Title: Just for tonight

Author: Ruby

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Rating: R

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Couple: Max and Tess

Author's notes: I was listening to I can't make you love me by Bonnie Raitt and these story just came to me. It was meant to be just one part but I started writing the next part and then I started planning a sequel and so on from there. I have never written a rebel fic before so feedback would be great!

Summary: Tess and Max spend one last night together.

Parts: 3/3

Just for tonight

The rain beat softly against the window symbolising that the world was still turning however in the candle lit room the two lovers stood facing each other oblivious to the world outside as time seemed to stand still.

Just for tonight would they be together, all they had was tonight to create the memories she would carry with her for the rest of her life, she reached out to him gently caressing his cheek. She swallowed back the lump that formed in her throat and blinked away the tears. The voices in the back off her head whispered to her. Telling her that she was touching stolen goods, that he didn't belong to her, he wasn't hers to touch, to love, to have and to hold. And if she was being truthful to herself, she would admit that she knew all along that he was never hers, that she knew he didn't love her the way she loved him. And it hurt, deep down inside of her she could already feel her world falling to pieces but she pushed it away, just for tonight. Tomorrow when morning came would she think about losing him, she would deal with the heartbreak tomorrow.

Turn down the lights;
Turn down the bed.
Turn down these voices
Inside my head.
Lay down with me;
Tell me no lies.
Just hold me close;
Don't patronize.
Don't patronize me. 

"Tess" He whispered her name, speaking it as if it was a prayer. He could sense that something was different tonight, there was something different about her, about the way she looked at him, the way she touched him, even the way she said his name was different. He wanted to ask her what was wrong so that he could fix it for her but the silent urgency in her eyes stopped him. He knew what she wanted and he was only too willing to give it to her. He traced her soft, pink lips with his thumb before leaning down and capturing them with a bittersweet fervour. His arms wrapped around her waist mating their bodies together as her arms automatically went around his neck pulling him even closer to her. His arms moved to her hips, supporting her as her legs wrapped around his waist. He moved towards the bed, not breaking the kiss as he laid her down carefully.

"Tess…" He whispered tenderly. As he lost himself in her blue eyes and in that moment he knew that he had to tell her how he felt. "Tess, I lo…"

"Max, please not tonight!" Tess said cutting him off "Just let tonight be about you and me, no words!"

Max frowned but didn't say anymore, the pleading look in her eyes enough to silence him. There would be other nights.

"This is in the way!" He stated tugging her shirt over her head to reveal a pale blue bra. His hand moved lower down towards her pants "And these!" he said pulling them off her to discover a pair of matching blue panties. He felt the air leave his lungs has he looked down at. She was breath taking. He pushed a rebellious curl behind her ear tenderly.

"You are so beautiful!" he said looking at her with an intensity that made her blush.

"I think someone is a little over dressed and I don't think that it is me!"  She whispered, her body burning for his touch.

"Whatca going to do about it?" Max asked playfully raising an eyebrow

"Stand up!" Tess ordered pushing him away from her.

"Tess…" Max began to whine reaching for her.

"Max, stand up!" Tess demand pulling him up

"What are you doing?" Max asked watching her hungrily

"Sorting out your clothes situation!" Tess said running her hands up his chest; her body ached with the need to be closer to him, for skin on skin contact. She started to unbutton his shirt, her hands trembling.

"We don't have to…" Max started, his hands coming up to cover hers stopping the in their task. "We could just sleep. We have all the time in the world to do other things."

Tess was torn between laughing and crying. Just sleep? When had they ever been able to 'just sleep'? All the time in the world, she wished it were true. She wished that she could spend the rest of her life with him but she couldn't, no amount of wishing was going to change that. Ever. She looked up into his eyes with longing "Max, I need you!" her voice sounded husky and foreign. He moved his hand letting her carry on her mission of undressing him and soon enough was standing wearing just his boxers.

"You have me!" He said running his hands down her back, her skin satin smooth under his fingertips. As he looked into her eyes he saw hopefulness and disbelief, taken back a little, he pulled her closer to him. It had never occurred to him that she might doubt his feelings for her. "You have me! Now and always I am yours!" He said forcefully.

'Cuz I can't make you love me.
If you don't.
You can't make your heart feel.
Something it won't.
Here in the dark.
In these final hours,
I will lay down my heart.
And I'll feel the power.
But you won't.
No, you won't.
'Cuz I can't make you love me.
If you don't.

You have me! Now and always I am yours! Her heart stopped beating. She had waited her entire life to hear him say those words to her but now it was too late. She couldn't bring herself to believe it. Dreams didn't come true. Especially hers. And how was she meant to compete with the soul mate love that him and Liz Parker shared? How could he tell her that he was hers when she saw the way he still looked longingly at Liz whenever she was near? Tess loved Max, she loved him with all her heart but she couldn't make him love her so she had to leave him, had to end it before he did. She was setting him free but before she did she needed something to hold on to. So just for tonight she could have him. She would give him everything she had to offer; everything and then she would walk away. It would kill her no doubt but she had to be strong, had to do it not just for Max but for herself as well.

