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Note: This picks up from the second last chapter where the doctor just came out... and I ended it this right there... now, on with the story.

A Race With Time

Alternate Ending

"..." Talking

'...' Thinking

Slowly the door opened up, a doctor walked out, he looked at them calmly. They looked back at him, the doctor searched their eyes and finally stopped on Kai.

Then the doctor took off his mask and sighed, slowly he shook his head softly..........

[10 years later]

[Canada- Cecilia and Kai's House]

"Do you think you'll win tonight?" Kazuya asked the four children as they gulped down their food.

"Of course they'll win! Look who's his father!" Tyson said with a cocky smile, while patting his son on the back, gaining either a head shake or roll of eyes.

Ten years have passed since that incident, a white figure sat on the sofa smiling softly, she hasn't changed at all.

Kai, after that incident opened up to his friends more, but still has his cold and emotionless mask on. Especially when dealing with business people. He hasn't changed much, the blue earring on his left ear glittered under the light.

Ray finally got Charlotte to marry him a few months later after that incident, he claimed that he did it all by himself. However, everyone knows that Lily helped him as well. No matter... he got what he wanted for so long.

Charlotte eventually gave up on being mad at Ray, and soon she walked down the isle, and not after, she was pregnent with Nick, whom is 9 years old right now. She's a good mother... at least sometimes, but your true colors are hard to hide.

Amara and Max are still the same as before. Amara still messes things up here and there. Thankfully, Max helps Amara as much as he can. However, despite the personality that Amara has, Alisa actually has quite a different personality. Alisa turned out to be more like Cecilia, kind and patient, perhaps a bit pained, a good contrast with Amara's personality.

Tyson and Naomi got married last, Naomi is still the same as before, she was perhaps the calmest mother when she found out that she was pregnent. Tyson, however, fainted twice, once when he found out that he's going to be a father, and once more when Naomi was actually giving birth to Zagate, their 9 years old son.

Hiura and Kazuya came to them 3 years later, they brought back a baby that was 1 year old. Her name is Ailicec, pretty evident why they chose that name. Due to Ailicec, both of them settled down back in Canada and led on a normal life.

Cecilia? Well... let's just say that she's still here, the same as always.

"It's too bad that Lia isn't here to see them compete." Charlotte stated softly. At the mention of her name, some sort of emotion flashed through Kai's eyes, as he frowned slightly.

"Don't worry, I'm sure she'll be able to catch it at where she is." Max said reassuringly.

"So, who are you guys facing anyway?" Amara asked, putting down her fork and ran a hand through her shoulder length hair.

"The Devilized Boys." Ailicec said calmly.

Out of all the children, Ailicec is the most like Naomi, distant and serious. Therefore, she is currently the leader of their team-- Blood Bladers. Alisa, whom turned out to be the 'mother' of the team, with her personality most like Cecilia's, she quickly gained everyone's trust. However... after when she 8, an unknown sadness clouded her eyes. Zagate is the cruel one, many may say he's like Kai, however... he's developed quite a harsh personality. Not allowing any one of his opponents to walk away with a complete beyblade. Nick, on the other hand is pretty laid back about most things, however he can be very firm and stubborn when feeling very strong about something.

All four of them have inherited their father's beyblade. Ailicec being the exception, received Kai's Dranzer, using it rather well. Zagate took over Tyson's Dragoon, a great pair considering Dragoon's powers. Alisa, she now has Max's Draciel, she says that a defensive bit-beast would be better for her, since she really isn't the kind of girl that'd use brutal attacks like Ailicec and Zagate. And Nick, being born in the White Tiger's village, naturally, he adapted with their tradition and took over Driger.

"They'll be dead before they know it." Zagate said with a smirk.

"Why do you always have to be like that?" Alisa stated quietly, slowly resting her fork on the edge of her plate.

"Forget it Alisa, you know he's always like that, give it up already." Ailicec suggested airily.

