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Emotions Relieved

After two non-stop hours of multiple water changes, Saya's fever had finally broke. She was resting peacefully, her breathing regular and her temperature having returned to a reasonably normal state. Kaidoh relaxed his tense muscles, having stayed with her the entire time. Filled with exhaustion, he rested his head against the mattress of her bed.

Urumi smiled as she watched them from the doorway. She was tired as well as she had been the one doing water runs. Even still, she went downstairs to get both Kaidoh and her some water to drink. Kaidoh had been in constant action even before he came as he had his training. After he came, he was continually watching Saya and giving her instructions at the same time.

Putting the cups and the small pitcher of water on the living room table, she went to get him. He looked like he had already fallen asleep. Gently, she shook him to rouse him from his sleep. Opening his eyes, he looked at her in confusion, slightly disoriented by his surroundings. She grabbed one of his hands and tugged at him to stand up. He was too tired to complain and be embarrassed about it.

"Come on. I got some water so drink that before you rest," she said softly. "If you sleep here, you'll get a sore neck afterwards."

Nodding in agreement, he followed along behind as she held his hand the entire time they walked. Upon reaching the living room, Kaidoh went to sit on the sofa. Pouring them the water, Urumi handed one of the cups to him. With her own cup in hand, she sat down beside him, a ruler length of space between them.

"Thanks," he said before drinking from it.

He relished the feel of the cool water running down his dry throat. Because of the cool contrast of the water and his body, he felt more alert. Putting the cup on the table, he looked to see that Urumi was still slowly sipping from hers while he had just drank it all in a big gulp.

"Did you want more?" she asked as she saw him watching her.

"I can pour it myself."


Kaidoh poured himself another half a glass before sitting back. Before, he hadn't had the chance to look around, but he took the time now to see what kind of house they lived in. It was a lot like his own, beautiful in its simplistic elegance. The walls weren't decorated with crowds of finery, but rather one large outstanding piece.

"It's beautiful here," he said.

"Yah, my mom added all the finishing touches."

"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, go ahead," replied Urumi.

It was ironic that now was the time he felt comfortable speaking, after they faced a crisis which could have taken Saya away from them. Though she had replied with calmness, Urumi was a little anxious about his question. Usually, she had to be the one to ask him something before he would speak.

"Where are your parents? Shouldn't they be here?"

"Oh, they left yesterday night for a business trip. They thought it would be okay for us to be alone since it's only for the weekend," she answered. "They'll be coming back tomorrow afternoon."

"I see. Is this your first time alone without your parents?"

"Yeah, that's why I didn't know what to do."

"Oh. Why didn't you call me sooner?" he asked after a slight pause.

Urumi turned away and blushed. The answer was so simple, yet so stupid at the same time.

"I - I couldn't find it."

The day she had received his number, she had been so happy. When she returned home, she went to her room and started dancing around with the piece of paper in hand. Her mom opened the door to tell her that she was going to be late for school. In reaction to the surprise and embarrassment, she released her hold on the paper in mid-twirl.

It fluttered off somewhere but she had to hurry for school. She didn't have time to look for it. After school, she tried to find it, but it was nowhere to be seen. Though she had been slightly disappointed, she didn't think much of it since she saw him everyday anyways. After much frantic searching, she found it between the wall and her desk.

"So that's why."

Kaidoh didn't ask anymore questions, instead relaxing while he was leaning back onto the sofa. For Urumi, the silence was awkwardly unnerving. She put her cup on the table and her hands on her lap. Staring at her hands, she made up her mind to tell him how she felt.

"C - Can I sit c - closer?" she asked nervously.

"Um, I guess."

Kaidoh wasn't sure what she wanted, but it didn't hurt to have her close to him. It was surprising how such a simple action could turn two good friends into nervous wrecks. Kaidoh looked anywhere but at the girl he loved beside him while Urumi continued to nervously stare at her hands.

"C - Can I put m - my head on your s - shoulder?"

His eyes widened at the question. He wasn't sure how to respond. Urumi waited but he didn't answer. Shyly, she rested her head against his shoulder. Swallowing painfully against the lump in his throat, Kaidoh slowly put his arm around her. Urumi smiled as the expected safeness she felt enveloped her.

Looking at his larger, stronger hand, she remembered all the times of gentleness he had shown towards Saya. She wrapped her two smaller ones around his bigger one and held it close to her. Kaidoh stiffened at her action. He was slightly afraid of what to expect, but at the same time excited as well.

"Kaidoh-kun," she said, taking a deep breath before continuing. "I - I l - love you."

"A - Are you sure?" he asked, unable to keep the waver of uncertainty from his voice.

"Yes, I'm sure. How can there be anyone else when you're the sweetest and gentlest guy I know?"

She could feel his body shake. When he started laughing, she was shocked. She was hurt that he would laugh at her serious confession. When she glanced up at him, she felt her breath catch in her throat. He was grinning happily at her, something he had never done before. She couldn't take her eyes off of him. He was breath-takingly good-looking, not that he wasn't before.

"I love you too," he simply said, hugging her.


"Yes, I was thinking about it before you called. But I was scared that you couldn't love someone like me," he confessed.

"Why would you think that?"

"Because I'm not good enough for you. I never know what to say to you and usually, I'm easily angered."

"Oh Kaidoh," she replied. "I rather have you, someone who takes care of Saya, than anyone who would court me with fancy words while ignoring my sister."

Urumi smiled at him and he smiled back. They tried to kiss, but kept bumping noses as it was Kaidoh's first time. Giggling at his cuteness, Urumi gently stilled his movements before leaning in for a sweet, tender kiss.

"I love you," said Kaidoh as they pulled apart.

"I love you too."

The comfortable silence regained between them, they sat on the couch with their arms wrapped lovingly around each other. Soon, the activities of the day caught up with them and they fell asleep.


Saya flung off her blanket as she woke up. It felt like she had been cooking in the oven. Checking her alarm clock, she saw that it was still early afternoon. Looking around, she didn't see Kaidoh or her sister. Slipping out of bed, she went to find them, but the house was oddly silent.

As she got to the living room, she smiled at the two heads together, the dark brown of Kaidoh's and the light brown of her sister's. Quietly tip- toeing so that she was in front of them, she giggled softly as she watched them sleep.

"Wah!! What are you doing?!" she yelled.

Kaidoh and Urumi awoke to Saya's voice. Urumi was going to pull away in embarrassment, but he wouldn't let her go. Using his free hand, he rubbed at his tired eyes before running his hand through his hair.

"We're sleeping," he answered.

"Um, is it okay that we're together Saya?"

"Hm. Well," she said, pretending to think about it seriously. "Yes! It is because I say so!"

"Hear that? She approves," murmured Kaidoh as he brushed his lips against Urumi's cheek at which she blushed.

"Aww, me too Kaidoh-niichan!" Saya exclaimed as she pointed at her own cheek.

"What?! Being a brat so soon after recovering?"

She frowned at her older sister's words while the other two laughed.

"Alright, come here," replied Kaidoh as their laughter subsided.

Slowly walking towards them, Saya stood in front of them. Kaidoh released his hold on Urumi to pick up Saya and place her on his lap. As he kissed her cheek, she giggled, entirely happy with everything and how things had turned out.