-Life Without You-

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-Author's Notes- Youko Kurama is still on the loose. Hiei and Kuronue are his partners. When a female challenges them with her skills, who knows the destruction that can be caused.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

Youko Kurama listened to the sounds of the village. Silence. Suddenly, an explosion sounded. He ducked behind his hiding place, a tree. Hiei and Kuronue were hiding behind a different one.

"Damn theives!" A man shouted. Red-orange flames spread quickly through the village. Youko blinked and focused his golden eyes on a figure leaving the burning village.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

Botan snuck through the village as silently as a shadow. Her black outfit helped by melting into the shadows. She backed up against the large wall surrounding the well-guarded city and pushed herself even further into the darkness. She closed her golden eyes and held her breath as a guard went by. In a flash of silver, she was gone. She jumped over traps and landed quietly as if she was nothing.

"See anything?" A guard called to another.

"No." The other one replied. She waited until their backs were turned, then she jumped up and landed gracefully on the top of the wall. Then she jumped down into the village and took one look around, making sure no one was watching. Night was the best time to rob villages. She could rob them blind in the day, having a human form herself. She kept to the shadows expertly and used her sharp hearing to hear any movements from inside the place she was robbing. She walked up to the door and picked the lock with a pin she had at her side. Then she went in and took the treasures she wanted.

"Piece of cake." She said to herself as she took a fresh bomb that was attached to her waist at the side. Then she exited the house and threw the bomb. It exploded and she left, unaware of the eyes that watched her with curiosity.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

"Who the hell was that?" Hiei asked. He was cursing left and right. "Whoever they were, they probably got the treasures from that rich bastard."

"I'd imagine so." Kuronue said calmly, leaning against the wall. They were back at Youko's lair.

"Don't bother wasting valuable thoughts on that. There are plenty more people to rob. Once they rebuild that village, we'll have to get there first." Youko said with a cold smile at his partner. Hiei sneered.

"Right." He rolled his eyes and watched the flickering flames of the fire.

"Don't forget about tomorrow's scheduled raiding." Kuronue said with a grin. "Akio will have no idea what hit him."

"Or who." Youko added with a smirk. He closed his eyes and leaned back, the fire lighting his lair with a red-orange glow.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

Botan looked around her lair. The glittering treasures reflected in her eyes as she took it all in. Theiving was getting boring now. The challenges she had when she first started were fun to get through but this was idiotic. It was the only way for her to live, though. She started a fire and sat back against the cave's wall. This was an old, abandoned lair from a dead old theif. She had found it a while ago. An outline in the front of the cave appeared. She looked up from her spot and narrowed her eyes.

"What do we have here?" A smooth voice asked. She glared at the man that walked in.

"What do you want, Keiji?" She asked coldly.

"I want your treasures, Botan." He smirked. She got up and stood in his way.

"There is no way that you're getting them. I worked.. well.. I worked to steal them. You're not getting them." She put her hands on her hips and her eyes challenged him to move.

"I'll fight you for them." Keiji said with a cold smile. She lowered herself into position and when he launched at her, she moved skillfully out of the way. He looked around then dodged an attack from the side.

"You're in for a fight then." Her voice echoed around the cave and allowed her to move even more silently. She was already silent, but with another sound, it was as if she wasn't there at all. She gracefully dodged his attacks. She was so used to this that she thought it fun. She pulled a small gem from the collection. An amethyst. Perfect. "Flames of Amethyst!" She was able to tap into her spirit energy and form an attack from gems. She pulled back her fist, which was glowing with the flames. The odd part about it was, the flames were the color of the gem. She punched him in the stomach. He could feel the searing pain spread throughout his body. It felt like flames had engulfed him, and indeed, they did. He slammed against the wall and slid down it. She smirked and diminished the flames surrounding her hand. The amethyst glittered in the firelight as she stood there. "Hate to say it but I told you so."

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

Youko, Kuronue, and Hiei silently neared their destination. Akio's house. It was large and well-guarded. They robbed him a lot. Youko watched as Hiei went first, jumping from the nearest tree branch to the wall. His dark figure blended in with the shadows around them. Kuronue went along next. Youko silently followed him and watched the guards. His golden eyes glittered with mischief. He jumped up onto the wall then darted in. The house loomed up in front of them. Kuronue pointed to the side and they saw guards patrolling the house.

