"What do we do now, Mai?" Muro asked. "It's not like we have any mountain climbing equipment here that we can use."

Mai crossed her arms; her usual pose when she was thinking. "I guess we just have to find a trail, then."

"A trail?" Muro raised an eyebrow. "What good is a trail going to be on this kind of mountain?"

Mai stuck her tongue out at him. "At least I'm trying to think of a way to get up there and not giving up when things look hard."

"Who's giving up?" Muro demanded. "I'm just asking how some dinky little trail's supposed to be of any help in climbing a mountain this high."

Mai sighed, and they both started up the trail that had just shown itself. It was tough at first, to know which way they wanted to go to get to the top of the mountain. Every trail looked the same, and they all seemed to lead nowhere. This is stupid, there's no way we're going to get up there by going down one of these.

Oh, try to think positively for a change, Muro. We'll find a way.

Wait, Mai? You can hear me?

Of course I can, you're talking to me.

Uhm, no I'm not. Muro turned to face his sister, making it abundantly clear that his lips weren't moving. I was just thinking.

Whoa, that weird. I thought we were both talking. Mai tilted her head, considering something. Do you think we'll still be able to do this when we wake up?

We might be, I'm not sure. Muro smiled. I'd be really great if we could, though.

Both twins turned back to the mountain, and found that there was now a staircase there. The stairs looked like they had been carved right out of the rock.

What do you want to bet that if we go up all those stairs, we'll get to the top?

I'm not going to bet with you, Muro. You cheat.

I do not.

Do so!

Do not!

Do so a million!

Do not a thousand-billion!

In the end, they stuck out their tongues and blew raspberries at each other. Then both of them started to laugh. It wasn't helping them to get anywhere, but blowing off steam like this was making them feel a lot better about being stranded in this strange place.