"Very encouraging." Nick said mockingly, Ailicec glared at him, then muttered something under her breath, she returned to her food.

"I hate being the youngest." She muttered, picking up her cup of juice.

"Well, it's not that good being the oldest, after all, not everyone listens to you." Alisa said quietly and glanced at Zagate, he never listens to anyone.

"Okay children, that's enough, save your energy for the battle areana." Max said funnily.

All four of them turned their head away, not looking at each other, the adults sighed.

"The Blade Breakers always stuck together no matter what happened, you'd think that our children would be friendlier with each other." Tyson stated, watching as the four of them ignored each other.

"I know what you mean, us Blood and Roses were best friends growing up. I don't think we ever had a fight or an argument before. How can our children be like this?" Hiura said thoughtfully.

Ray turned and looked at Kai, whom is just drinking his coffee quietly, watching this scene in front of him. "Kai, Lily's plane is arriving at 11:35am." Ray hinted.

Kai looked up at Ray for a minute then nodded his head. "I'll pick her up later." He said calmly.

Ray looked at his leader carefully, even though he likes Cecilia better, but....

Kai put down his coffe mug and stood up, straightening out his shirt. "I need to go somewhere right now, I'll see you guys at the areana."

Picking up his suit jacket, he walked out and soon sped off towards somehwere.

"I hope Kai's okay." Naomi said quietly.

"He'll be fine."


A pair of doors were pushed open, sunlight leaked through the open doors. Kai's shoe soles clicked on the ground, making it echo around the whole building. He walked in, ignoring the expensive decorations and came to a closed glass door.

He paused in front of the door, looking at it, as if hoping someone would open the door for him. After a minute, he took in a deep breath and closed his hand around the door knob. With a sigh, he pushed the door open, a gush of freezing cold air flew out from inside the room. Kai waited for a few seconds before walking into the room.

Behind Kai, a white figure walked into the building, her long white dress swinging around her with each step she took.


In the middle of the room, there stood a King sized bed, beautiful and grand like. For a princess.

Kai walked over to the bed, frozen roses were the first things that entered his eyes. Slowly, he parted the curtains around the bed and revealed a sleeping like body lying there.

"How have you been?" Kai asked and looked at the female on the bed, but no reply came. He looked over at her hand, the diamond wedding ring is still standing on her ring finger. He reached over and touched her freezing cold hand.

"Are you lonely here all by yourself?" Kai asked softly, then a gentle smile appeared on his face. He reached up and soothed her hair. "But... you'll never complain, will you? You're always like this..... too nice." He looked down and remained silent.

A white figure walked into the room quietly, she stood beside the door and looked at Kai.

"I miss you, when can I hear your voice again?" Kai picked up his head and placed her hand on his cheek, hoping to warm her hand. "I'm sorry, you'll have wait longer. I don't know when I may see you again. I promise you I'll be happy and take care of our family business. Don't worry, leave everything to me... and you just rest for as long as you want."

Still, no reply came. Kai just sat there holding her hand against his cheek. The white fugure just stood there looking at him, tears filled her eyes.

After who knows how long, Kai finally put down her hand, and stood up. Leaning down, he kissed her forehead then pulled back and touched her cheek. "I'll always love you Lia... forever."

Reaching into his pocket, he took out a single rose and placed it beside her. He looked at Cecilia's face for a minute longer before slowly dropping the curtain. Quietly, the curtain blocked Cecilia from Kai, he just stood there and looked at the curtain. After a moment, he turned and walked out of the room. Walking right past the white figure, not evern notcing her. The girl turned and looked after him.


She walked on the side walk as she noticed Kai's car breaked for a red light. A gentle wind blew over and lifted up her hair, she placed a hand on her hair as she kept her gaze on Kai's car.

"Kai... I'll always love you too."

The red light turned green, Kai's car sped off towards the airport. And with a smile, she disappeared as well.....


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