Author's Note: I was just watching the Season 1 DVD, and I came to realize how much I loved Zack's character. He's the type of person I'd want to have around. So... I hope you all like my little tribute to him, because he is definitely worthy.

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Hero On the Run: Motorcycles at Night

It was one of those nights. The kind where everything felt infinite. He had been watching his little sister, Max, for about a week now. Each and every time he saw her it was as if he was coming home… it was almost as if he had stopped running. It had never been like this with Krit, Tinga, or any of the others. Max had always been special, though. She wasn't like the rest of them. She had a compassion and yearning that no one else at Manticore ever fully comprehended. Apparently, this only grew after our escape.

With every fleeting glance he took towards those mournful brown eyes of hers, he found himself more and more at home… and also much more vulnerable than he had ever thought possible. The concept was foreign. With ten years of his life spent on constant military training, courtesy of Manticore, Zack had often wondered if he ever felt anything anymore.

I've got to get her out of there. She's been in Seattle too long. Has she forgotten her training?! It's a wonder she hasn't been caught yet, he thought to himself.

He kept himself close but never conspicuous. He watched her, but made sure that she never truly saw him. He was always looking out for her, until that night.

Finally, he got his chance to get closer than 100 yards. Apparently, she hadn't been able to sleep. But Max never slept. Neither did Jondy. They didn't need it, and they didn't want to be plagued by nightmares like he and the rest of them were.

He could see Max heading out on her motorcycle, a shiny black Ninja 650. She has taste, he thought. She likes things fast and furious. He quickly snapped out of his thoughts and immediately left his perch on the rooftop. He boarded his own motorcycle and went after her. If he knew Max, she would always be up to a challenge. He sped off into the night and in the direction that she had taken. Soon he caught up and pulled the shades on his helmet down over his face and eyes. He pulled up beside her and revved his engine in a challenging manner. She grinned and nodded, revving her engine in return. The battle for superiority and dominance started. He could see the look of pure satisfaction and freedom on her face out of the corner of his eye.

He pulled ahead after a few moments, never one to be outdone and always one to assert his dominance. She followed suit, grinning madly. They both sped on for a while, until Zack was ahead and not looking back. Then, he realized he was alone. He turned back and retraced his path until he came to where Max had been pulled over by a couple of cops. They were confiscating her bike. Bloody sons of… he thought, but was simultaneously interrupted by the sight of Max walking in his direction, muttering angrily. He took off as quietly as possible and followed her all the way home… just to be safe. He was always safe.

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