See the retarded genius
Hum a silent song
Look into an old new book
And see his right is wrong

See the free cow in a fenced pasture
Staring at the dark and sunny sky
Crying while it laughs
Telling a true lie

See the ancient child
Gathering bullets in the street
Hear his song stop though it goes on silently
As he crumples, high and lofty, at his enemy's feet

Behold the great martyr, nothing
Let his enemy go and shoot him in the air
Hear the pistol's mocking report
For Javert's body is not there

"On your knees" the rebel commands
His soft womanly face is hard as chiseled stone
The men look away when the gun fires
They die together, all alone

See the evil monster
Become a hero and a sham
See him exposed at last and sent to hide
Like a whipped dog on the lam

See the broken convict, see God
Heal his heart of chiseled stone
See Jean Valjean finally realize
His help comes from God alone