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Hero On the Run: The Wild Cherry

It was about nine o'clock when Zack pulled up to The Wild Cherry. He took a brief, but thorough, look around before entering. It wasn't busy yet, but this bar was one of the post-pulse San Francisco hotspots.

He finally entered, and was immediately assaulted by wave after wave of red. Apparently, the designers had a field day with the color. When his eyes had adjusted to the intensity of his surroundings, Zack immediately began to look for Jondy.

She was at the bar, serving a couple young men with her bright, natural smile. She was wearing her "uniform" as required, which consisted of a pair of short black shorts and a red tank top. It showcased her lean, strictly-trained body, and set off her slightly-tanned complexion.

She caught sight of him from across the bar and beckoned him over, bright blue eyes twinkling. He quickly obliged, trying not to look too out of place.

"Hey there, stranger. What'll it be tonight?" she asked, twirling a bottle of Jack Daniels idly in one hand.

"Just some water, Dee," he replied. He took a seat on one of the barstools and examined the place more closely.

Another man, no older than his early 30's, sat down a few seats away from Zack a few moments later. "Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic, make it strong," he ordered with a wink.

While Jondy was fixing the man's alcohol, he ran his eyes up and down her lithe figure. Zack saw this and immediately tensed up, boring holes into the man's back with a deadly glare. You'd be better off keeping your eyes somewhere else, buddy… he thought, a deep scowl on his face.

The man turned to face the X5, grinning lasciviously. Zack just glared back in warning.

After about a minute, Jondy produced the man's drink with a smile. "Here ya go… Bombay Sapphire," she said, and handed him his glass.

"Thank you, gorgeous. Say… any chance you'd want to join me for some late night festivities after you get off here?" the man asked.

"Awww… I don't think so. My friend here might get jealous," she replied, gesturing towards Zack.

The man looked condescendingly at Zack, then shook his head. "Well… if you change your mind, I'll be around here for a while." He pressed a few bills into her hand and walked away.

After the man was just out of range, Zack turned towards Jondy abruptly. "God… do they always paw at you like that?" he asked protectively.

"Zack… it's part of the job. Don't get so worked up! C'mon… let me fix you a drink," she appealed.

He shook his head and turned around, gaze following his retreating enemy. Slowly, the tension between his shoulders began to retreat. He went back to surveying the bar, which was rapidly beginning to gather customers.

Several young women asked Zack to dance over the course of the next couple hours. They were all quite attractive, but they all lacked the intensity of a certain X5 residing in Seattle. He turned them down, of course. With slightly daunted expressions and scowls on their pretty lips, they all retreated.

After the fourth or fifth rejection Zack had given out, Jondy became concerned. "Why don't you go dance? It can't be any fun to babysit me against my will," she asked him, one eyebrow raised playfully. He didn't answer.

Jondy saw the trouble brewing rapidly in her friend's eyes. "Why don't you go back to my place? I'll be off work in a couple hours, then we can catch up," she asked him.

He stared off for a few moments, then answered firmly, "Alright. Be careful. And don't hesitate to call if you need me."

Jondy nodded and moved around the bar to give Zack a hug. He was just walking away when he heard her gasp in surprise. The sleazeball was back, and apparently he couldn't keep his hands off of the female X5.

Zack was at Jondy's side instantaneously, asserting his dominance over the other man. He saw the man's confidence flicker under his commanding glare. "Want to tell me what you were doing with your filthy hands on my friend?" he asked threateningly.

"If she's just your friend, then why should it matter?" the other man countered.

"Wrong answer," Zack replied, throwing a punch full-force to his nose. The man went reeling backward, blood pouring rapidly down his face.

"Shit, man! You broke my nose!" he exclaimed, whimpering slightly.

"Next time you try to feel me up, you're gonna get a lot worse of a beating than that," Jondy declared, sending a high kick to the man's chest to pin him against a wall.

"I'd suggest you leave now," she said calmly, removing her foot from the man's ribcage. "And you," she said, pointing at Zack. "You come outside. Tiff… cover for me."

Zack looked at her, bewildered, and followed her out the back.

"What the hell was that, Zack?! You're gonna cost me customers! I'm gonna get fired if you can't control yourself!" she yelled.

"And what about those imbeciles in there who can't seem to control themselves? I'm not going to let them grab my little sister… not under any circumstances," he snapped.

Jondy sighed and raked a hand through her long, blonde hair. "Just go back to my place… I'll try to get off early."

Zack scowled at her, then turned and headed towards his bike.

Author's Note: Ahhh… will this be a Zack/Jondy fic or not? Or will it be a Logan/Max/Zack/Jondy ridiculous 'love square'? I guess you'll just have to review and find out!