100-word BtVS / Mission Impossible crossover Drabble - BtVS Season 4 and 7 spoilers

Your Mission, Should You Decide To Accept...

by Marcus L. Rowland

"Good afternoon, Mister Phelps."

"This is Buffy Summers, martial artist and leader of a group of anarchists known as the Scooby Gang. Other members include Willow Rosenberg, Alexander Harris, and Rupert Giles. The tape shows their attack on a secret installation known as The Initiative, which led to the death of most of its personnel. Most recently the group is believed to have destroyed the city of Sunnydale, California.

"Your mission..."

Willow switches off the tape, and says "Bored now. Back in the Habitrail, Mister Phelps."

Jim rubs his nose with his paws and wonders where it all went wrong...