Normal Day
By Iolana Khenemet

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Copyright: 2003

James entered the office he shared with three other double-0 agents. Pleased he noted that the desk across his own was taken.

"Hello James," 006 remarked casually without even looking up.

"Morning Alec," he greeted back. "How long have you been back in the country?"

Alec looked up with the boyish grin typical for him. "Yesterday morning. But the mission dragged on until yesterday afternoon. And you?"

"For a week," James replied and sat down.

"Paperwork for a week? And you are still alive?" Alec grinned cheekily.

The secretary of the four brought James his mail.

Alec smirked as James took the uppermost envelope in his hands. James saw him take a piece of chalk and write a one on the blackboard behind him. "Are there any more in the pile?"

James deliberately looked indignant. Alec cast him a smile of absolute innocence.

"We'll see who reaches a score of ten first, Alec. The usual pint," Bond mocked back.

Alec grinned disarmingly and made a gesture to the unopened envelope. "Don't let your speeding ticket wait, 007."