Disclaimer: I do not own LotR, Frodo, Sam or any of the other characters; they all belong to Tolkien. One line of this refers to a scene in one of the movies, which aren't mine either.

Fear for a Friend

I walk and all before me

is dark and black and bare.

I know you walk beside me

and that's my only care.

Because, my dearest Sam, my friend,

I don't know what to do.

What happens when our journey ends?

And will I still have you?

I wish I hadn't snapped at you;

did I really call you 'thief'?

How could I, Sam, when you, dear friend,

where there through all my grief?

I wonder if you know, at heart,

what's happening to me...

I wonder if you know a part

of spirit's lost in me.

Oh, Sam, why did you come along,

follow blindly to this land

when Rosie waited, back at home?

When will you ask her hand?

You said you knew I'd had no sleep,

but Sam, how did you know?

You'd lain awake and watched me weep

and helped my heart in woe.

But, dearest Sam, how could we now

be crawling towards our doom,

when years of friendship, joys and doubts

upon my conscience loom?

Why did you follow me, Samwise,

when I walked off all alone?

Or did you guess that, dearest friend,

I'd set off on my own?

But you were there and, Sam, I'm scared;

I know not what to do.

Because, my friend, with all my heart,

I cannot lose you, too.

You are my strength, Sam, as we walk;

I know that you'd never leave me.

But I'm afraid, Sam; my heart starts to balk

at the thought that you bore this pain with me.

We don't have much farther to go, now,

though, to me, the mountain seems high.

I don't know what's going to happen,

but the end of our Quest is nigh.

I once wished the Ring had never been,

that the Quest need never had happened.

Now my heart pleads with this statement again;

I won't let your spirits be dampened!

If only for this, I have to go on,

because for your heart I hold true.

I know this now, Sam: my own strength of heart

and my courage rely upon you.