I Kissed the Rain (told from Sora's point of view)

I was in my room, like any other day
Looking out the window
Watching the crystal clear raindrops
Falling down to the sand
The sound of rain calmed me
It somehow took away my worries
Brought me at ease
I don't know why
But I felt like walking on the beach
In the rain
So I walked out of my room
Went down the stairs
And opened the door
Right before me
I saw those familiar raindrops
Fall to the ground
I put up the hood of my jacket over my head
And walked outside
I kept walking forward
And stopped where the ocean swayed
Back and forth
I reached out my hand
And felt the raindrops fall
Into the palm of my hand
The small, wet drops of rain felt cooling
I tilted my head back
Letting the hood fall
And closed my eyes
I felt the rain fall onto my face
My eyes
My nose
My cheeks
My lips
I kissed the rain
The little drops of rain
Cooled the heat on my face
I stretched out my arms wide
And slowly began walking
Letting the rain fall onto me
The rain washed away my worries, my pain
I felt at ease, I felt calm
I felt the raindrops fall on my lips
I kissed the rain