Arrival Blue part 2

So we had our orders. We were to attack the Blue with everything we had. Unfortunately that wasn't very much. Our battalion only consisted of 2 Special Forces squads and 4 regular mech squads. So altogether we had somewhere around 24 mechs and close to 100 men. What were they thinking, scratch that, what was General Fujimo thinking. He knows damn well that we can't handle an enemy force of this size, it's insane. "Lieutenant Shark!" Yes Sergeant Crocker? Sir I was just thinking about this attack and seems like suicide sir. Ssssskkrracck..This is Alpha squad..taking heavy casualties...need..ahhhhhh!!.......This is Bravo squad, where's our air support..over...This is ground command, e.t.a. on air support is 5 minuets. Five minutes! Sir there's no way we'll stay alive for two minuets in there let alone five! Agreed, Sergeant Crocker tell our men to cancel the advance, re-route to...this location here. Roger that sir, attention Golden boys this is Sergeant Crocker, we are to regroup at the following location, 45Lon by 68 Lat, that should put us just southwest of the hive. "Roger that Sergeant, moving out". Sir we should get moving ourselves. As I stood on top of the Hummer with my binoculars I could see our brothers in arms fighting to their deaths. I could see mech's being ripped apart and tossed into the horde to be demolished. Chances for survival in there were 0%. I don't see any of those boys coming back.
Ok Private Neko lets role! Yes sir, moving out! Ssssskkrraacckk...10th squad this is ground command, what are you doing?...........10th squad respond, you have orders to engage the enemy at once...This is Lieutenant Shark, I am removing my men from the battle, we will not be part of this suicide mission....Now you hear this, this is General Fujimo, you will return to battle immediately....I'm sorry sir but I cannot comply...Do you know what your doing Lieutenant...You will "sir we have incoming", what?, "yes sir multiple targets, well do something!, there right on top of us General....Ssskkrraacckk...(gun fire)...(screams)....
Well doesn't look like we have to go back in sir. No Corporal it doesn't does it. Sir ground command is no more, what are your orders? "My orders..what do I tell the men, we have no way of getting back to base, and even if we could what good would it do. All the remaining ground forces are in-route to Second Earth...What do we do, where do we go..."