"He has to make this so difficult." Youko whispered sarcastically. Hiei smirked and looked around. Guards were almost everywhere. He could see their outline in the faint light of the cresent moon.

"There." The koorime pointed to a space where no guards stood. They nodded and took off, each going their seperate ways. Youko stayed against the wall and moved silently. Guards were even near the fountain. Did Akio honestly think they would take the entire mansion? He grinned and his fangs showed. This was a fun adventure to him. Then he spotted a small space where guards weren't as thick. He moved slowly through the darkness and watched where he walked, should he bump into a guard. This guy didn't like being robbed? Oh well. Youko knew he was Akio's favorite theif, along with his partners. They held a special bond between each other, him and his friends. He could see Hiei's dark form, darker than the shadows themselves. He swiftly darted across a patch of light and made his way toward his friend. Kuronue was on the roof. He must've flown up there. He often wondered why people nicknamed them. For instance, Kuronue's was the Black Raven.

"Where's Kuronue?" Hiei asked, when they got around the guards.

"He's up on the roof, of course." Youko replied. He nodded and they waited patiently for Kuronue to get inside and let them in. He opened a window and they climbed inside.

"Where shall we rob first?" Kuronue smirked and they split up.

"He probably moved the safe around. We've got to find it." They nodded and split up again. Youko went upstairs and searched. He found himself in the room where Akio slept. He smirked. Small snores emitted from the man's mouth. "Well, well, well.." He said to himself. He found the safe and picked the lock. Finding it just as easy to pick as always, he opened it. Then he dug around in the jewels and gold coins. He filled his small bag and took out a medium sized amethyst. One of his favorites along with sapphires and the rest of the pretty glittering jewels. Then he tied the small sack to his belt and swiftly closed the safe. Then he left the room and met his comrades downstairs.

"Did you find it?" Kuronue asked, a smirk evident on his face.

"Yeah." He pointed to the sack at his waist. "It was as easy as always. Although, I do want to do something nice for Akio."

"What?" Hiei asked coldly.

"Well, I just wanted to give him a present for his cooperation."

"The last time you did that, the bomb went off before we even got out of the yard." Kuronue said with a shake of his head. "We've wasted enough time, lets go."

"No, I want to leave him a flower." Youko grinned and took a seed from his hair. "See?"

"Hurry up, then. We'll meet you outside the gates." Hiei said as the two of them left. Youko went back up and placed the seed on Akio's bedside table. He manipulated the seed and it grew into one of his many death plants.

"When he wakes up, give him a scare. Eat one of his fingers if you get hungry or whatever." He whispered to the plant. He walked out of the room with a satisfied smile on his face. When they got back to his lair, they laughed and imagined the look on Akio's face when he woke up to the plant.

"What did you say to it?" Kuronue questioned. Youko told them and they laughed again. He opened the sack and showed them their riches, then he tied it back up and tossed it into the pile.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

Botan walked out into the sunlight and stretched. She had a wonderful nap. Thats all it was, considering that it was only about two hours long.

"I wonder what fun I should have tonight?" She walked along the path and smiled to herself. There was another village a little way away. She looked back at the cave's entrance. It was well hidden. The only way you could find it would be if you knew it was there. She had taken Keiji's body out and tossed it somewhere. She despised that rat. He had a lot of nerve trying to steal what was now hers. Her jewels could take care of themselves. She smirked. They all had their own hidden fire. If anyone but her picked them up when she was gone or whatever and she hadn't allowed them to touch them, then the theives would be sorry. She walked toward her favorite river and smiled when she stripped down to her swimming outfit. She made one because who knows who was going to walk right over? It was made of fabric that she swiped, of course. Blue cloth to be exact. She put it together. It consisted of two seperate parts. The top had two thin straps that connected to the front and back of the thing and only covered the neccessary parts. Then the bottom was just as simple. She had added a few jewels for looks. It looked like a normal bikini. She jumped in and shivered with delight at the coolness of the water.

"Well, well, well.." A voice said once she came back up. She whirled around and got ready to attack whoever said that. She flicked her ear as a droplet of water ran down it. On the bank sat a very cute, very handsome kitsune. His voice was smooth and sort of deep. His golden eyes were as cold as ice and he had long silver hair, just like hers.

"Who the hell are you?" She asked coldly, attaching herself to a rock so she wouldn't tire herself out fighting the current.

"My name is Youko, and you are?" He was mocking her.

