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Chapter One: The Queen's Halloween Ball.

Alucard tied the strings on his Master's dress. Looking smug, he commented on Integra's choice of wardrobe: "Master, you look simply stunning. I didn't know you had it in you."

Integra growled, a most uncharacteristic noise for her. Of course, this Halloween she was at her most uncharacteristic...

In a frilly pink ballroom gown, complete with tiara and magic wand.

Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing=Glinda, the Good Witch.

Her Majesty was in for a laugh, Integra supposed. Why had she let Walter buy her costume? WHY? Now she was stuck in this inane masquerade for a whole night.

However, Integra's demeanor was not altogether uncharacteristic. Her parting sentiments would have to be censored.


Seras Victoria grinned as she walked down the Hellsing House staircase. Always one to get into the spirit of things, she had donned a loincloth and wig for tonight's Halloween festivities. And she had a special part for a certain vampire to play.

"Hello, Master. Hello, Sir Integ-" Seras was cut off as she suppressed a series of giggles. Integra looked at her coldly. "Well, Master, aren't you going to get into the swing of things?"

Alucard looked taken aback. "What are you talking about, Police Girl?"

Integra smirked. "The Police Girl and I thought it would interesting if you celebrated Halloween this year, Alucard, being a creature of the night. In fact, I command it."

Alucard was deeply regretting his earlier comments. "Then what torture will I be forced to endure? Bobbing for apples? Shelling out candy to little monsters? Carving pumpkins into faces?"

"Why no, Master. You're going to play Tarzan to my Jane, of course."

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