Arrival Blue

Out of the depths of the Earth they came. Hundreds upon hundreds of them. I had never seen so many. Structured like a fine orchestra, with a mixture of large and small so that each may play his part. I thought to myself that this might be the end.the end of humanity. Already this new enemy known only as the "Blue" had wiped out most major cities. Tokyo had fallen to them in less than a week. There was really nothing anyone could do. By the time we had mobilized our forces, it was too late. But now here we stand, rifles and mech's pointed towards our enemies. Only one may come out victorious and I pray that it is us.
The year is 2014AD. It has only been one year since the Blue arrived. Second Earth is almost complete and transfer of the 200,000 colonists is underway. My name is 1st Lieutenant Alex "Shark" Schnellman. I am in command of the 10th Special Forces LH (light/heavy) Mech Squad. Like most military squads ours consists of 13 men including myself. Currently we have; 2 light mech's, 2 heavy mech's, 2 transport vehicles and 1 armored Hummer with a mounted .50 cal machine gun. My second in command is First Sergeant Crocker followed by Sergeant Brumfield and if all else fails we always have Corporal "Crazy" O'Connell. We are known as the "Golden Boys", probably because our mech's are painted in a yellow and white striped pattern. To our disadvantage we lack combat experience due to the fact that we were only formed a month ago. That might not matter now though, seeing as how we're outnumbered 20 to 1.
You would think that with all of our technology and advances in the military R&D department we would be able to handle an enemy like the Blue with no problem. I guess we were wrong. Well, no matter, today will be the Golden Boys day to shine. Sssskrrrraaccck..This is ground command to all squads..our current position is 25 miles northwest of Tokyo..General Fujimo has issued the order to begin the attack...air support is inbound so pay attention to your heads up displays..we will keep you informed..good luck and gods speed..ground command out. Alright Golden Boys mount up and move out!