"So, you're the legendary theif, hmm?" She asked sarcastically. "Did you know that a lot of demons claim to be you?" He only gave her a cold half- smile.

"Is that so?" He leaned back against the tree he was sitting under. "No, I wasn't aware of it."

"Hmph." She gave him a cold look and got out of the water. "Well, you just ruined my swim."

"Glad to hear it." He watched as she sat down on a large rock.

"I bet you are."

"You never answered my question. I told you who I was, now tell me who you are." She glared at him.

"Fine, my name is Botan." She said, her ears twitching more as water ran down the shining silver fur. He didn't reply, instead he just looked back out over the water. She scowled and decided to pretend he wasn't there. She jumped back in and swam around underwater for a while. Then she came back up and flicked her ears. Her golden eyes focused on Youko. There had to be some truth to what he said. He was cold, just as they said. She shook that thought away and swam to her rock. His eyes were closed and he looked peaceful, just sitting there.

"Stopped swimming so soon?" She glared over at him.

"Not that it's any business of yours." She said rudely. He opened one eye and glanced casually at her.

"Is that so?" He asked raising an eyebrow. "I thought it was, since I was here first." She crossed her arms.

"So what if I want to sit in the sun and relax for a while?"

"Hn." Was the only reply as he fell into a shallow sleep.

"Who do we have here?" A man came out and looked at her then looked at his napping partner. "Trust him to fall asleep when I come back. Youko!" She stared at him, wide-eyed. He looked over at her and grinned. "Was he awake before?"

"Yeah, he ruined my swim." The guy raised an eyebrow.

"Is that so?" He crossed his arms and lightly kicked the kitsune beside him. Youko gave an irritated growl and opened his eyes. He looked up at his partner.

"You're asking for it, Kuronue. I might make one of my plants eat you." Kuronue laughed.

"Aww, but this pretty little fox just told me that you ruined her swim." Botan blushed slightly and looked at Youko. "Apologize."

"Why should I?" Youko asked in a calm voice. "She didn't seem to mind, considering she went back in when I fell asleep."

"Really, now? Thats probably because she doesn't like you." His amused voice caused her to look back at him. "Don't let this irritable theif ruin anything from now on."

"Thank you.." She said in a kind of sarcastic voice. "But I told him that he ruined it. He seemed glad to hear it."

"He loves ruining other's good times."

"Thanks for the advice, only it was a little late." She was about to get up but Kuronue shook his head and sat down next to his partner.

"Aww.. don't leave me here with him. Hiei isn't gonna stop by for a while yet." She raised her eyebrow and blinked.

"Well, since I have nothing better to do.." She made herself comfortable by putting her clothes under her head and laid down, absorbing the sun.

"So, how come we've never seen you around here before?" Kuronue asked. "And whats--"

"Her name is Botan."


"I haven't been here for long. I rarely go out in the sun." He took a look at her pale complextion and nodded.

"You do seem kind of pale." He remarked. "But it's a nice look. It makes your eyes stick out more."

"Have you had enough with flirting, Kuronue?" Youko asked. The kitsune shook his head and rolled his eyes when Kuronue only grinned.

"Of course not. What about you, hmm? You can't tell me you don't want to flirt with the pretty little fox." Kuronue elbowed him.

"I don't, now leave me alone." Youko said irritably.

"So, how long have you been here?" Botan looked over at the demon at the kitsune's side. She stared at him for a minute.

"Atleast three weeks."

"I see.." He grinned at her. "Are you settled in this area okay?" She nodded slightly. His dark gaze roamed over her for a second before a thought occured. Youko should have a mate and this little fox would be perfect for him. He noticed a few things. She was slightly muscular, although that only added to her beauty, she was thin in a good way, and she seemed fiery enough. He wondered if she had a mate. "What do you think of it here?" It wasn't off subject, yet.

"Its okay." She shifted her position and laid on her stomach. She folded her arms and rested her chin on them, directing her gaze to the two other inhabitants of the place. "Better than the other territory I lived in."

"Is that so?" Kuronue raised an eyebrow. "Why is that?" Botan narrowed her eyes at him.

"It just is." He didn't respond and she closed her eyes. Then her ear twitched. "Someone's coming."

"Probably Hiei." She sat up.

"I should be getting back to my lair." She nodded to them, then Hiei jumped out of the tree. She stared at him for a moment then picked her things up and left.

"Who was that?"


---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

Well, I should be ending it there. No.. wait.. I am ending it there.