Jubilee, who hadn't seen this side of the teen girl before. Logan stood up and pulled Kitty away, then glared at the teen, who was looking dumbstruck.

"Now what problem do yeh have with this kid?" he asked, nodding at Ink, who was still flailing out and growling. The three boys glared at him.

"None of your business, dude," the teen holding Ink growled. Logan growled right back.

"I can't just let you go beat this kid up. And besides, you aint even got the guts to pick on someone your own size, and you have to have two friends with you to do it?" Logan said. The teen dropped Ink and spun around, glaring at Logan fiercely as he flexed his giant muscles. Ink coughed and started to rub his neck as he glared at the three teens, but was now forgotten by them as they towered over Logan, who glared back. Kitty gulped and whispered to Jubilee, who looked extremely nervous.

"Maybe this isn't the best place to be, right now," she said. Jubilee nodded. But before the boys or Logan could do anything there suddenly came a huge could of green and black smoke that enveloped the whole group. People in the mall started screaming and Logan, coughing, grabbed his two charges and started to search for the way out. The black fog was so thick it was nearly impossible to see anything, and the cloud seemed to be getting bigger, as they couldn't find the way out.

Then a hand shot out of the black smoke and grabbed Logan's shoulder and pulled him forward, and the three mutants were pulled forward over upturned chairs and people gasping for air.

A moment later the they fell out of the smoke into the sunlight, coughing and gagging. Logan looked up in time to see the kid named Ink nod briefly at him and then run off; traces of green and black smoke coming from his fingertips.


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