Author's note: This is based off the anime, where they never mentioned Ryoga's parents as far as I know. So, if you keep this in mind, this Ryoga is very much canon. At least anime canon.

Ryoga's last fight with Ranma went a bit too far. At least that's what kept going through his mind as he laid on the doctor's table, unable to move because of the full body cast. His doctor was here to tell him if the cast would be needed for much longer.

"Well? Can I get out of this soon?"

""Actually, yes, but I need to talk to you about the CAT scan we took."


"All of your bones are completely unbroken. However, we found this spot on your brain."

"A spot?"

"Yes. I was wondering, have you ever had trouble getting where you are trying to get to?"

"Yes! All the time!"

"Well, it's no wonder. In fact, I'm surprised you can even walk around and do half the things you are able to do."

"Really. Doc, is there something you can do for me?"

"Actually, I think there is, but first I'd like to do some exploratory surgery. Once we've gotten in there, we'll be able to tell if we can do anything." If Ryoga's face could be seen, a puzzled look would be the only thing the doctor would have seen. Ryoga decided to just say yes since the doctor knew more about what he was talking about then he did.

Hours later, Ryoga's cast was off and he was in pre-surgery. The doctors gave him an injection and before long, he was out.

In the operating room, the supplies were cleaned and laid out in a neat and orderly way. Several doctors were on hand to witness the operation take place. As soon as Ryoga was on the table, they began by carefully opening up the cranium. As they opened, they immediately found what the suspected. After removing the offending item, they inspected the surrounding tissue and did some tucks and pokes to make certain everything was were it was supposed to be.

Once they were certain, they closed up and had Ryoga taken to recovery. It wasn't long before Ryoga came to and he could tell right away that something was different when he realized how far away he was from Ranma's house. He could picture the directions and every detail of a trip he would need to take.

"I see your awake."

"Yes doctor." Ryoga's face had a big smile as he was thinking of the exact directions to every place he'd ever been to. "Doc, what did you do?"

"Well, it was as I thought. I found a piece of wood in there. I'd checked your records and noticed you had a really serious head wound about ten years ago. I guess when they closed up, they forgot to check for foriegn objects. The wood was blocking blood vessels and keeping your brain from operating correctly."

Everything the doctor said made sense to him, but he kept quiet. There was no need to babble on about how much different he felt.

"How much do I owe you for saving me!"

"Actually, nothing since it was this hospital that did the work on your first head wound. Think of this as us righting a wrong done to you. We're going to keep you for a few weeks, but after that your free to go."

Weeks went by slowly as Ryoga picture all the places that he would go to with out getting lost. He never liked traveling before because of how lost he always got, but now the idea was all his mind could focus on.

Finally, weeks finally ended and the doctors released him. He decided his first destination would be Akane's house to say hi to her and maybe even see if he could thank Ranma. It was because Ranma beat him up so bad that the doctors even looked in to his head and were able to help him.

Couple of days later, Ranma got a letter in the mail box.

'To Ranma, I'm coming by. Be ready. I'll be there on Tuesday.' Ranma looked at the calendar and noticed it was Tuesday.

"I guess I'd better have the house ready in a week." His thought was interrupted by a knock at the door. "Who's there?"

Ranma didn't hear a response so he decided to check out side. As he opened the door, a fist flew at his head. He started to duck until he saw it was Ryoga and he was on time!