Her hands moved in a feather light touch across his sun kissed skin, her eyes closed as she let down all her walls and moved towards him. She stood on her tiptoes kissing a trail along his strong jaw, her hands cupping his face as her lips pressed more kisses all over his face before Max crashed his lips with hers passionately, his tongue sliding between her parted lips seeking out hers. The lovers touched each other with a desperate need, legs becoming tangled together as they fell onto the bed.

"Mine!" Max whispered as he nuzzled her neck, biting and sucking, leaving a mark that claimed her as his mate.  

"Always!" Tess moaned, her hands tangled in his hair, her body arched against his with uncontrollable longing. Her hands wondered down the resilient muscles of his back.

Max freed her breasts from the bra, gently kneaded and stroked her honey soft flesh. He captured a rose tipped nipple between his lips, taking it between his teeth, he tugged it gently causing a gasp of pleasure to leave Tess's lips. He showered the same attention to her other breast, the scent of her arousal hung heavy in the air, intoxicating him. He moved lower down, kissing a trail of fire along her already burning skin.

I'll close my eyes,
Then I won't see
The love you don't feel
When you're holding me.
Morning will come,
And I'll do what's right;
Just give me till then
To give up this fight.

"Max, I need you now" Tess whispered pulling Max up towards her face. She wrapped one of her arms around his neck, her hand playing with the ends of his soft hair while her other hand moved down the hardness of his chest. Her legs wrapped around his narrow hips.

"Tess" Max mumbled before kissing her feathery soft, his hands running through her hair. He entered her fully with a single thrust, burying himself deep within her.

Tess gasped in pleasure as he filled her completely. She arched up into his body, meeting his slow thrusts. They moved together in perfect harmony, lost in each other completely. She clung to him, her nails racking across his back, her body moving against his as she gave herself to him completely, dropping all walls, every touch, every look, every word was full of love, love that was all for him. She closed her eyes as she felt Max slowly pushing her over the edge into what could only be known as utter bliss.

"Tess…" Max moaned her name while his hands caressed her body gently as he quickened the pace sensing that Tess was near her climax, 

Tess opened her eyes and looked up into Max's chocolate colored eyes, her breath caught in her throat as flashes hit her with the impact of bullets. Max leaving his pod. Max walking to the road holding Isabel's hand his other reaching out to Michael. Max getting off the school bus and seeing Liz for the very first time. Max and Michael driving in the desert. Max sitting with his parents watching TV. Max watching Liz and Maria talking in the hallway. Max watching Liz and Kyle with bitter resentment. Max healing Liz the day of the shooting. Max trying to push Liz away. Max and Liz sharing their first kiss. Max telling Liz that he loved her and always would.

Tess let out a cry and held back tears that threaten to fall. She pushed Max away from her forcing the flashes to stop as she broke the connection. She couldn't bear to see any more flashes that involved happy Liz moments. She moved away from him, covering her naked form with a sheet as she sat up. This was it. It was over. "Max…"

"You can't!" Max cut her off not wanting her to finish her sentence because he already knew what she was going to say. His closed his eyes trying to gain some control as his body shuddered with the satisfaction of release and his heart fell to pieces. The flashes had made his eyes sting as they showed him an apart of Tess that she had kept hidden. Her past had flashed in his mind, her loneliness as a child growing up. Her longing for a family. Her dreams of destiny. Her hatred for Nasedo as he lectured her on being above humans. Her love for Nasedo the only family she had as he told her stories about their planet and her past life. Her heartbreak as he pushed her away, the tears she cried as he told her he could never love anyone but Liz. Tess's first taste of happiness as Jim and Kyle welcomed her into their family. Her doubt about letting Max back in. Tess as she let go of destiny and welcomed his friendship. Her nervousness as their friendship deepened and they shared a kiss at prom. Her love for him that runs so deep yet never seemed enough. The nights she spent wondering how long it was going to be until he left her. Her heartbreak as she decided she would end it before he could.

She was leaving him.

"I am sorry Max!" Tess whispered, she picked her clothes off the floor and began to get redress as quickly as possible. 

"You can't just leave, Tess, we need to talk. I saw everything." Max stated, his eyes pleading with her to stay from where he sat powerless to move on the bed.

"Me too!" she said, she had seen too much and it made her that much more determined to go. "Good bye Max" She walked to the door, ready to leave but hesitated when he cried her name, she turned her eyes meeting his.

"I love you!" Max said his voice full of emotion. He held his breath, praying that she would stay.

It took all her strength to turn and leave. She waited until she had closed the door to let the tears fall as something died in her as she whispered to the darkness

"I love you too!"

And I will give up this fight.