Wrong Man's Shoes

Disclaimer: Don't own shit. Lyrics by Dido

Rating: PG-13

Spoiler: Claire De Lune

Pairing: Danny/Samantha, Jack/Samantha

Summary: Post-ep fic.

A/N: I'm probably a minority out there, when I say love Danny/Sam together.


" All you want

Is sitting here with you…"


It happened so suddenly, and unabashedly that neither person could account for their actions until it was too late.

When clothes were flung over the nightstand and the sheets enveloped their gleaming bodies in a warm but at the same time suffocating embrace.

She sat up, holding the sheet protectively against her feverish skin as she slipped out of bed and opened a window.

Then leaning against it, her shoulder blades encountering the coolness of the glass, made her recoil with shivers rolling down her spine.

She didn't know whether he awoke from her absence or the sudden breeze in the room, but she was glad he did.

Gave them a chance to talk.

" Hey."

" Hey." He rolled on his stomach, and stretched against the pink pillows, realizing this wasn't the bed he was familiar with.

She stood half naked within his reach and yet very much unattainable.

What the hell was he thinking? When he had allowed her to take him home, and warm him, hold him as he cried, for his parents, for Claire, and for the mother she would never know.

What was he thinking when he allowed her to undress him and lead him to her bedroom, perhaps there had not been an ulterior motive, and yet somehow he was finding that hard to believe.

She was a beautiful woman.

But unfeasible.

She belonged to his boss, and even now as she stared out the window longingly, bathing in the aftershock of sex, and the pleasure he'd inflicted on her, she still wasn't with him.

She was thinking about someone else, some one she needed desperately and for a second Danny Taylor didn't think he could stand in the middle of that.

He began to dress.

Slowly, giving her a moment to stop him if she wished so. But her plea for him to stay never happened, until he was almost out the door.

" Where're you going Danny, it's 3 in the morning." She turned to him as if seeing him for the first time.

The grasp on the rose sheet wrapped around her, turned her knuckles white and he smiled, " Home, which is where I should've gone in the first place."

" Do you honestly believe that?" She asked softly, reluctance coating her every syllable, giving the dark haired man even more reason to leave.

" Your in love with him Sam, always have been, and probably always will, and that's okay." He reached out to graze her bare shoulder, and this time it had not been in a loving gesture, but a friendly one.

One that didn't result in what had happened here tonight.

" No, no it's not, I used you to get what I wanted, and I never should've I'm so sorry."

Before his eyes, the beautiful blonde made of Teflon was crumbling, and Danny did the only thing he could, he embraced her softly, as she held on to him for dear life.

And a thought occurred to him.

He was in the wrong man's shoes, he may of loved to stay this way for eternity, to feel her breathe against him, her heart beating in sync with his, and feel himself inside her, but he knew he could never.

Because like it or not, Samantha brought him here tonight with an ulterior motive, because she was hurt and scared of loving someone she could never get.

Now there was something they both had in common.