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**************************************************************************** ***

Ink walked down the halls as fast as she could. Whipping down one at the end she saw Logan, who was yawning widely. Instantly she jumped back out of sight and made a quick plan. Green and black smoke poured out of her fingertips and started to take the shape of a person, a trucker she had seen once and thought looked scary and liable to kill someone. Her life- size model complete, she snapped her fingers and concentrated. A second later the smoke man started to walk, leaving a faint trail of smoke behind him.

Turning him around to walk past the hall she sent him on his way, and saw a closet, which she hid in. Making the smoke man walk into the center or the fork in the hallways, and a second later she heard Logan shout.

"Hey bub! Who are you?" running footsteps, Ink snapped her fingers again and the smoke man turned and appeared to flea down the other hall, disappearing as soon as it was out of Logan's sight. The gruff Canadian stopped, looking both ways and tried to catch the scent of the 'intruder'. Then he went and ran down the other hall that the smoke man had gone down. Ink looked out as he vanished from sight and smiled grimly to herself, then continued to go down to the garage.

She met no other obstacles on her way down, and she found the garage much as she left it. Filled to the max with green and black smoke. All of the windows and outside doors were open, but appeared to have glass in front of them because the smoke just riled up against it and did not leave. Another small smile came when Ink saw a heavy duty air cleaner running in the corner. These people were almost pathetic!

Walking into the middle of the smoke filled garage she extended her fingers and arms and, after a moment of concentration, she saw the smoke leaving through the doors and windows, rising up into the sky and then vanishing with the soft breeze that had just started. She kept only a small smoke barrier around herself, before starting to make it disperse.

"Hey!" A shout behind her made Ink turn around, startled. Logan, breathing heavily and looking extremely agitated with his claws out. Ink suddenly realized that with the remnants of her smoke barrier around her it must look an awful like her smoke man, and Logan seemed to tired and pissed off to recognize her. On instinct Ink made the barrier thicker and had the smoke go all black by taking the green in near her.

She was concentrating on her smoke so much she barely dodged the three silver claws that ripped through the smoke and narrowly missed her stomach. Now she and Logan were acting on pure instinct, each using their powers to their fullest extent possible.

"You do not mess with me, bub," Logan growled. "I'm the Wolverine." Ink didn't reply, instead her hands shot out and what appeared to be a tube of smoke shot out and wrapped around Logan's head, filling his nose and mouth. It looked like a snake, and was solid enough to be one. Instantly Logan was short of breath, and no matter how hard he tried he found it impossible to get rid of the smoke that was effectively killing him.

"And you do not mess with Cassandra Arlington," Ink spat, the smoke around her vanishing. But Logan was too busy trying to get air to hear her words or notice who she was. The mighty 'invincible' Wolverine was now close to passing out, and it had been easy for Ink to arrange. She was suddenly struck by how useful this little trick was.

Taking out her knife in case Logan had any plans on surprising her Ink slowly circled him, in a ready position. As her back was to the door Logan collapsed, and she was trying to decide to wait for him to pass out or die, wondering which would leave a greater message, when suddenly a glass vase crashed over her head. It didn't knock her out, but Ink did fall, and the smoke in Logan's airways vanished, leaving him completely gasping for air, bent over on the floor.

Ink slowly looked at her attacker, and to her surprise saw Belle looking horrified and scared out of her wits.

"Belle?" Ink said, trying to register the girl's sudden.

"You were going to kill Mr. Logan!" she said. "I couldn't let you, oh my god!" She had suddenly turned white and clasped a hand over her mouth. Ink blinked, trying to clear her vision enough to see what her little sister was pointing at. She was pointing at her stomach.

Ink had fallen on her own knife, and now it was sticking out of her up to the handle. Belle looked completely freaked out, and to her absolute horror and confusion Ink chuckled, then cough up a bit of green and black blood. More of it was spilling out of her stomach, and Ink gritted her teeth and pulled it out, dropping the knife and completely collapsing. Belle rushed over, screaming.

"Help! Somebody help!" tears appeared as the young girl turned her sister over. "Ink, hold on, we'll get some help and then you'll be fine, they have a good doctor-" but Ink smiled, a genuinely happy smile, and grabbed her sister's hand.

"I hoped it would be you, Belle," she said, coughing again. Belle looked up again.

"HELP!" she screamed. Then she looked back at Ink. "I didn't mean to, honest! I only wanted you to stop killing Mr. Logan!" Meanwhile Logan had managed to grab a car fender and stand up. He looked at the two girls for a moment and then staggered over.

"Hold on," he growled, pushing Belle away. He made to pick Ink up, but a weak smoke barrier stopped right next to his nostrils, making him back off immediately. Belle looked at Ink, who smiled at her.

"Don't break up the family," she whispered hoarsely. Belle shook her head and watched Logan back out the door to go get help. Ink started to cough again, but after a moment stopped at her head fell limply to one side. Jean, Ororo, Scott and Logan broke though the door at that moment, but stopped abruptly when they saw that Ink's chest was no long rising or falling. Belle was crying softly, cradling her older sister's head in her lap.

Green and black blood covered the floor; and everyone knew it was the blood of Ink.